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Unmasking Confidential Informants: Exceptions to the Informer Privilege

10/19/2016 07:04:23 AM

Federal Prosecution of Child Porn Cases

10/12/2016 21:39:56 PM

Backpage Bust: Promoting Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

10/09/2016 22:25:14 PM

How to request your DWI arrest video in Texas

10/07/2016 09:40:44 AM

When Clowning Around Becomes Criminal

10/05/2016 17:16:09 PM

Failure to Appear: What Happens if You Don’t Show Up for Court

10/03/2016 20:07:37 PM

Warrants for Possible Future Crimes: The Use of Anticipatory Search Warrants

09/28/2016 14:47:06 PM

Courtroom Etiquette 101: The Do’s and Don’t of the Courtroom

09/23/2016 14:17:03 PM

How Low-Level Federal Drug Charges Can Lead to Massive Sentences

09/21/2016 14:51:01 PM

Where will a federal crime be prosecuted?

09/19/2016 11:51:11 AM

Varghese tells 60 new Americans about own journey to citizenship

09/13/2016 08:57:23 AM

Felony Family Violence Cases

09/08/2016 06:23:59 AM

Can you predict a verdict based on the length of jury deliberations?

08/31/2016 19:15:04 PM

Steve Jumes Testifies Before Lawmakers on Asset Forfeiture Reform in Texas

08/24/2016 18:13:59 PM

Restoring Gun Rights in Texas after a Felony or Family Violence Conviction

08/16/2016 10:59:29 AM

Can you get a nondisclosure after straight probation in Texas?

07/30/2016 23:50:23 PM

Can you seal your criminal record after going to jail in Texas?

07/26/2016 13:18:11 PM

Driving While Intoxicated and Involuntary Intoxication

07/14/2016 22:52:10 PM

“Sudden Passion” Murder Cases in Texas

07/05/2016 16:35:40 PM

Supreme Court on Gun Rights after Domestic Violence Convictions | Voisine v. United States

06/28/2016 20:12:57 PM

Castle Doctrine in Texas | Castle Law in Texas

06/25/2016 13:51:49 PM

Boating While Intoxicated in Texas

06/22/2016 20:31:43 PM

Sotomayor’s Dissent in Utah v. Strieff Takes Center Stage as Supreme Court Weakens Fourth Amendment

06/21/2016 07:32:18 AM

Will the wife of the Orlando Shooter’ Face Federal Criminal Charges for Misprison?

06/15/2016 19:51:19 PM

Texas Supreme Court Calls Civil Asset Forfeiture a “Remedy” instead of “Punishment” Skirting Constitution

06/12/2016 15:53:10 PM

Re-presentment to Grand Jury: Can a Prosecutor Present a Case to a Grand Jury Again after a No-Bill?

06/09/2016 08:56:49 AM

Texas CHL (now License to Carry) Requirements

06/03/2016 23:35:10 PM

Petitions for Nondisclosure of Criminal Records in Texas

05/31/2016 19:14:10 PM

Fort Worth DWI Arrests

05/22/2016 17:01:02 PM

What is Assault by Choking or Impeding Breath or Strangulation in Texas?

05/21/2016 23:03:21 PM

Can you get a nondisclosure in Texas?

05/17/2016 13:21:46 PM

Letty’s Opinion of Steve Jumes

05/17/2016 13:20:06 PM

What is the innocent owner defense to asset forfeitures?

05/17/2016 13:18:39 PM

Should you take a polygraph?

05/17/2016 13:16:17 PM

First time criminal offenses

05/17/2016 13:14:28 PM

Felony DWIs in Texas

05/17/2016 13:12:56 PM