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Spring Forward - Daylight Saving Survival Guide

03/12/2017 15:50:09 PM

Recovering From Your Lost Hour of Sleep!According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, as many as 30-35% of adults could suffer from temporary insomnia which can be caused by the start of Daylight Savings Time.In fact, the day following ...

NYT: Lessons on Aging Well From a 105-year Old

02/24/2017 19:35:16 PM

Joel Saget/Agence-France Press-Getty Images Editor's Note: On January 4, 2017, Robert Marchand set a new World's Record by cycling more than 14 miles around a track in an hour - in the 105 year-plus category! This was not Mr. Marchand's ...

It's Not JUST About the Money

11/20/2016 12:28:03 PM

Your brain on retirement is not nearly as sharp.(Editor's note) Were you looking forward to retirement at 55, 60 or 65? You planned for  your "golden years," only to find your retirement funds slashed by the recession and social security benefits ...

LATEST POLL: Election Stress and Older Americans

10/22/2016 22:23:36 PM

"People are so stressed by this election that the American Psychological Association has coping tips."

Your Personal Branding as an Older Worker

10/11/2016 08:30:13 AM

What Sets You Apart?Personal branding is the act of letting your identity be known and

5 Ways to Find a Job on LinkedIn

10/08/2016 11:17:40 AM

Are you making the most of LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a professional networking site which offers unique features for both businesses and job seekers:Businesses can easily post jobs, find prospective clients and check references.

Hiring Managers Seeing More Lies on Resumes

09/19/2016 16:55:53 PM

Editor's Note: In a survey of 3,500 employees by HireRight, it was reported that 88% of those tested had lied on their resume compared with 70% five years ago. In this article in Fortune, Anne Fisher interviews Mary O’Loughlin, HireRight’s ...

Staying Motivated in this "Bad News World"

07/18/2016 11:18:26 AM

(Editor's note) We've recently been deluged with

The Weight of Unemployment

06/27/2016 13:01:46 PM

Lose Your Job...Get Fat

Flash: US has hit the largest number of older workers ever!

05/22/2016 23:33:25 PM

‘I’ll Never Retire’: Americans Break Record for Working Past 65According

There's Still Time To Do Your Own Taxes

04/17/2016 18:02:16 PM

30 Tips to Doing Your Own Taxes

NYT: Job Hunting in the Digital Age

04/11/2016 00:17:01 AM

(Editor's Note) This article, from The New York Times by Tara Siegel Bernard, is targeting a

Spring Forward - Daylight Savings Survival Guide

03/14/2016 00:04:14 AM

Recovering From Your Lost Hour of Sleep!According to the

Share Now: What Not to Say to Older Co-Workers

02/28/2016 23:48:45 PM

4 Ageist Phrases to Quit Saying at The Officefrom U.S. News & World Report(Editor's Note) As people delay retirement, It is becoming more important to bridge the gap between generations

Over 50, Female and Jobless, Even as Others Return to Work

01/10/2016 15:48:59 PM

Editors Note:

Beware of these 5 Online Cyber Mistakes During the Holidays

11/29/2015 22:37:37 PM

Lohrman on Cybersecurity & Infrastrucure:5 Online Mistakes to Avoid During the HolidaysEditor's Note:

How to Quickly Create Customized Resume Cover Letters

11/09/2015 14:09:30 PM

Create Customized Resume Cover letters Instantly. Are you struggling with writing a unique cover letter for each job application?Would you like to create a resume cover letter quickly?Instantly Create Cover

To Age Well, Change How You Feel About Aging

10/27/2015 00:59:58 AM

"Negative stereotypes about getting older can become a self-fulfilling prophecy." Editor’s Note:

Is Age Discrimination Inevitable?

09/27/2015 01:33:55 AM

From the New York Times"To Get a Job in Your 50's, Maintain Friendships in Your 40'sEditor's Note: This article does not argue the existence of age discrimination - job seekers over 50 were unemployed 5.8 weeks longer than those from the ages ...

Weird Job Wednesday: Binge Watching.

09/16/2015 07:00:05 AM

Believe it. Your Dream Job ExistsGet Paid to Binge Watch TV as a Tagger At Netflix Unfortunately, this is a tough gig to land. There are only 40 Netflix "taggers" in the world right now and currently no openings.

