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Added: August 26, 2011
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Grim Geometry

Grim Geometry by Doodle DojoSkull t-shirts are one of the most classic designs around. I figure everyone has to have at least one. So this is my version. Drawn using only straight lines to give a more technical, angular feel.Only $20.00 at ...

Calcifer's Café

Calcifer's Café by Doodle DojoCalcifer is a powerful fire demon and a bit of an expert when it comes to frying up some breakfast and he still has enough energy left to move a whole castle. He doesn't always sound as though he's enjoying it, ...

Kylo's Anger Management

Kylo's Anger Management by Doodle DojoMost of us find it hard to control our emotions from time to time. If your anger gets in the way of your relationships with family and friends, maybe its time to change. Take the first step by getting some ...

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