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Studio Scenes

01/12/2018 15:21:00 PM

Hi there! How did half of January pass me by already?I've been in the thick of painting, scanning, and editing my watercolor paintings in photoshop.  There is so much to learn about digitizing artwork and I've come a long way.  I have so many ...

Best of 2017

12/29/2017 13:12:00 PM

2017 is almost over! Time to recap all the stuff I did this year!It was a big year of growth for me.  More art licensing opportunities came my way through Hobby Lobby, Kirtlands, and Anthropologie!  I took advantage, even though it was in ...

After Christmas Sale

12/27/2017 10:45:00 AM

This week all of my original watercolor Christmas paintings are 40% off!  Yay for discounts right after the holidays!  I love shopping this time of year because I get awesome deals on stuff for the following year.Just visit the CHRISTMAS section ...

Watercolor Peaches and Abstract Patterns

12/20/2017 08:00:00 AM

I know this fruit is totally out of season at the moment, but who doesn't love peaches?I worked really hard on this collection of watercolor peach paintings and patterns and I loved it!  The colors are to die for!  I will be painting in these ...

Photos of the Week

12/18/2017 08:00:00 AM

The fog and frost were glorious this week......It's been months since I've taken my camera out for a walk! I have missed doing that.  I especially loved this particular walk because of the unique atmospheric conditions.  The fog transforms ...

Watercolor Lemons

12/12/2017 13:46:00 PM

Three Yellow Lemons 8x10Lately, I've been working hard at taming my inner ADD artist and focus more on creating sets of paintings.  It's always been hard for me to stick to just one subject because I have so many ideas! But I'm learning that ...

Watercolor Teepee Illustrations

12/08/2017 15:19:00 PM

I've been painting teepees this week! The pink boho teepee and the blue and gold teepee are new paintings.  The yellow teepee illustration is from last year.  All three of these are available in my shop! Blue and Gold Teepee 11x14Pink Boho ...

Fall Farm Pumpkins and Berries

11/22/2017 17:19:00 PM

So I'm jumping back from Christmas mode to show off some of my work from earlier this fall! I don't think I've ever painted so much in my life and it's good.  It feels good to get my ideas down.I had this idea of painting some rustic pumpkins ...

30% off all Watercolor Paintings!

11/20/2017 10:26:00 AM

Announcing my Black Friday Sale - save 30% off of everything at Grow Creative Shop from Nov. 20th to Dec. 1st! This sale includes all original watercolor paintings and giclee prints, like these:Watercolor Winter Forest Painting 9x12Original ...

Christmas Watercolor Paintings

11/18/2017 20:24:00 PM

I've been working on Christmas paintings for months! Don't blame me for rushing the holidays, we artists have to stay ahead of the game.Check out my new Christmas Art Section of my Etsy Shop. I've got 11 Christmas paintings including;  a collection ...

Painted Fall Leaves

11/15/2017 17:48:00 PM

We did it again.... we painted leaves this year!My son and I gathered leaves, pressed them for a few days, then painted them with all sorts of crazy colors and designs.  So fun! It's always a good thing when I can get my  kid to paint with ...

Four Fall Paintings

10/24/2017 15:52:00 PM

Introducing my new fall watercolor paintings!I've been painting a ton this fall and I've managed to get a few of the many watercolors listed in my shop.  These four paintings are brand new and I'll be adding more soon so be sure to check b ...

Dollar Store Floral Pumpkin DIY

10/17/2017 08:00:00 AM

This fall I've been looking for some more affordable ways to decorate.  I love pumpkins and flowers, but the real ones are costly, plus they don't last from year to year.  So what did I do?  I hit up my local dollar store to see what I could ...

Thrifted Halloween Garland Makeover

10/14/2017 15:07:00 PM

Hello and Happy Fall! I've been hard at work on some possible licensing projects so the blog has taken a back seat for the past month.  I should really start painting holiday stuff in the summer so I'm prepared for the rush in the fall.I found ...

Photos of the Week

09/18/2017 08:30:00 AM

This week is all about the yellows! The sunflowers and rabbit-brush exploded around here so I took a little walk with my trusty camera.  I've missed doing that.  I forgot how much joy I get from noticing the beauty around me and photographing ...

