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Is civic nationalism consistent with independence?

03/15/2014 09:41:28 AM

Independence and the meaning of the word "foreign"

03/08/2014 04:08:28 AM

To Alex Salmond on the occasion of his speech 4th March 2014 (with apologies to Mr J. Keats)

03/05/2014 10:53:42 AM

The independence debate and the need for good neighbours

03/01/2014 02:48:57 AM

A Doric declaration of independence

02/22/2014 02:47:40 AM

The threat of independence

02/15/2014 02:27:26 AM

Vote no If you want to keep the Tories out of Scotland

02/08/2014 02:09:02 AM

The delusion of independence

02/01/2014 03:08:22 AM

Is Unionism a form of nationalism?

01/25/2014 05:01:45 AM

The SNP would destroy what the NHS stands for

01/25/2014 02:25:26 AM

Expressing uncertainty is not scaremongering

01/19/2014 02:51:17 AM

Do you have to feel British to support the UK?

01/01/2014 03:17:53 AM

Why nationalist accusations of scaremongering are illogical

12/24/2013 03:14:04 AM

An appeal to our fellow Brits

12/15/2013 13:10:14 PM

These people could win

12/15/2013 03:25:21 AM

You don't know what you've got til it's gone

12/15/2013 03:24:33 AM


11/16/2013 08:27:21 AM

Is Scotland a nation?

05/19/2013 06:13:08 AM

Could an independent Scotland avoid austerity?

05/06/2013 09:38:25 AM

The Union is an accident of history

05/06/2013 09:37:00 AM

Do Independent countries have the right to their own currency?

05/06/2013 08:32:33 AM