Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Me and my dogs in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Added: September 02, 2010
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Things seem to be moving in a positive direction for off-leash exercise in the HRM

If you didn't know - HRM City Council talked for quite awhile today about off leash parks today.  Not for quite as long as they talked about orange flags at crosswalks - which they talked about FOREVER, but they talked about off leash parks ...

Meeting a sloth is not a good thing!

I have to say that I was pretty horrified yesterday to see it pop up on my timeline in facebook the headline "Meet a sloth! Halifax - Diversity of Living Things" Hosted by Little Ray's Reptile Zoo - so I clicked on the link - which I am not ...

Funny story - remember that time you left your dog in a locked, parked car by himself for 2 months?

Of course you don't remember - you aren't a psychopath who would let their dog starve to death, alone and abandoned in a car in a rarely used parkade in the middle of Halifax Nova Scotia. But Bethany MacLean did - and she's now charged under ...

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