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Grim Geometry

08/16/2016 02:40:00 AM

Grim Geometry by Doodle DojoSkull t-shirts are one of the most classic designs around. I figure everyone has to have at least one. So this is my version. Drawn using only straight lines to give a more technical, angular feel.Only $20.00 at ...

Calcifer's Café

04/23/2016 06:07:00 AM

Calcifer's Café by Doodle DojoCalcifer is a powerful fire demon and a bit of an expert when it comes to frying up some breakfast and he still has enough energy left to move a whole castle. He doesn't always sound as though he's enjoying it, ...

Kylo's Anger Management

04/14/2016 13:44:00 PM

Kylo's Anger Management by Doodle DojoMost of us find it hard to control our emotions from time to time. If your anger gets in the way of your relationships with family and friends, maybe its time to change. Take the first step by getting some ...

Unkar's Space Muffins

03/26/2016 07:26:00 AM

Unkar's Space Muffins by Doodle DojoTasty, nutritious, and cheap! Get to Unkar's Trading Post and exchange whatever you manage to scavenge for your next helping of Space Muffins. (Just add water)Good food is hard to come by. Especially if you ...

Wampa Wonderland

03/20/2016 06:23:00 AM

Wampa Wonderland by Doodle DojoLightsabers hum, are you listening?Down on Hoth, snow is glistening.A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight,Walking in a wampa wonderland!Nothing says its going to be a good winter in quite the same way as a happy ...

There at the Start

12/05/2015 10:01:00 AM

There at the Start by Doodle Dojo25th of May 1977 was a day that changed a whole lot of lives. The day that Star Wars was first shown to the world. The day that the saga began.Show these youngsters that you were one of the ones that was there ...

Angry Doctor

11/25/2015 11:58:00 AM

Angry Doctor by Doodle DojoAngry Doctor,Mad Doctor, big ball of hair, northern Doctor, sad Doctor, wishing Rose was there.Inspired by the soft kitty rhyme from Big Bang Theory, with a bit of re-arranging to make it more Doctor Who-ish. I'm pretty ...

Ned's Christmas

11/24/2015 14:37:00 PM

Ned's Christmas by Doodle DojoNed the Robot is getting ready for Christmas!Only £17.51

Ned's Blocks

11/21/2015 07:18:00 AM

Ned's Blocks

Droid Bar

07/23/2015 15:07:00 PM

Droid Bar by Doodle DojoThere are some hives of scum and villainy where they don't serve 'their kind'. That's not how it is in the Mos Eisley Droid Bar, they extend a warm welcome to all kinds. Need a recharge? An oil bath? Maybe a top-up of ...

Ned the Time Traveller (1985)

06/19/2015 15:02:00 PM

Ned the Time Traveller (1985) by Doodle DojoNed the Robot likes to dress up now and then. He likes travelling in time too and this time he’s leaving 2015 to go all the way to 1985 with his hoverboard. Let’s just hope he can get back!

Not Mad!

06/18/2015 04:49:00 AM

Not Mad by Doodle DojoImperator Furiosa isn't mad. Not like that Max guy anyway. She's just really, really angry.This typography design was inspired by one of the best action films for a long time, Mad Max - Fury Road. It turns out it was worth ...

Wafer Thin Mints

05/22/2015 05:31:00 AM

Wafer Thin Mints by Doodle DojoOh go on sir! It is only a wafer thin mint.Look. I couldn’t eat another thing. I’m absolutely stuffed. Bugger off.Mr. Creosote is one of those characters that, once you see him, stays with you forever. I don't ...

Call Me Captain!

05/06/2015 14:30:00 PM

Call Me Captain! by Doodle DojoHe who turns and runs away can steal the treasure another day!I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli films and one of my favourites is Laputa: Castle in the Sky. So I thought it was about time I did a design inspired by ...

You're a Wizard Ned!

04/24/2015 14:51:00 PM

You're a Wizard Ned

Calrissian Gas Mining

04/10/2015 12:34:00 PM

Calrissian Gas Mining by Doodle DojoThere’s no-one more trustworthy than Calrissian Gas Mining. Truly, they belong among the clouds.I've got a bit of a thing for star wars inspired typography logos. I like to think that anyone who runs a business ...