Custom Watercolor House Portraits

09/15/2017 08:30:00 AM

Announcing something new at Grow Creative Shop.............Custom Watercolor House Portraits!A friend asked me to paint this house as a gift for a family member.  I drew the outlines of the house in pencil, filled it in with watercolors (as ...

Two Ways to Paint Watercolor Cactus

09/13/2017 13:20:00 PM

You may have noticed lots of cactus paintings popping up on this blog and on my instagram feed in recent weeks. It's because cactus plants are sooo fun to paint and there are so many ways to paint them!Lucky for you, I've put together two watercolor ...

Six Mini Watercolor Cactus Illustrations

09/12/2017 09:00:00 AM

Sometimes painting small and fast is refreshing, especially after laboring over a detailed painting for hours and days.  It's then that I want to create something beautiful and paint it fast!I painted all six of these mini watercolor cactus ...

Photos of the Week

09/11/2017 14:19:00 PM

It's not every day you come across a scene from a fairy when you do, photograph the heck out of it and let yourself get lost in your imagination!Smell the flowers, admire the geraniums and walk down green ...

Free Shipping at Grow Creative Shop

09/09/2017 14:37:00 PM

Hey Blog Readers!I'm letting you in on a little free shipping deal I've got going on for the rest of the month of September.  Use the code FALLFREE17 to get free shipping on all domestic orders!  Yay!Or just click on the link to automatically ...

Watercolor Peach Flowers

09/08/2017 09:02:00 AM

Happy September! I really wanted to go peach picking this year, but since I'm not able to, these peach flowers will have to do.  I loved painting these! This piece is probably my favorite floral watercolor ever!  I was able to keep the paint ...

Peach Fire Flowers Paintings

08/29/2017 09:00:00 AM

Sometimes the paintings just flow from me, like a steady stream of joy and peace. Those are the best painting sessions. I come away feeling like I've done some sort of metal yoga.  I feel centered and happy.One rainy evening a few weeks ago, ...

Photo of the Week

08/28/2017 09:26:00 AM

It's been a long time since I just posted one "photo-of-the-week" here on this blog. I haven't been out taking photos as much as I would like to.So today I feel like doing some catching up on life. Here we go!It was a busy fast summer.  We ...

Watercolor Blueberry Flowers

08/23/2017 22:02:00 PM

Hi there!I've been busy with some travels and getting my kid back to school.  It was a crazy, busy summer!  I've also been working on a new collection of floral/ blueberry paintings. These blueberry-type paintings started out as trying to ...

Sea-Inspired Watercolor Flower Paintings

08/10/2017 15:59:00 PM

I am forever painting flowers and experimenting with new ways to paint them.  My latest paintings seem to have something of sea life in them. It's a combination of flowers and something like a sea anemone.  I love it and I will be painting ...

Watercolor Seascape Sketching

08/08/2017 15:24:00 PM

I had a little time to paint at the beach last week!The two things that relieve my stress the best are the ocean and painting, so combining those two is incredibly relaxing.  Here are the two quick watercolor seascape sketches I came a way ...

Photos of the Week

08/07/2017 22:29:00 PM

I can't begin to post a fraction of the photos I took at the central California coast over the last week. We were completely enthralled by the beauty of Big Sur, Monterey Bay, and Carmel-by-the-Sea.  Most of the time I felt like I was in fairy ...

Watercolor Coral Poppy Painting

07/24/2017 14:41:00 PM

I'm posting this way way late, but if you've been following along in Instagram, you'd have seen this little beauty a few months ago :)The coral oriental poppies I grew in my front yard this spring were such an inspiration! Their petals are so ...

Kid's Sharpie Canvas Art Project

07/18/2017 09:00:00 AM

I've made a goal this summer to spend some quality art time with my son.  He's eight and growing up fast! And even though art is not his favorite thing to do, I've found that if I can frame an art project as an "experiment" (which it really ...

Photos of the Week

07/17/2017 16:39:00 PM

I finally got myself down to the lake this summer. No swimming though- the disgusting algae bloom is back at Utah Lake- ugggh! It's such a shame that this beautiful place gets used as a dumping ground in Utah. It could be such a wonderful resource! ...

