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All-New Trailer for ‘The Reef: Stalked’ Offers More Shark Action

07/02/2022 17:28:41 PM

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright Discuss Their Thoughts on ‘Shaun of the Dead 2’

07/02/2022 08:38:33 AM

Lloyd the Bartender, Joel Turkel Has Died at Age 94

07/02/2022 08:07:10 AM

Netflix Crashes After ‘Stranger Things 4’ Finale Drops

07/01/2022 19:32:28 PM

It’s a Long Way Down For These Ladies in ‘Fall’

07/01/2022 18:56:16 PM

Upcoming ‘Squeal’ Has a Head-Scratcher of a Plot

07/01/2022 18:31:00 PM

‘Salem’s Lot’ Tie-in Book Cover Could be Screenshot of Upcoming Film

07/01/2022 18:03:37 PM

‘Event Horizon’ Getting a Limited-Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook

07/01/2022 17:20:28 PM

Here Are Some Great Movies Featuring Trolls

07/01/2022 15:54:31 PM

‘Monster High: The Movie’ Brings The Fan-Fave Collectibles to Life

06/30/2022 19:05:40 PM

‘American Horror Stories’ is Coming Back For Season 2

06/30/2022 18:47:03 PM

‘The Invitation’ Trailer is a “23 and Me” Bloody Nightmare

06/30/2022 15:26:03 PM

“Boundary-pushing” ‘Terrifier 2’ Gets a Release Schedule (Finally)

06/30/2022 13:10:45 PM

Sadako Returns in New ‘The Ring’ Direct Sequel

06/30/2022 11:12:37 AM

‘Apartment 7A’ Rumored to Be a Prequel to ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

06/30/2022 06:54:26 AM

Creepy Cocktails: Drunk in 30 Minutes with Black Fawn Distribution

06/29/2022 19:01:45 PM

Eddie Munster Actor Butch Patrick Finally Reveals Character In Rob Zombies ‘The Munsters’

06/29/2022 14:09:51 PM

Alien Invasion Fave ‘Slash/Back’ Headed to Shudder

06/29/2022 13:23:00 PM

Howard Stern Accidentally Shares That he May Play Doctor Doom

06/29/2022 13:22:07 PM

Snoochie Boochies, Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks III’ Receives Trailer Release Date

06/29/2022 12:06:50 PM

Lachlan Watson Has Been Cast as Glen/Glenda in ‘Chucky’ Season 2

06/29/2022 11:15:12 AM

A Ton of Rad Special Features Were Revealed for the Scream Factory ‘Child Play’ Trilogy 4K UHD

06/28/2022 23:15:14 PM

Kyle MacLachlan is Heading to the Nuclear Wasteland in ‘Fallout’ Adaptation

06/28/2022 22:10:52 PM

New Found-Footage ‘Infrared’ Has “Humor, Tension and Scares”

06/28/2022 12:09:28 PM

‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ Stars Russell Crowe From Director of ‘Overlord’

06/28/2022 11:08:22 AM

Hocus Pocus 2 Trailer

06/28/2022 10:25:14 AM

Let’s Dance! ‘Umbrella Academy’ Gets “Footloose” in Season 3 Opener

06/28/2022 10:20:05 AM

iHorror Exclusive: McKenna Michels ‘Born to Die’ Music Video Release

06/28/2022 10:00:36 AM

Neve Campbell Rumored to Have Secretly Signed on for ‘Scream 6’

06/27/2022 14:02:35 PM

New ‘Stranger Things 4: Volume 2’ Poster Teases Eleven and Vecna’s Big Brawl

06/27/2022 13:40:17 PM

Fans Find Horror References in New Blumhouse Easter Egg-Heavy Motion Logo

06/27/2022 13:33:57 PM

‘The Summoned’ Trailer Reveals a Hellish, Mysterious Therapy

06/27/2022 11:09:35 AM

Rob Zombie’s Brother, Spider Releases Terrifying Trailer for His Film ‘Allegoria’

06/27/2022 06:59:01 AM

Frank Grillo’s Upcomings ‘Year 2’ Reveals Badass Practical Effects Werewolf

06/26/2022 22:34:11 PM

‘Of the Devil’ Stars Actress Who Played Pazuzu Demon in ‘The Exorcist’

06/26/2022 22:08:22 PM

New Video Gets Behind the Scenes of Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’

06/26/2022 22:02:24 PM

David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’ Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD

06/26/2022 21:24:51 PM

Duffer Brothers Working on Unexpected ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff

06/25/2022 21:57:03 PM

Jennifer Tilly Shares ‘Chucky’ Season 2 Photo

06/25/2022 21:37:54 PM

Todd McFarlane Animated and Directed Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Patient Number 9’ Video

06/25/2022 06:43:21 AM

‘Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island’ Trailer Teases New Deadly Vacation

06/25/2022 05:45:50 AM

Immortan Joe Teased as Villain in Geoge Miller’s ‘Furiosa’

06/24/2022 22:16:11 PM

Streaming Now: Kane Hodder as Killer Mechanic in Tubi’s ‘Tow’

06/24/2022 19:08:11 PM

‘Upgrade’ and ‘The Invisible Man’ Director Looks to Remake ‘Green Hornet and Kato’

06/24/2022 08:49:39 AM

Massimo Morante, Co-Founder of the Iconic ‘Goblin’ Has Died

06/24/2022 06:00:00 AM

Michael Rooker Reteams With ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’ Director for Next Disturbing Film

06/23/2022 22:29:10 PM

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 4 Brings Back Colin Robinson Baby

06/23/2022 21:23:03 PM

Jason Blum Wants to Bring Back Robert Englund For One More ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’

06/23/2022 11:23:35 AM

Aussie ‘Fair Game’ To Get Theatrical Re-release 36 Years Later

06/23/2022 11:09:56 AM

New Bill Skarsgård Horror Movie ‘Barbarian’ Drops a Chilling Trailer

06/23/2022 10:34:57 AM

Ed Gein: How the Notorious Psychopath Inspired Some of Horror’s Greatest Villains

06/23/2022 09:50:10 AM

Is the Fountain of Youth Filled with the Blood of the Young?