These are Fighting Words

08/02/2015 18:00:05 PM

Editors Note:

Daring to Start a Business When You're Over 50, from The Boston Globe

07/13/2015 12:29:22 PM

FREE Career Transition Online Workshops

New from the New York Times: Nearing Retirement? It's Time to be Creative

07/05/2015 11:31:45 AM

Editor's Note: In a May report issued by The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 82% of those surveyed in their sixties plan to keep working past age sixty-five, and 18% of that group do not plan on retiring at all. Among those surveyed ...

Do you need a consultant for aging?

05/31/2015 00:00:14 AM

From The Washington Post: This article discusses the many classes that have popped up for aging boomers as tools to explore emerging options for the senior years. Consultants, single classes, courses and seminars cover topics from physical fitness ...

From The Atlantic: The Mental Health Consequences of Unemployment

05/05/2015 18:46:30 PM

"Recession is when a neighbor loses his job.

Opportunity has knocked - It's time to open the door.

05/04/2015 09:28:39 AM

Whether or not you are re-careering or re-positioning, why wait for "opportunity to knock?" Do your research, and you can

5 Tips on Handling Your Job References Effectively

04/30/2015 12:38:42 PM

Top 5 Tips for Handling References Professionally During Your Job Search By Michelle Dumas -- Do you wonder about how best to leverage and submit your references during your job search? Here are some tips to help you: 1. Never submit your ...

20 Years Younger. What Career Would You Choose? Recareering At Midlife:Dr. Helen Harkness (Video) , Part1

04/30/2015 12:27:44 PM

Dr Helen Harkness asks: What would you do if you were 20 years younger? Learn from a professional what it takes during a midlife career change to move from an old identity to a new identity. She started her new career at age 50. The race is ...

Common Sense About Resumes

04/21/2015 17:39:09 PM

By Larry Light A number of recent articles, including one in the New York Times, “Can I Hire Someone to Write My Résumé and Cover Letter?” by the Ethicist, question whether you should write your own resume -presumably to show off your ...

"How to Answer Any Question A Interviewer Could Possibly Throw At You!"

04/19/2015 14:51:28 PM

Finding New Car-8 Hours Of Research. Job Interview Preparation 30 Minutes! Foolish? Why would you spend 8x more time looking for a new car or a new flat panel display for your house as opposed to

Weird Job Wednesday - Google Tricycle Mapper

04/08/2015 20:17:00 PM

Google Maps introduced the Street View Trikes in 2009 to access hard-to-reach locations. And someone's got to ride the bike and take the photos. It's not an easy job to get or an easy job to do since the nine-foot Google trike weighs about 250 ...

Meet the 91-Year-Old Who Is Finally Living Her Dream as a Tech Designer in Silicon Valley

03/16/2015 14:43:49 PM

"Beskind, who says she fantasized about being an inventor ever since she was a young girl growing up during the Great Depression, is now living her dream. Two years ago, Beskind joined IDEO -- a design firm perhaps best known for developing ...

Five (5) Jobs With The Most Future Potential

03/07/2015 15:13:26 PM

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzed occupational data and came up with a list of jobs that will see the most growth in the decade ending 2022.

Weird Job Wednesday - Professional Seat Filler

03/04/2015 16:58:58 PM

You Don't Have to Be a Star...

Happy Valentines Day. With love from our family to yours.

02/10/2015 14:06:46 PM

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7 Mistakes Job Seekers Over 50 Make and How to Avoid Them

02/04/2015 09:31:53 AM


HuffPost Checks In - Life is Getting Better for Layoff Victims

01/25/2015 18:22:35 PM

"How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks - Guaranteed"

January 21st 2015 1PM EST/10AM PST- 5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination In Your Job Search! [Live Question and Answer]

01/20/2015 12:42:31 PM

Learn: Over Come The 5 Biggest Biases Against Older Job Seekers

Time Magazine: MLK Day is A DAY ON, NOT A DAY OFF

01/18/2015 13:21:01 PM

In this article, you'll find some volunteer opportunities and community engagement ideas. The Number One Reason Not to Sleep In On Monday.

Networking For Over 50 Job Seekers (AARP Video)

01/16/2015 11:49:10 AM

You are over 50 and looking for a job. So you decide it is time to network. Well what does that word really mean in today's business climate. So you take out your Rolodex (don't be shy some of you still have those paper cards with hand written ...

Would You Like To Find Your Old Business Contacts?

01/09/2015 17:41:43 PM

When Rick Featherstone, 49, was laid off from DHL in August after nearly five years with the company, he dived into his Rolodex to call old network of colleagues and business associates. He figured it would be easy to reconnect. But it turned ...