Photos of the Week

07/10/2017 08:00:00 AM

Have you ever seen green and pink leaves?  I was lucky enough to see my first in Logan Utah!  I may have taken a few too many photos of them, but hey, it's not every day you see leaves this beautiful.This is a flower shot from our family trip ...

Flower Girl Series

06/26/2017 17:29:00 PM

I have some exciting news! I have four paintings available as part of my Flower Girl Series!I have plans for many more versions of these paintings.  I love painting them so much, probably because the image of a face conveys so much emotion. ...

Blue Cactus and Florals

06/20/2017 17:10:00 PM

Yes, I am still here! I've slowed down on posting because summer is just busy and I've got to make some time for fun! Like painting drippy blue cacti ????????????I bought these large square frames from the thrift store about a year ago.  They ...

8 Creative Art Projects to Try With Your Kids This Summer

06/05/2017 19:33:00 PM

It's the beginning of summer and that means freedom! It also means that school-aged kids are transitioning from having a full-scheduled-day to having lots of free time.  I don't know about you, but I have to make a summer fun list to keep my ...

Loose Watercolor Florals

06/01/2017 21:02:00 PM

I'm back with more flowers!  Once you get going, it's hard to stop :)I've been working hard at painting loose and wet florals.  I just love that look! I don't like dry brush marks or hard lines.  It can be tricky because you have to learn ...

How I Got Started in Art Licensing + Tips To Get You Going

05/25/2017 09:00:00 AM

Hi guys! This post is for all you artists!Today I want to talk about art licensing, how I got my feet wet in the art licensing world, and give you a few tips on getting started with licensing your own work.  Licensing can be intimidating because ...

Soft Watercolor Floral Set

05/24/2017 13:58:00 PM

Yesterday I painted these three little beauties. I love them all lined up together in white frames!And.....they are for sale as a set! See them in my Etsy Shop.Painting loose florals like these require some speedy painting or some paper that ...

Finger Painting with Oils!

05/16/2017 09:00:00 AM

 For once, it's not watercolors!  It's oils!My artist sister-in-law ( Emily Engh) showed me the work of an oil painter (Iris Scott)  who paints with her fingers (with gloves on of course) and we decided to try out the oil finger painting ...

Photos of the Week

05/15/2017 12:07:00 PM

I've always thought of it as a special gift for women that flowers come out just in time for Mother's Day.  My front-yard poppies gave me a little present this year and popped out just in time!The wildflowers came out too, so I went on a little ...

Photos of the Week

05/08/2017 17:17:00 PM

It finally feels like spring here in Utah! We took advantage of it with two mountain hikes and a lunch-date walk by the Lindon Marina at Utah Lake.  I need to meet Eric for lunch walks more often :)If you can brave the gnats, the lake has some ...

The Fruits of Spring Cleaning

05/03/2017 20:22:00 PM

It's Spring! Time for some upheaval and cleaning.  I'm of the opinion that a little upheaval now and then is healthy for you.Spring cleaning for me means going through old paintings in my art cupboard.  I collect so many experiments that most ...

Farmhouse Style Watercolor Cows

04/26/2017 12:16:00 PM

A friend of mine got me thinking about painting cows.......... not such a bad idea! With farmhouse style making a big scene, I think cows are a good thing to get into right now.  They can be cute, especially if you paint them with flowers ...

Vintage Car Soap Illustrations

04/21/2017 15:16:00 PM

I have exciting news!!!I've partnered with Anthropologie to design some fun summer soaps!!! I just got my samples in the mail today! Last fall, a nice lady from the Anthropologie Beauty Department contacted me about creating some illustrations ...

Photos of the Week

04/17/2017 22:16:00 PM

I carved out some time to enjoy nature last week and nature did not disappoint!Lately I have been given the gift of gratitude, and subsequently, the gift of joy.  Spring has that effect on me.  I live for the colors, the smells, and the energy ...

