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Why We Should Care About the Ocean

09/17/2020 09:22:25 AM

Drowning – A Major Risk Around the World

09/14/2020 04:24:07 AM

Why Humans Can’t Drink Seawater

09/04/2020 08:33:55 AM

Why Land Warms Up Faster Than Oceans

09/03/2020 05:32:14 AM

The Relationship Between Better Health and Water

08/27/2020 05:51:22 AM

Winter Rains Continues to Restore the Western Cape’s Water Reserve in 2020

08/25/2020 04:02:03 AM

Why Shark Conservation is More Important Than Ever Before

08/21/2020 09:52:17 AM

Oil Spill in Mauritius Indicates a Massive Environmental Crisis

08/14/2020 06:03:05 AM

The Severe Water Crisis in Chennai, India

08/11/2020 07:03:51 AM

Cities Most at Risk for Running Out of Water

08/07/2020 07:17:01 AM

A Way to Drink Water the Right Way

08/04/2020 10:33:44 AM

How Global Warming is Quickly Speeding Up Ocean Currents

08/03/2020 05:51:34 AM

Scientists Looking to Improve Clean Water Technologies

07/30/2020 09:14:38 AM

A Partnership Set on Supporting Water and Food Security in South Africa

07/29/2020 09:27:36 AM

The African Continent Makes Way for a New Ocean

07/24/2020 08:38:22 AM

Agricultural Demand Increases with the Predicted Increase in the Global Population as Water Scarcity Continues

07/23/2020 08:40:31 AM

Saving Water, the Environment, and your Wallet

07/13/2020 09:57:48 AM

A Decreased Ocean Circulation – Why Everybody Should Care

07/09/2020 05:13:32 AM

The Benefits of Swimming in the Ocean

07/01/2020 09:25:31 AM

A Big Discovery of Freshwater Under the Ocean

06/30/2020 07:48:30 AM

Drought in European Groundwater

06/29/2020 10:49:49 AM

The Harmful Impact Humans Have on Water

06/23/2020 09:36:40 AM

What You Should Know Before Drinking Litres of Water or More Daily

05/21/2020 09:22:22 AM

How Solar Panels Are Using Water for Cooling Purposes

05/20/2020 06:41:58 AM

The Ganges River – Clean for Now?

05/12/2020 05:19:49 AM

The Biggest Contributing Factors of Ocean Pollution

05/04/2020 04:42:58 AM

Tips for Drinking Safe Water When Travelling

04/18/2020 11:44:47 AM

Why Spaniards Are Stealing Water

04/08/2020 08:01:01 AM

Residents of Khayelitsha Protests for Water to Wash Their Hands

04/01/2020 08:43:42 AM

The Venice Canals Clear Up After Two Weeks of Quarantine in Italy

03/20/2020 03:00:31 AM

Lack of Water Compliance in the Western Cape Could Result in Fines

03/18/2020 06:53:55 AM

Why Water in the U.S Tastes Like Chlorine in the Month of March

03/17/2020 05:23:45 AM

Municipalities to Implement Water Cuts Starting 09 March 2020

03/11/2020 10:46:51 AM

How Japan’s Plastic Addiction Burdens the Ocean

03/10/2020 06:17:09 AM

A Demand for Clean Water by Gen-X Anti-Chemical Protesters Gets Heated

03/09/2020 06:32:22 AM

Why Councillors is Urged to Do More and Current Water Issues

03/03/2020 04:16:13 AM

How Ash and Debris is Ruining Australia’s Rivers

02/28/2020 07:40:31 AM

Eastern Cape Villagers Waiting for Water Since 1998

02/26/2020 04:38:38 AM

Chugging Water Versus Water Therapy as a Habit of Health

02/24/2020 09:29:35 AM

What Effect Does Water Pollution Have on Animals and People?

02/20/2020 04:40:24 AM

Antarctica Reaches Temperatures Above 20 Degrees for the First Time in History

02/19/2020 03:55:06 AM

Why Moon Dust is Being Tested for Water in 2020

02/18/2020 07:16:28 AM

Killer Whales Taking Over Shark Territory in Cape Town

02/10/2020 04:56:05 AM

Do All Types of Home Water Filters Get Rid of Toxic PFAS?

02/07/2020 09:28:26 AM

Water and Treatment Chemicals Market to Grow Immensely by 2024

02/06/2020 08:06:18 AM

Water Preservation – How Much Water Do People Need Daily?

02/04/2020 00:48:44 AM

China to Ban Plastic to Protect Their Country Against Water Pollution

01/31/2020 02:41:09 AM

4 Interesting Modern Solutions to Future Water Shortages

01/28/2020 06:01:13 AM

85%+ of European Bathing Sites Have Perfect Water Quality

01/27/2020 05:19:32 AM

The Melting New Zealand Glaciers

01/23/2020 07:58:29 AM

Water Supply Cuts Due to Maintenance in Johannesburg

01/22/2020 05:03:32 AM

How Cigarette Buds Are More Dangerous for the Ocean Than Plastic Straws

01/17/2020 08:26:49 AM

The Difference Between Tap Water and Proper Bottled Water

01/14/2020 04:23:52 AM

Buffalo City, South Africa, to Reach Day Zero Soon

01/13/2020 03:11:41 AM

What Impact Does Climate Change Have on the World’s Water Resources?