Job Search Tips from Recruiters

01/09/2015 17:39:35 PM

New York - A successful job search is built on three basic components: focus, definition and persistence. To succeed, you must narrow the search to a specific type of job, define skills and accomplishments that set you apart from the pack, ...

Job Interview Tips From a Pro : A Qualitative Approach

01/09/2015 17:35:48 PM

Share Do you know what your "points of brilliance" are? Some times we just need to hear someone else tell us what we already know.

How to Deal With Stress During Unemployment and a Job Search

01/09/2015 17:32:57 PM

It’s normal to feel hurt, vulnerable, or angry after losing a job. The good news is that despite the stress of job loss and unemployment, there are many things you can do to take control of the situation and maintain your spirits. You can ...

The Only New Year's Resolution for 2015

01/02/2015 17:24:14 PM

Believe in Yourself. Instead of Resolutions, Set GOALS for 2015.Here we go again...

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

12/10/2014 09:28:30 AM

WestJet has done it again, and reminds us that "It is better to give than to receive." Follow Interns Over 40: Free Insider New and Jobs: LinkedIn: Twitter:

Marketing Ploy or Good Will?

12/10/2014 09:01:02 AM

During the holidays, many people tend to get depressed, especially if they are unemployed and have added the financial burdens of gift-giving and entertaining It's heart-warming to see a business show such generosity to these lucky passengers; ...

Seven Signs You Should Consider a Franchise

11/22/2014 03:30:01 AM

Starting our careers with the greatest intentions often leads us down the well-trodden path only to find ourselves somewhere down the road feeling stuck in the mud. As we all know, what looks like a successful career to most observers, may actually ...

HERE COME THE HOLIDAYS - Some Tips for the Unemployed!

11/20/2014 17:29:14 PM

"What if Christmas doesn't come from a store.What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"~Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!The end-of-year

Washed Up at 45: Must read from CNN.Money

11/18/2014 08:55:52 AM

5 Advantages to Buying a Franchise that You Must Know: Register Here "Adults age 45 who lose a job may never find another..." Editor's Note: This article, published in CNN.Money takes a look at the perpetuation of false and negative stereotyping ...

NEW From the Harvard Business Journal: Prejudice and the Older Worker

11/10/2014 22:00:52 PM

Change Your Clocks, Keep Your Schedule

11/01/2014 14:35:25 PM

Daylight Savings Time: 4 Tips to Help Your Body AdjustStudies show that

Wondering If You Can Be an Entrepreneur? Take a Self Assessment!

10/20/2014 10:01:42 AM

Learn the Advantages of Buying a Small Business Franchise

Weird Job Wednesday: The Plague Doctor

10/15/2014 20:33:07 PM

Or Way Back When Wednesday. Plague Doctors were introduced during the Middle Ages and were specifically hired by towns that had many plague victims in times of epidemics. They were paid by he city and so treated everyone - the rich and the poor. A ...

From AARP: 9 Things to Know if You're Laid Off After 50

09/26/2014 13:32:06 PM

“5 Tips to Battle Ageism” Free Webinar


09/24/2014 12:45:55 PM

Could you handle a trauma scene clean-up?It's not for everyone... but it's got to be done, and yes, you CAN buy a franchise! Crime Scene Clean-Up is more than just cleaning up crime scenes. It is a niche market within the cleaning industry - ...

From the N.Y.Times: For Some Retirees A Second Act is Easier Than Expected

09/11/2014 21:22:02 PM

Editors Note: Thinking about changing careers?

Weird Job Wednesday: Professional Pooper Scooper

09/10/2014 19:15:38 PM

Ah...the joys of being a pet owner. Scooping up the poop goes with the territory - or so we thought. Today there are professionals that can do the job for you!

True Or False Quiz:11 Critical Questions Before You Quit or Get Fired?

09/09/2014 10:27:18 AM

By:Bobby Edelman; (Excerpt from "An Over 40 Career Plunge: Arctic Freeze or Tropic Breeze) Still not sure if you should make a career change? OK, then it’s time for a little quiz. Ask yourself the following questions and answer true or ...

Want Some Easy Steps To De-clutter and Improve Your Resume?

09/04/2014 10:50:39 AM

So many of you job seekers are constantly asking us how can you improve your resume.

Is Your Career Stuck Or In Reverse? Need A Career Overhaul?