More Watercolor Easter Eggs

04/10/2017 16:11:00 PM

I got some last minute Easter egg painting done, just in time for Easter!!!My little sis told me about these fake eggs you can buy at walmart and I had to try them out. Blowing eggs is so time consuming and messy and this seemed like a much ...

Pushing the Boundaries of Scale

04/04/2017 16:01:00 PM

I am totally comfortable painting tiny flowers at this point in my career, but the way to grow is not by staying comfortable. Am I right? So I went for a large floral watercolor last week!Yes, it was a little scary to paint so large (it's an ...

Inspiring Spring Paintings

03/31/2017 16:28:00 PM

One more mini contribution to my Flower Girl Series I started last year.  I haven't painted any  versions since my "Flower Dreamer" last summer.  It was time for another and it was fun to go small this time. This is a 5x7 inch piece and ...

Photos of the Week

03/27/2017 11:21:00 AM

Yes, I have some photos for you!! I haven't had much energy left over to get out with my camera in quite a while.  I've missed it.I caught our white blossoms just coming out on a sunny warm day.  Few things make me happier than watching plants ...

How to Leave White Space in Watercolor Painting

03/21/2017 10:32:00 AM

Hi friends and Happy Spring!I've been busy with family and house plans so I haven't been getting much up on the blog lately, but I do have a new watercolor post up on the Craftsy Art Blog that I wanted to share with you.Learning to leave white ...

Watercolor Floral Pineapples

03/10/2017 10:41:00 AM

Almost everything I paint these days is tropical.  I love the vibrant colors and interesting shapes of tropical plants and fruits.  I guess I just have spring fever really bad!So I painted three tropical floral pineapples in watercolors! I ...

Watercolor and Washi Tape Tags and Cards

03/02/2017 19:41:00 PM

Last week I was sifting through old watercolor paintings and decided to go on a card and gift-tag-making spree!  I had to put some of my new washi tape to good use!Some of these designs were from watercolor stamping experiments.  Others are ...

A New Way to Paint Flowers

03/01/2017 14:52:00 PM

 I've been playing with different ways to paint flowers.  These are not the realistic kind, but they are oh so fun to paint!You start with a simple flower shape in the middle and work in rounds, varying the sizes and shapes of the flower petals. ...

Four Abstract Watercolor Canvas Paintings

02/21/2017 20:37:00 PM

As promised, I have some more photos of my abstract watercolor paintings on canvas!First up, the tropical palm leaf......  I like this one so much I hung it in my master bedroom. I painted the leaves on the sides of the canvas to continue the ...

8 Ways to Turn a Canvas Into an Abstract Masterpiece

02/14/2017 15:54:00 PM

Happy Valentine's Day!!My newest post is up on the Craftsy Art Blog.  I've got a few ideas on how to paint abstractly on canvas, and yes, I did use my abstract watercolors on canvas for this post!

Photos of the Week

02/13/2017 22:04:00 PM

Last week my little family took a spur-of-the-moment trip to southern California! I about died from all the green there! Every time I visit this part of the country I wonder why I live in the desert instead of on the coast, then we hit traffic ...

Abstract Watercolors on Canvas

02/02/2017 15:50:00 PM

I've been having all sorts of fun in my art room! Watercolor paints on canvas is the funnest thing I've tried this year..... by far! I had a hankering to create some therapeutic abstract art so I pulled out some old canvases I had in my art ...

Repurposing Watercolor Practice Paintings

01/26/2017 09:56:00 AM

Remember these watercolor-cutouts from last year?  Well, they are making a come-back in my latest Craftsy Art Blog post. Alright!I'm sharing 8 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Practice Paintings today. I've collected quite a few ways to recycle ...

Watercolor Carrots

01/23/2017 18:12:00 PM

As the gray days of winter drag on, I'm thinking ahead to sunny days and spring greens.  Just about anything that's green and growing lifts my spirits (excepting mold and slime of course)!I wish I could buy carrots at the store with the leafy ...

10 Watercolor Painting Hacks to Make Painting Easier

01/17/2017 21:55:00 PM

Hi friends!I've been painting with watercolors for the past seven years and I want to share the watercolor tips and tricks I've learned along the way!  After all, anything that can make your materials clean-up, or set-up easier, will only make ...

