Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Added: September 02, 2010
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Gail Benoit is showing us that there's something wrong with the justice system in Nova Scotia

You didn't know it - but Gail Benoit was in court last week. You wouldn't know because no media was there to cover it. It was because she had broken her prohibition order (5 years) regarding not being able to own any animals when she was convicted ...

Animal Cruelty Appeal Board Accountability Post #3

I received a letter from Minister Keith Colwell a couple weeks ago and honestly I didn't really know what to do about it. I was hoping when he did finally write back to me that he'd  say something positive, like give me some legal precedent ...

Introducing a new website - "You Would be Shocked"

There is a new advocacy website in Nova Scotia and it's called "You would be shocked" - it's to bring information to the dog owners of Nova Scotia about science based dog training - a group of dog rescues have joined together to spread the word ...

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