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An upbeat and unruly blog consisting of Ferald characters and short stories created by Keith Williams.
Added: December 18, 2009
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Ferald and Birzy

On a quiet and clear day, you can hear the song of a whippoorwill echoing throughout Woodzley, from

Ferald's Hollow Log House

It sits on top of a small hill, designed and built by his own two hands, looking out over Woodzley like the eyes of nature, it's Ferald's beloved Hollow Log House. When Ferald first came to Woodzley when he was just a baby ferret. He grew up ...

Ferald's Little Cousins

It looks like it's going to be a busy day for Ferald. He's taking care of his little cousins Fe, Fi and Fo. Three soft bundles dressed in diapers, that's being held up by tiny suspenders.

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