Painting Sedona Twice!

01/14/2017 18:10:00 PM

This is a scene that I got to paint twice. Once just before, and once just after Christmas. A customer commissioned a lovely scene of the mountains of Sedona Arizona and I was so excited to paint it! I'm from Arizona!  The first take on it ...

Photos of the Week: Frozen Utah Lake

01/09/2017 08:00:00 AM

One of the perks of living next to Utah Lake are these views!  I think the views are the prettiest in the winter when the mountain peaks are covered in snow and the lake is frozen.  It's like glass and it takes my breath away.I haven't been ...

We are Hoping to Adopt in 2017!!

01/05/2017 11:36:00 AM

Dear friends,As some of you may know, we have wanted more children in our family for a very long time.  We have prayed for that blessing since Porter was little.Now that it is not possible for us to have more children of our own, we are pursuing ...

Best of 2016

12/28/2016 15:36:00 PM

2016 was a year of watercolors! I mean, I've done lots of watercolor projects in the past, but this year at least 80% of my projects were watercolor. That's a record.  I even painted on eggs- it was awesome!Here are my top 10 posts of 2016:I ...

Wintery Watercolor Forest Tutorial

12/20/2016 20:22:00 PM

It's almost Christmas! Yay!Remember how I was decorating for this holiday with some golds and greens?  I had painted three versions of these watercolor pine trees to create a winter forest scene.  The painting process is memorizing and I'm ...

Christmas Craft Tutorial: Rustic Wood Slice Ornaments

12/16/2016 16:09:00 PM

Homemade ornaments are the best! I grew up making salt-dough ornaments with my siblings and those were always the favorite ornaments to hang on the tree.  We may have fought a little over who got to hang the cinnamon roll ornament every year ...

How to Ship a Watercolor Painting

12/14/2016 15:27:00 PM

Happy Holidays!How are you handling the lines at the Post Office?  The busy shipping season is in full swing and I've been spending a fare share of my time at the post office.  If you are shipping some art this season and are a little intimidated ...

Make Your Own Watercolor Business Cards!

11/22/2016 08:00:00 AM

The holiday season is upon us and if you are an Etsy seller or small business owner, you have been gearing up for this time of year for months!My business checklist for the holidays includes:Having a large inventory of paintings to purchase ...

Photos of the Week: Grove Creek Trail

11/21/2016 11:38:00 AM

Thanksgiving is almost here!!! Do you have your turkey ready?  I'm lucky this year. My very own mother is cooking the turkey for me. The fine fall weather has passed and it's cold now, but since I missed posting these hiking photos, I'm going ...

Holiday Home Decor Ideas: Decorate with Watercolor Winter Forest Paintings

11/18/2016 19:31:00 PM

We had our first snow of the season this week and it was magical! It got me in the mood to paint some winter forest scenes.Turns out, painting misty, snowy forests are addicting.  I painted three versions and I'm working on a watercolor tutorial ...

For the Love of Pumpkins

11/10/2016 16:41:00 PM

I've been busy painting more versions of my mint pumpkin.

Photos of the Week

11/07/2016 12:24:00 PM

Another beautiful week of beautiful weather, although, I wish it were more rainy or snowy here.

Fall Florals and Pumpkins

11/03/2016 13:23:00 PM

It's been a crazy fall! I just finished a huge licensing project which I'm not able to write about yet. It involves car illustrations and comes out next summer.

Photos of the Week

10/31/2016 14:36:00 PM

Happy Halloween!My life feels like it is playing in fast-forward mode right now, but I did take some time for a nice walk one day last week.

Floral Watercolors

10/25/2016 14:09:00 PM

I know it's fall and I should be painting things like pumpkins and leaves, but I just can't kick the florals.

Washi Tape Gallery Wall

10/20/2016 16:52:00 PM

I'll admit it. I

Watercolor Night Sky Tutorials

10/18/2016 10:23:00 AM

Ready for some dreamy starry nights?I've been working on these watercolor night sky paintings and tutorials to go with them for several weeks and today the watercolor tutorials are up on the Craftsy Blog.

