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Ferald and Birzy

09/26/2014 08:30:10 AM

On a quiet and clear day, you can hear the song of a whippoorwill echoing throughout Woodzley, from

Ferald's Hollow Log House

09/26/2014 08:25:32 AM

It sits on top of a small hill, designed and built by his own two hands, looking out over Woodzley like the eyes of nature, it's Ferald's beloved Hollow Log House. When Ferald first came to Woodzley when he was just a baby ferret. He grew up ...

Ferald's Little Cousins

08/03/2014 21:48:03 PM

It looks like it's going to be a busy day for Ferald. He's taking care of his little cousins Fe, Fi and Fo. Three soft bundles dressed in diapers, that's being held up by tiny suspenders.

Ferald Comic Book Pages

12/10/2013 06:04:55 AM

Birzy and Wormzy

10/10/2013 14:54:03 PM

Birzy and Wormzy are not your typical good friends. You see, Birzy wants to find and eat a worm. But he doesn't quite know what a worm looks like. And Wormzy, he wants to avoid being eaten by a bird (a whippoorwill if you will), but he doesn't ...

Pozzum Hanging Upside Down

10/10/2013 14:10:38 PM

There's a tree that sits in the middle of Woodzley. It's not a very wide tree nor is it very tall. It doesn't even have many leaves on it and it's kind of small. But none of that really matters to Pozzum, she loves it just the same. There's ...

Ferald and Mizz Ladybug

09/25/2013 18:15:41 PM

Her name is Mizz Ladybug, and the sea of sunflowers that stretches clear across an entire field, all belongs to her. She attends to and nurses every single sunflower on her arable land. She is the Queen and there is no King...this is where she ...

Ferald Sleepwalking

09/25/2013 18:06:22 PM

Every so often, when Ferald is bored and lacking the attention that an upbeat and unruly ferret needs. He would scurry out of his hollow log house and into the night. He enjoyed pretending that he was sleepwalking to draw some attention to himself. ...


09/15/2013 01:33:29 AM

Throughout the known galaxy there is a race of aliens, who have dedicated their life to studying the various emotions in other beings. For it is Qwiby who will venture to Earth to study the creatures of our planet. And he will start with a small ...

Ferald Drawing By The Waterfall

09/05/2013 19:43:52 PM

There's a time when the creative spirit takes over, and you enter into a place where you want to get into yourself. Let ideas flows, and create something fanciful that only you can claim to be you own. For Ferald, this place lies just beyond ...

Ferald Crying

12/26/2012 23:53:55 PM

A tragedy has happen here tonight. There is evidence of it all over the ground. Pieces and bits of bark that once made up the walls of Ferald's beloved Hollow Log House is all that remains. Unbeknown to Ferald, while he was out and about, someone ...

Ferald and The Evil Butterflies

12/14/2012 13:36:19 PM

From afar, they look like the beautiful insects that we have come to know butterflies to be. Do not trust your eyesight just yet. For these butterflies had their legs plucked from them, doomed to forever flutter about and never land. When they ...

Ferald and Qwiby

11/25/2012 04:58:52 AM

He descends down from the night's sky like a falling star. With him, he brings incalculable knowledge of the universe. His kind has studied millions of galaxies, billions of planets and trillions of various beings throughout their travels. His ...

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