08/18/2014 09:12:31 AM

5 Career Transition Questions You Should Know The Answer To. What is my Purpose? What are my career abilities? ‚

Boomer: Are You Part Of The Spend and Borrow Generation?

08/07/2014 08:32:24 AM

Thomas Friedman points out that as boomers coming from a generation of "Spend & Borrow" we are still leveraging from our parents generation of "Save and Invest". With the back drop of Zero job creation in August Meet The Press

7 Mistakes Job-Seekers Over 50 Make

08/05/2014 09:19:46 AM

A good portion of the e-mail I receive is from readers over age 50 who are looking for work after a layoff. Many tell me they found their last job more than a decade ago, in the classifieds of their local newspaper. Many more say they're daunted ...

Have You Googled Your Online Personal Brand? :Career Tip of the Day

08/05/2014 09:16:55 AM

Have you Googled your name recently? Have you noticed people have been looking at your Linkedin Profile?

8 Tips On How to Make a Personal Connection with Potential Employers

07/21/2014 09:48:36 AM

Guest Career Coach contributor: Mary Salvino is a highly credentialed career and business management strategist with many years of senior business management experience in both profit and not-for-profit sectors. Mary is also a freelance writer ...

Want to Buy a Business? Five Surefire Ways to Cut Your Risk

07/10/2014 04:00:04 AM

If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who everyday seriously consider going


07/02/2014 10:24:25 AM

Don't Be A Nit Picker... Unless you want to make a lot of money, that is! As long as there are kids with hair on their heads, there will be kids with head lice. An estimated 6 to 12 million cases of head lice infestation occur each year in the ...

Laid-off Older Workers Face Biases In Job Search

07/01/2014 10:41:51 AM

If your over 40 and looking for a job this is a must read article from MSNBC. "Laid-off older workers face biases in job search. There are ways to craft a resume and image to blunt its effects, experts say. After a few months of searching ...

Have You Ever Lied On Your Resume?

06/17/2014 14:24:31 PM

You're writing your resume and decide to say,

Weird Job Wednesday - Fake it 'til You Make It

06/12/2014 00:30:32 AM

FAKE EXECUTIVE Apparently if you're a Caucasian male, willing to travel and can "act" like an executive, there might be a job waiting for you in China. The BBC and

Weird Job Wednesday: MASCOTS DO IT FOR FUN!

05/28/2014 09:57:18 AM

That's right folks, being a professional mascot might not be long-term, but if you want to be the "most valuable player," love sports and are enthusiastic and athletic, than this just might be the job for you!

20 Ways Older Job-Seekers Can Sell Themselves

05/13/2014 08:39:30 AM

Are you an older skilled worker who has been through a couple of decades of cyclical job expansion and contraction? Then you should be able to gain a few pearls of wisdom from this article. We sometimes forget the benefits that older works bring ...

5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination During A Job Search webinar

05/09/2014 11:00:15 AM

.beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .footer, #mainContent { text-align: left; } .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .leftSidebar, ...

Confused As To What Type Of Resume Is Effective? You Are Not Alone.

05/09/2014 08:51:47 AM

So should you prepare a Reverse Chronological Resume or perhaps a Functional Resume? There are numerous approaches and styles to consider when preparing an effective resume. Many factors can affect which approach you take including your ...

6 Unconventional Career Change Tips for Older Skilled Workers

05/05/2014 09:34:51 AM

Career Changer: Do You Focus On Money ($$$) Issues or "Do What You Love (♥)?"The following is six unconventional mid-life career change tips based on the premise that the key to a successful career change transition is the integration of ...

Looking for more balance between work and home?

05/03/2014 10:58:12 AM

What You Absolutely Need To Do To Get A Job In This Terrible Economy

04/29/2014 08:53:58 AM

What YouAbsolutely

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Weird Job Wednesday..Anyone ever heard of this?

04/23/2014 21:40:22 PM

Professional License Plate Number Blocker... From the internet (Quora). In Tehran, people get paid to walk or sit on your car and block your license plate.

Don't Waste Another Minute!

04/23/2014 10:30:32 AM

It's time to change!

Top 10 Tips for Older Job Hunters

04/18/2014 08:24:28 AM

Thanks to their seniority, folks 55 and older were once less likely than their younger co-workers to be laid off during a recession. Not this time around. Steep manufacturing cuts have hit older workers particularly hard. And even in workplaces ...

So... You Were Thinking of Buying a Business?

04/16/2014 17:11:24 PM