Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Added: September 02, 2010
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One last post about Gail Benoit

Gail Benoit was sentenced January 27, 2017 for failing to supply a health certificate when she sold 2 kittens in 2016 to someone who had never heard about her - she was sentenced to one year of probation and she's prohibited from possessing ...

Breed Specific Legislation passed in Montreal - but it exists in Nova Scotia too

This week we saw Montreal fall to the evil debacle of breed specific legislation - laws that are built around killing dogs that look a certain way and not laying blame where it needs to be - dog owners who don't control their dogs properly. But ...

There's a lot more to the Montreal dog bylaw than banning dogs

On September 27, 2016 Montreal Quebec passed one of the most draconian dog bylaws that Canada has ever seen - or hopefully will ever see. It was precipitated by a really tragic death this summer of a woman in Montreal by a dog - who's breed ...