06/23/2022 08:17:20 AM

Winona Ryder’s ‘Gone in the Night’ Trailer is a Tense Twisted Puzzle

06/22/2022 22:19:23 PM

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is Now on Disney+ and Vudu

06/22/2022 21:52:55 PM

Five Frightening Films Based On True Events

06/22/2022 19:59:59 PM

Kevin Bacon Runs a Conversion Camp in Creepy First Trailer for ‘They/Them’

06/22/2022 16:13:24 PM

Paranormal “Smile” Drops Creepy Grim-Grinning Trailer

06/22/2022 12:32:46 PM

‘Cyst’ Trailer is Chock Full of Gross Out Body Horror

06/22/2022 10:01:32 AM

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 6-21-2022

06/21/2022 11:57:43 AM

Chilling Fan-made ‘Frasier’ Trailer Turns Psychiatrist Into Psychopath

06/21/2022 11:44:59 AM

‘Strange Things 4’ Trailer Teases Big Hearbreak

06/21/2022 10:30:15 AM

You Can Now Watch the Lost ‘Godzilla’ Season Two Episodes on YouTube

06/21/2022 07:27:33 AM

Bruce Campbell is Totally About Playing Hades in Live-Action ‘Hercules’

06/21/2022 06:57:54 AM

Shudder is Out of this World in July with Alien Encounters & More

06/17/2022 21:23:07 PM

‘DALL-E Mini’ App: Fulfill Your Horror Mash-up Fantasies

06/17/2022 12:36:59 PM

Timothée Chalamet’s New Horror Film ‘Bones and All’ Gets a Hard R Rating

06/17/2022 08:24:16 AM

Meg Tilly, Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano All Join ‘Chucky’ Season 2

06/17/2022 07:54:08 AM

H.R. Giger Inspired ‘Scorn’ Trailer Features Tour Guide, Doug Bradley (Pinhead)

06/16/2022 23:15:26 PM

Henry Thomas is in a Bloody Fight For His Life in ‘Crawlspace’ Trailer

06/16/2022 17:19:59 PM

MAD GOD Review – Phil Tippett’s Gruesomely Savage Feature

06/16/2022 13:08:03 PM

‘Stranger Things’ Shares Practical Make Up FX Magic That Created Vecna

06/16/2022 11:48:12 AM

Female-Led Action Potboiler ‘V is for Vengeance’ Trailer Looks Promising

06/16/2022 11:36:17 AM

‘Predator’ Prequel, ‘Prey’ Has Been Rated R For Violence

06/16/2022 06:30:48 AM

Rob Zombie Reveals ‘The Munsters’ Zombo Action Figure

06/15/2022 12:07:34 PM

‘The Reef: Stalked’ Trailer Features Kayakers Hunted by a Great White Shark

06/15/2022 05:08:28 AM

Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 Shares First Awesome Images

06/15/2022 04:40:08 AM

Horror Pride Month: David R. Slayton, Author of ‘White Trash Warlock’

06/14/2022 22:16:45 PM

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Reality Series Coming to Netflix

06/14/2022 18:45:52 PM

‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Unrated Cut Gameplay Trailer

06/14/2022 14:10:16 PM

Behind The Scenes From The Set Of Stranger Things Season 4

06/14/2022 13:41:23 PM

Cursed Skydive Turns Deadly in ‘Hex’

06/14/2022 13:14:27 PM

Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 6-14-2022

06/14/2022 12:40:23 PM

Teaser for Netflix’s ‘Troll’ Leaves Its Footprint in Folk Horror

06/14/2022 10:07:55 AM

Funko Buys Mondo: Both Parties Make Their Statements

06/13/2022 12:44:38 PM

This Doc Hopes to Reveal The Truth Behind ‘American Werewolves’

06/13/2022 12:04:05 PM

Viral Pic of Something Weird Has People Guessing What It Is

06/13/2022 10:18:09 AM

‘Swallowed’ Review: Bugs, Drugs and Body Horror

06/12/2022 12:00:28 PM

Fiona Dourif Promises That ‘Chucky’ Season 2 To Be Scary and Fun

06/11/2022 01:27:49 AM

A ‘Duke Nukem’ Movie is in The Works From Cobra Kai Creators

06/10/2022 20:24:29 PM

Netflix Nabs ‘Incantation,’: Record-Setting Taiwanese Horror Film

06/10/2022 19:02:42 PM

‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ is Getting a New Reboot

06/10/2022 17:15:07 PM

HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ Has Wrapped and Shared New Pic

06/10/2022 15:54:13 PM

Trailer Released For Witchy Psychological Horror Film SHE WILL

06/10/2022 12:58:46 PM

‘Alien: Dark Descent’ Drops a Chilling and Action-Packed Trailer

06/09/2022 22:21:28 PM

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Has Been Renewed for Season 5 and 6

06/09/2022 19:08:15 PM

[News] Michael Myers Returns To Terrorize – Halloween Horror Nights 2022!

06/09/2022 03:51:38 AM

Great Performances in Horror: Carol Kane in Office Killer

06/08/2022 14:20:51 PM

Kristen Stewart is Working on a Queer Ghost Hunting Reality Series

06/08/2022 12:17:27 PM

Mr. Beast Reveals a Real Life Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

06/08/2022 11:51:21 AM

‘Ghostbusters’ Animated Series in The Works From Jason Reitman

06/08/2022 09:45:32 AM