Ned the Time Traveller (11)

03/27/2015 17:13:00 PM

Ned the Time Traveller (11) by Doodle DojoNed the Robot likes to dress up now and then. He’s always wanted to travel in time and space. And he loves a fez, apparently fezzes are cool. And so are bow ties.Any whovians you know are sure to love ...

Ned's Flower

03/17/2015 17:07:00 PM

Ned's Flower by Doodle DojoNed the robot finds a flower. Its a pretty cute flower, but then Ned's a pretty cute robot too.Only £17.00 at EtsySee size, colour and style options on the

Mad Maxfink

02/20/2015 14:29:00 PM

Mad Maxfink by Doodle DojoMax Rockatansky, driving through the outback in his V8 Interceptor, looking for injustice and righting wrongs. Keep it up long enough and it would drive anyone mad.A tribute to a classic movie series and a classic artist. ...

G.M. Tarkin Engineering & Construction

01/21/2015 10:47:00 AM

G.M. Tarkin Engineering & Construction by Doodle DojoIf you need large scale engineering & construction done to the highest possible standards and delivered on time you need G.M. Tarkin. No-one else gets results like the Grand Moff!A tribute ...

Aspen or Bust!

11/21/2014 15:15:00 PM

Aspen or Bust by Doodle DojoWe're going someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen!Harry and Lloyd, hitting the ...

Fried Gold

10/31/2014 16:28:00 PM

Fried Gold by Doodle DojoA nice cold refreshing pint. Just the thing for when you've been killing time with your family, trying to rescue your relationship and just generally saving the world from the undead.Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's movie ...

Alien Agents

10/10/2014 14:53:00 PM

Alien Agents by Doodle DojoJust before dinner, probably on a Thursday afternoon, the dead will rise up for a nice hot cup of tea. And maybe a biscuit as well?Inspired by the imaginary (and terrifying) next instalment of George A. Romero's classic ...

Tea Time of the Living Dead

09/26/2014 13:46:00 PM

Tea Time of the Living Dead by Doodle DojoJust before dinner, probably on a Thursday afternoon, the dead will rise up for a nice hot cup of tea. And maybe a biscuit as well?Inspired by the imaginary (and terrifying) next instalment of George ...

I Am and We Are

09/19/2014 14:13:00 PM

I Am and We Are by Doodle DojoI think we were all Groot after that scene. Guardians of the Galaxy is the best film of 2014 by far and this design was inspired by its biggest hero. Put yourself in a tree hugging mood!Only £17.24See size, colour ...

Protective Clothing Must be Worn

08/15/2014 10:21:00 AM

Protective Clothing Must be Worn by Doodle DojoIn a safety conscious world it pays to keep your protective clothing on at all times. And of course, only the very best suit will do.Inspired by Tony Stark's Iron Man Suit as seen in all those awesome ...

You're My Precious!

07/21/2014 07:47:00 AM

You're My Precious! by Doodle DojoSome people are more precious to you than others. Don't forget to take the opportunity to let them know. Gollum certainly wouldn't!Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

McFly & Brown Blacksmiths

06/25/2014 13:44:00 PM

McFly & Brown Blacksmiths by Doodle DojoThe best Blacksmiths of all time. We repair anything from telescopes to trains. Timepieces a speciality.Inspired by one of my favourite sci-fi movies, Back to the Future.Only £17.24 at Redbubble& $19.95 ...

Save All Your Kisses For Me

06/02/2014 12:45:00 PM

Save All Your Kisses For Me by Doodle DojoSome people just deserve a big old kiss, its the only way to show your true feelings.The Dementors of Azkaban may not be know for romance, but they are famous for the power of their kisses.Only £17.24See ...

Antilles School of Flying

05/09/2014 13:49:00 PM

Antilles School of Flying by Doodle DojoDo you want to learn how to bullseye Womp Rats or navigate through the smallest tunnels? You’ll learn all this and more at the Wedges Antilles School of Flying.The third best pilot in the whole of the ...

King of Mutants (Magneto)

04/30/2014 14:11:00 PM

King of Mutants (Magneto) by Doodle DojoThere's no other choice for King of the Mutants. Is there?Inspired by the X-men, especially the movie Days of Future Past.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

King of Mutants (Xavier)

04/30/2014 13:58:00 PM

King of Mutants (Xavier) by Doodle DojoDefinitely the King. Who else could it be?Inspired by the X-men, especially the movie Days of Future Past.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

Mint Cornetto?