Photos of the Week

10/17/2016 14:38:00 PM

House of Blue

10/14/2016 18:24:00 PM

Over the past year I've been painting lots of things in my house blue cause, who doesn't love blue?!I have one blue accent wall and now I'm adding in some blue furniture.

Photos of the Week

10/10/2016 17:29:00 PM

New art materials and some experiments

10/06/2016 14:54:00 PM

I love playing with new art materials! Recently I've tried Fabriano Watercolor Paper (kinda flimsy, but good for practice work), a new round brush with a pointy tip, and some white gouache.I've never used gouache before, but I always wanted ...

Photos of the Week

10/03/2016 15:13:00 PM

Just a few photos from our adventures last week in the cool, misty mountains.Sometimes, I'm really grateful that vacations do not go as planned.

A Starry Sky and Painted Leaves

09/28/2016 09:00:00 AM

This is what's on my desk this week.......My starry night sky landscape is a practice piece for a Craftsy tutorial I'm working on. I'm using salt and rubbing alcohol on top of the watercolor paint to create texture. Fun stuff!And the watercolor ...

Photos of the Week

09/26/2016 14:51:00 PM

Fall has the best color of the year.

Fall Forest Landscape

09/21/2016 19:27:00 PM

The leaves have changed in the mountains here and it's gotten me in the mood to paint some fall forest scenes! I've got a lot to improve in the landscape department, but this, I feel, is a good start. My painting doesn't look much like the photo ...

Photos of the Week

09/19/2016 08:30:00 AM

Another adventure to a local waterfall.

A Look at my Sketchbook

09/16/2016 10:10:00 AM

I'm filing the pages of my sketchbook with vintage cars!I used to have a thing for Volkswagen Bugs and old tractors.

Green Cactus Paintings

09/14/2016 18:31:00 PM

My love of painting cactus continues.............I've been trying out different methods of painting these prickly plants.

Photos of the Week

09/12/2016 08:00:00 AM

The leaves changed way way early this year.

Motherhood and Art

09/08/2016 13:35:00 PM

My son and I had a painting session out on our porch one beautiful day.

Photos of the Week

09/06/2016 13:54:00 PM

Good beautiful day from the land of the lake!I have family in town this week for the arrival of my new nephew! New babies are so special and I feel so blessed to be an aunt as well as a mother.

Photographing Pears

09/01/2016 21:00:00 PM

Mmmmmmmm............pears!My little family went fruit picking a few weeks ago and while we didn't actually pick these pears, we still obtained them from a farm.

Watercolor Beach Landscape

08/31/2016 16:05:00 PM

Hi there! I'm still here!Life got busy this week so I didn't get as many posts together, but I still have this little beach landscape in watercolor to share.

How to Paint a Watermelon Slice

08/27/2016 12:36:00 PM

Happy Saturday!Are you tired of watermelon yet? I started eating it in May this year, but I could eat it all year long. Plus it's fun to paint :)So, I have a fun watercolor watermelon tutorial for all you watercolor painters over at the Craftsy ...

Watercolors in Yellows and Greens

08/25/2016 08:00:00 AM

I don't usually paint with yellow.

The Artist in the Art Room

08/23/2016 08:56:00 AM

Hi there!I'm being brave today and showing you some of my creative world.................... with me in it!I don't do this very often because I'd rather be photographing nature, watercolor paintings, or my cute kid than myself, so here ya g ...

Photos of the Week

08/22/2016 16:24:00 PM

This is how we spent our last week of freedom!We went to an aviary, took a small paddle boat out on a scummy pond, went swimming with my sister, went peach-picking, visited family, and spent some quality time at a beautiful park.

Boho Watercolor Teepee

08/19/2016 16:39:00 PM

My art room is a mess right now. That's a sure sign that a lot of creative things have been happening in there!Like this Boho Watercolor Teepee with flowers on top.

Party Decor: Cardboard Cactus Tutorial

08/16/2016 08:00:00 AM

Who loves the cactus trend?

Photos of the Week

08/15/2016 12:37:00 PM

Portraits and Florals

08/10/2016 15:00:00 PM

I've been painting lots of custom portraits this summer! Some have taken a lot of work and some