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Guest Post from E. E. Borton Author of the Post Apocalyptic Book Series Without

01/03/2017 12:35:14 PM

This guest post is by E. E. Borton, author of the post apocalyptic book series Without. I was excited to hear from E. E. Borton since the Without Series tells the story about the devastation following an geomagnetic storm that permanently ...

Guest Post From Emily at The Road Virus

12/24/2016 08:51:29 AM

I’m excited to introduce our next guest post from Emily at The Road Virus. Emily contacted me in regards to a very cool project that her and a friend are starting and I was instantly interested in the concept. The Road Virus is on … ...

Guest Post by Danny Stevenson Post Apocalyptic Model Maker and Tabletop Wargamer

12/01/2016 19:30:33 PM

This guest post is from Danny Stevenson, the founder of the Post Apoc Wargames Forum, a post apocalyptic model maker and wargamer. Danny posted a comment on Twitter in response to Evan T Pickering’s guest post, describing how he related ...

Guest Post from Evan T Pickering Author of Hood

11/23/2016 14:09:55 PM

This guest post is from Evan T. Pickering, author of the post-apocalyptic novel Hood: American Rebirth Series Book 1. Evan skillfully shares a profound personal experience with us. He shows us how this experience has influenced him and how ...

Guest Post from Ron Welch Author of

11/12/2016 10:07:38 AM

This next guest post is from Ron Welch, blogger and author at . Ron is a purveyor of all things wasteland. That is, to say he is a sort of aficionado of a fictional post apocalyptic, post nuclear war Earth. … Continue reading ...

The Walking Dead Season 7

11/06/2016 07:42:20 AM

Going into the third episode of The Walking Dead Season 7, most fans of the show are aware of the deaths of some fairly significant characters. I won’t go into any specific details just in case you haven’t seen the … Continue readin

The Terminator

10/30/2016 19:41:43 PM

It’s odd that I haven’t mentioned The Terminator on this site before. It was one of the first end of the world movies to capture my imagination. In many ways, the movie and the concept really sparked the genesis of my … Continue re

Guest Post from Chad A. Clark Author of Behind our Walls

10/26/2016 21:20:08 PM

This guest post is by Chad A. Clark, author of the end of the world novel Behind Our Walls. It’s fascinating and encouraging to see some of the influences that inspire people to write books. Growing up in the 80’s, … Continue reading ...

Guest Post from M.L. Cain Author of Dead Salvage Series

10/24/2016 17:56:35 PM

Our latest guest post is from M.L. Cain, author of the post apocalyptic book series Dead Salvage of which the first book called Mourning is now available. M.L. Cain told me that he wrote this on his phone which I … Continue reading → The ...

Addiction and the Apocalypse

10/21/2016 17:39:53 PM

After watching the first season of Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) again, it occurred to me that we rarely see any type of substantial fictional exploration of addiction and the apocalypse. As you may or may not know, depending on whether you ...

Guest Post From E. Rachael Hardcastle Author of the Aeon Infinitum Series

10/20/2016 19:33:12 PM

This guest post is from E. Rachael Hardcastle, author of the post apocalyptic book series Aeon Infinitum. E. Rachael Hardcastle offers us some great insight into her motivation and inspiration for writing. It’s very encouraging to see that ...

Guest Post from Michael Poeltl Author of An Angry Earth

10/19/2016 18:24:44 PM

This next guest post is from Michael Poeltl, author of the apocalyptic book series The Judas Syndrome Trilogy and more recently, a picture book called An Angry Earth. These guest posts are even more fascinating than I anticipated as we get ...

Guest Post C. Chase Harwood Author Of Sudden Origin

10/17/2016 15:58:55 PM

Our next guest post comes from C. Chase Harwood, author of the Of Sudden Origin Saga. In his apocalyptic book series C. Chase Harwood introduces us to his own action packed interpretation of the zombie apocalypse. Thank you C. Chase Harwood ...

Guest Post Raymond Dean White Author of The Dying Time Impact

10/16/2016 18:58:09 PM

Our first guest post comes from Raymond Dean White, author of The Dying Time: Impact. His apocalyptic book explores one of my favorite end of the world scenarios – a large asteroid impact! He offers us a brief synopsis of his … Continue ...