04/15/2014 13:53:00 PM

Mint Cornetto? by Doodle DojoWe wanna be free, to do what we wanna do! And we wanna get loaded and have a good time!Sometimes reunions can take unexpected turns.Inspired by part 3 of Simon Pegg's Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, The World's ...

Forged in the Heart of Stars

03/26/2014 16:49:00 PM

Forged in the Heart of Stars by Doodle DojoOne of my favourite ever science facts. All the atoms (except the hydrogen and helium) that make up you, me and everything else are created in the heart of stars. I don’t think there is anything more ...

Bicycle Repairman

03/10/2014 15:39:00 PM

Bicycle Repairman by Doodle DojoIs it a Stockbroker?Is it a Quantity Surveyor?Is it a Church Warden?No! It’s BICYCLE REPAIR MAN!Inspired by the Monty Python Sketch, Bicycle Repair Man.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

Gaming DNA

02/24/2014 14:07:00 PM

Gaming DNA by Doodle DojoGaming isn't just in the blood...Classic games are a part of us. And there's no game more classic than Tetris.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

A Free Elf

02/13/2014 13:50:00 PM

A Free Elf by Doodle DojoDobby is a free elf!Inspired by Alberto Korda's iconic photograph Guerrillero Heroico and Harry Potter's good friend Dobby the House Elf.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

Cyberpop Evolution

02/03/2014 14:36:00 PM

Cyberpop Evolution by Doodle DojoCybermen just look so drab sometimes. Its time for an Andy Warhol style pop art makeover.Inspired by the classic Doctor Who villain. Showing the complete evolution of the cybermen, from 1966 right up to the present ...

A Special Hug

01/23/2014 13:42:00 PM

A Special Hug by Doodle DojoIts that special time of year, Valentines Day is coming! Sometimes you just need to send someone a special hug, to show how much you care.Inspired by the facehugger from the Alien movies, as first imagined by H.R, ...

Alas Poor Handles!

01/10/2014 13:35:00 PM

Alas Poor Handles! by Doodle DojoI knew him, Oswin; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! Handles was the eleventh Doctor's companion ...

Murtaugh & Riggs Demolition

12/17/2013 15:48:00 PM

Murtaugh & Riggs Demolition by Doodle DojoIf you want something destroyed, boats, cars, buildings, even whole city blocks, call in the experts.Inspired by the Lethal Weapon movies with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.Only £17.24See size, colour ...

RoboSanta 2000

12/07/2013 16:56:00 PM

RoboSanta 2000

Appetite for Mystery

11/29/2013 14:41:00 PM

Appetite for Mystery by Doodle DojoSome people have an obsession with mystery. Those meddling kids just can’t help themselves from investigating strange occurrences.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

Vitruvian Jaeger

11/13/2013 16:30:00 PM

Vitruvian Jaeger by Doodle DojoGiant fighting robots need to have perfect proportions too. Just ask Leonardo da Vinci.Inspired by Pacific Rim and Leonard da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.Only £17.24 on Redbubble or$20 on TeepublicSee size, colour and ...

Easy Spider

11/04/2013 13:55:00 PM

Easy Spider by Doodle DojoA spider went looking for America. And couldn’t find it anywhere…Inspired by the classic 60s road movie Easy Rider and a ridiculous pun.Only £17.24See size, colour and style options on the

Mission to Isengard

10/17/2013 15:33:00 PM

Mission to Isengard by Doodle DojoThey’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!Inspired by NASA mission patches. This is the patch for the Uruk-Hai raiders that captured Merry and Pippin in the Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers.Only £17.24See ...

Camelot Dogs

09/22/2013 09:45:00 AM

Camelot Dogs by Doodle DojoOn second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.Arthur, King of the Britons, and his Knights continue their quest for the holy grail.Inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail with an added dash of ...

O'Houlihan's 5D Program

09/11/2013 15:28:00 PM

O'Houlihan's 5D Training Program by Doodle DojoTry out Patches O’Houlihan’s 5D Training Program and you’ll start seeing immediate results.

The Sandwich Maker

08/28/2013 15:21:00 PM

The Sandwich Maker by Doodle DojoJuicy roast perfectly normal beast, fresh soft sliced bread. Your sandwich, your way.Arthur Dent makes the best sandwiches in the whole of sector ZZ9 plural Z alpha.Inspired by the last of Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers ...