Lily of St. Leonards: a commentary on Scottish nationalism and independence

Added: October 30, 2012
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Is civic nationalism consistent with independence?

Some years ago a rather nasty campaign developed in Aberdeenshire. It was called something like Settler Watch. The members of this group complained about people from other parts of the UK coming to Aberdeenshire, buying land, taking up school ...

Independence and the meaning of the word "foreign"

It’s easy to jeer at Mr Salmond’s “Dark Star” speech, but it should be seen as part of the SNP’s long term and very clever strategy of achieving Scottish independence even though only around a third of the Scottish population are ...

To Alex Salmond on the occasion of his speech 4th March 2014 (with apologies to Mr J. Keats)

Dark star! would I weren’t foreign for a start,Just my splendour shining in northern light.A beacon for the English whose lids apart,Would gaze at my wonder and my might.These disciples going about their priestlike task,From London flocking ...

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