01/10/2020 09:44:14 AM

Where Does New Zealand Get Their Freshwater From

01/08/2020 05:35:23 AM

Can Brazil’s Water Quality Be Restored?

01/06/2020 04:31:56 AM

Why Drinking Room Temperature Water is Preferred for Your Health

12/19/2019 04:44:18 AM

Is There a Right and a Wrong Way to Drink Water?

12/17/2019 04:32:46 AM

Why Is There Water Everywhere but in the Dams in South Africa?

12/13/2019 08:29:41 AM

Sydney Gets the Highest Water Restrictions in the Past Decade

12/12/2019 05:44:41 AM

Does Saltwater Work for Healing Open Wounds?

12/11/2019 04:52:46 AM

The Water Pandemic Nobody is Talking About

12/06/2019 07:00:55 AM

A Massive Crisis Left in the Bahamas Due to Hurricane Dorian

12/04/2019 04:00:18 AM

Is There a Reason to be Optimistic About the World Water Crisis

12/03/2019 04:00:40 AM

Why You Shouldn’t Shake Water Out of Your Ears

12/02/2019 05:08:02 AM

How to Save on Your Water Bill with Smart Monitor

11/29/2019 09:36:42 AM

Changing the Design of Toilets Could Save the World a Lot of Water

11/26/2019 03:47:51 AM

Cities Found Underwater Globally

11/19/2019 07:31:31 AM

The Mismanagement of Water Supply in South Africa

11/18/2019 08:06:40 AM

Deadly Bushfires Could Lead to Sydney Running out of Water

11/15/2019 09:19:56 AM

Climate Change Caused Highest Tide Levels in Venice in Over 50 Years

11/14/2019 08:11:00 AM

A Severe Water Crisis in KZN Leads to the DA to Call on the Human Rights Commission

11/12/2019 06:58:22 AM

Solving the Issue as Towns Continue to Run out of Water in South Africa

11/06/2019 08:37:17 AM

The Impacts of Severe Water Scarcity

11/04/2019 03:40:07 AM

How Drinking Water Can Change Your Body

10/30/2019 03:56:01 AM

How the South African Water Department Plans to Deal with Water Scarcity

10/29/2019 04:24:52 AM

Cambodia’s Worsened Water Crisis

10/28/2019 09:10:24 AM

Finding a Solution for Wildfires Continuing to Affect Water Resources in Sierra Nevada

10/24/2019 10:45:18 AM

Is Water Spain Safe to Consume?

10/23/2019 06:29:31 AM

Continuous Water Scarcity Issues Persist in South Africa

10/21/2019 04:58:38 AM

Water Pollution – An Ongoing Crisis

10/17/2019 03:25:55 AM

Johannesburg Faces Level 1 Water Restrictions

10/04/2019 04:51:59 AM

The Traveller’s Water-Borne Condition Fear

10/03/2019 03:37:08 AM

How Climate Change is Impacting Water Globally

10/01/2019 03:40:20 AM

Sandton’s Gautrain Water Issues Highlights Gupta’s Guilt in Capital Scandal

09/27/2019 04:11:52 AM

Tap Water Safety in Hawaii

09/26/2019 05:36:03 AM

Why Adopt a Whale Shark?

09/25/2019 06:25:17 AM

How the Water Intervention in Kenya will Help Women

09/23/2019 06:42:59 AM

How Bananas Can Possibly Purify Water in the Amazon

09/19/2019 08:34:43 AM

Increased Water Crisis in Tshwane

09/18/2019 10:50:17 AM

Why Japan Plans to Dump Radioactive Water into the Pacific Ocean

09/17/2019 09:38:30 AM

After Studying 2,500 Coral Reefs, Scientists Finally Know How to Save Them

09/16/2019 06:30:37 AM

A Massive Increase in Water Bills for South Africa in 2020

09/13/2019 05:33:16 AM

South-East Asia – Plastic Now Entering the Human Body, and Not Only Affecting the Ocean

09/12/2019 09:40:17 AM

The U.N. on Microplastics Found in Water

09/11/2019 08:48:23 AM

How Badly Climate Change is Affecting the Great Barrier Reef

09/11/2019 08:31:42 AM

The Water Situation in the Western Cape Continues to Improve

09/10/2019 05:15:04 AM

High Water Stress Affects a Quarter of the World’s Population

09/06/2019 04:47:30 AM

Israel’s Success in Achieving a Water Sustainable Country

09/05/2019 04:50:40 AM