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Best Of Just Plain Marie 2015

This has been an absolutely incredible year. If you haven’t been with me through all of it, you may have missed out on some of my best content. Let’s have a drum roll, please, for Just Plain Marie’s Best of 2015!Read more »

Why You Need To Eat Your Meals At Home

Did you know that 58% of North Americans eat at a restaurant at least once a week? 4% do so more than three times. That’s a lot of eating out - and our health, finances and relationships suffer for it! I hope you have been enjoying the series ...

How To Deal With Power Outages

The possibility of power outages, both short and long-term, is very real.  Not only are they caused by weather and ordinary problems, but the threat of long-term power outages caused by terrorist action are increasingly likely. Are you ready? ...

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