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Best Of Just Plain Marie 2015

12/15/2015 19:18:00 PM

This has been an absolutely incredible year. If you haven’t been with me through all of it, you may have missed out on some of my best content. Let’s have a drum roll, please, for Just Plain Marie’s Best of 2015!Read more »

Why You Need To Eat Your Meals At Home

12/03/2015 20:59:00 PM

Did you know that 58% of North Americans eat at a restaurant at least once a week? 4% do so more than three times. That’s a lot of eating out - and our health, finances and relationships suffer for it! I hope you have been enjoying the series ...

How To Deal With Power Outages

11/30/2015 21:58:00 PM

The possibility of power outages, both short and long-term, is very real.  Not only are they caused by weather and ordinary problems, but the threat of long-term power outages caused by terrorist action are increasingly likely. Are you ready? ...

Weekly Round Up November 27, 2015

11/27/2015 20:20:00 PM

Saturday (now) means it is time for the weekly Round Up! Check out some of the great posts I've found online this week, the top five most popular posts this week on Just Plain Marie (not necessarily the most recent), and a shout out to folks ...

Growth and Goals for Just Plain Marie

11/25/2015 00:00:00 AM

Today I am doing something completely different. Hopefully, you will find it interesting. From my rebranding at the beginning of 2015 until today, how has this blog grown? And where are we going from here?Read more »

Preparing for the ISIS Terrorist Threat

11/22/2015 00:30:00 AM

Terrible things are happening in our world today. Terrorists have bombed Paris, Yola and Beirut, France has declared war against ISIS and people everywhere are worried about the future. So what do we do next? How do we prepare for the terrorist ...

Mennonites and Modest Dress

11/13/2015 19:37:00 PM

One of the most defining – and obvious – characteristics of Plain people is their clothing. Mennonite modest clothing is immediately recognizable. In this next installation of Living Plain In a Fancy World, let’s answer the question – ...

Can Small Organic Farms Feed The World?

11/11/2015 18:05:00 PM

The most common criticism against organic farming (or, as I like to call it, farming) is that it will not feed the world. Only conventional farming, the common wisdom has it, can feed the population of nine billion expected by 2050. But is that ...

Does Preparedness Show a Lack of Trust In God?

11/11/2015 00:30:00 AM

Should Christians worry about preparedness? Jesus said we should not think about tomorrow, and some Christians say that preparing for emergencies and problems shows a lack of faith in God's providence. What, though, does the Bible say about ...

What Is The Definition of Local?

11/08/2015 21:37:00 PM

What is local? Is there one definitive definition? The Canadian government defines it as anything within the province or within 50km of the province’s border.Did you know the the food on the average North American plate has traveled an incredible ...

9 Ways Conventional Farming Is Killing Us

10/27/2015 18:13:00 PM

Do you believe that only chemical-based conventional farming can feed the world? That, if we switched to organic farming, millions would starve? The truth is, conventional farming is killing us. Let me detail a few of the very major side-effects ...

Pregnancy and Childbirth – A Preparedness Primer

10/25/2015 21:18:00 PM

If we consider a scenario in which the grid were to go down or, for whatever reason, modern medicine were not available, pregnancy and childbirth would still happen. We would, however, have more dead babies and dead mothers. Read more »

The Inner Man, Grace, The Law and Christian Living

10/22/2015 20:00:00 PM

Have you ever heard a Christian teaching that profoundly hit you and affected the way you think about many things? A teaching that made you wonder if it were given directly for you? It has happened to me a few times, most recently with a teaching ...

Grid Down? The Reality At Our House

10/21/2015 21:57:00 PM

What would life be like in a grid-down scenario? What would it be like at our house if we woke up the morning the power went out for good?Read more »

12 Questions To Ask About Homestead Land

10/18/2015 22:13:00 PM

Are you looking to build a homestead, but you are still trying to decide where to locate it? It’s a difficult decision, but there are a few things that can help you decide if a location is right for you and your family.Read more »

Live Bigger and Love Deeper

10/15/2015 20:10:00 PM

Are you interested in learning to live bigger, love deeper and leave a legacy?Imagine being on top of the world, an elite athlete with a promising career in professional football ahead of you, and then being seriously injured. Lewis Howes fell ...

How To Be An Apartment Homesteader

10/14/2015 00:30:00 AM

Homesteading, to far too many minds, requires forty acres, a barn full of livestock and fields of produce. What about city and apartment dwellers? Must they simply wait until they're "out on the land" or is it possible for urban people to ...

Getting Ready For Winter – Reader Tips

10/13/2015 00:30:00 AM

How do you get ready for the winter? I put this question out to the fabulous folks on my Facebook page, and here are their answers!Read more »

11 Lessons Learned During a Really Bad Camping Trip

10/12/2015 00:30:00 AM

A few summers ago, we went camping, full of expectations of campfire cooking and long wilderness walks. Instead, we learned a lot of preparedness lessons that anyone can use. Pay attention, because some of these could save your life. (And not ...

Turn The Other Cheek

10/09/2015 00:30:00 AM

Recently, my youngest son punched another boy in the playground.I was absolutely mortified. But it was worse when I was told “I’m sure your boys settle their problems with fists at home, but it’s just not done here.” It’s not done ...

Homesteading With Young Children

10/07/2015 00:30:00 AM

Parents who are looking to homestead while their children are very young are faced with a shortage of advice and role models. Most homesteaders today have children of an age to participate and help. So what does a family with toddlers or babies ...

10 Skills To Survive A World Without Oil

10/05/2015 00:30:00 AM

Take a moment and try to imagine a world without oil. Can you do it? Petroleum products are such an integral part of every thing we do. And yet, sooner than we may wish, that time is coming. Do you have the skills needed to survive in a world ...

Be At Peace With All

10/02/2015 00:30:00 AM

As part of a series on traits of Plain Christians, this week we are looking at the concept of living in peace with all. While this is approached from a Christian perspective, I hope that it will have some practical advice for everyone.Read more ...

Oh, Poo! A Review of BTS-33 Composting Toilet by Biolet

10/01/2015 00:30:00 AM

Give me a moment while I remove my rubber gloves and put away the bleach, and then I will review the BTS-33 Composting Toilet by Biolet. When I was looking for a composting toilet, I found many, many people who had this on their Pinterest wishlist ...

Could Harsher Winters Be On Their Way?

09/29/2015 00:30:00 AM

Mild winter, harsh winter – depending on who is talking, you might hear either one. What should we prepare for as the fall of 2015 turns into winter?Read more »