October Surprise

10/15/2016 21:25:52 PM

Doom is in the air this fall. Wait…wasn’t it in the air last year?…and the year before that? It seems as though Autumn is the “doom” time of year. Perhaps humans have coexisted with the rise and fall of seasons … C

Calling All Apocalyptic Bloggers, Writers and Enthusiasts!

10/13/2016 19:24:13 PM

Calling all apocalyptic bloggers and writers! Doomers unite! Write a guest post for us about your favorite apocalyptic fiction and we will add you to our blogroll and you can post all of your contact and website information along with … C ...

Divide and Conquer

10/08/2016 20:38:38 PM

Divide and conquer. An organization of any type is greatly weakened when it is divided. When a group of people, whatever size, does not share a common goal, cohesiveness is lost. Logically, an enemy seeks to further divide such a group … ...

Fear the Walking Dead

10/01/2016 17:38:26 PM

Some Walking Dead fans have been slow to warm up to the spin off Fear the Walking Dead that is now approaching the end of its second season. After all, how many countless hours have we logged following Rick and his … Continue reading → ...


06/23/2015 20:12:53 PM

“The Fire is coming! Get to the shelter!” The basement shelter vaguely resembles some places where I have lived but always expands into a much larger and more complex space. Looking through a small window, just above ground level, I  ...

It’s Not the End of the World Yet…

11/16/2014 18:12:57 PM

Well, it’s been a busy year and I wanted to write a quick post regarding my intention to resume activity on this site. I’ve been preoccupied with a couple of other projects and just ‘staying afloat’, in general, but I …

All Roads Lead to Terminus

04/07/2014 19:54:15 PM

Follow the yellow…err…corpse littered railroad tracks to Terminus. Our ragtag group of exhausted survivors carry on down the tracks in the final episodes of Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Is Terminus real? Is it a trap? We get some …

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Still

03/03/2014 17:27:23 PM

In The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 titled ‘Still’ we are reminded of the terror and hopelessness that is the zombie apocalypse as Daryl and Beth hide in the trunk of a car for days while a herd of … Continue reading →The

The Walking Dead Season 4 Claimed

02/28/2014 19:39:42 PM

We are briefly introduced to two new groups of survivors in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 titled Claimed. Unfortunately, none of the new characters are among the most civilized or intelligent human beings. With no fence for protection, ...

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episodes 9 and 10

02/19/2014 15:21:14 PM

Forced to abandon the relative safety of their prison home and separated during the chaos and destruction following the Governor’s attack, small, fragmented groups of survivors struggle to find hope and safety in the second half of the 4th ...

Voyage of the Dead

01/23/2014 19:00:33 PM

If you had unlimited money and resources to prepare for the zombie apocalypse you might be lucky enough to have a setup like the protagonist does in the apocalyptic book Voyage of the Dead, book one in the Sovereign Spirit … Continue reading ...

The Walking Dead Season 4 Dead Weight

11/25/2013 19:33:17 PM

Apparently redemption is not in store for The Governor In the seventh episode of The Walking Dead Season 4. These last 2 episodes have been interesting and enjoyable as we take a break from the prison scene and give Rick … Continue reading ...

The Walking Dead Season 4

11/04/2013 10:37:33 AM

Our ragtag group of survivors isn’t doing well so far in The Walking Dead Season 4. A flu-type virus is wreaking havoc on the prison community, killing off people in droves. Talk about bad luck. Survive over a year into … Continue readi ...

Days With the Undead

09/05/2013 10:25:41 AM

Written from a uniquely Canadian perspective, Days With the Undead, an apocalyptic book by Julianne Snow follows a crew of survivors as they travel around North America in order to escape the zombie apocalypse. The pandemic rapidly spreads from ...

Apocalypse Z

09/01/2013 12:09:58 PM

Originally written in Spanish by Manel Loureiro, Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End vastly exceeds all expectations that one may have for a zombie apocalypse novel. Apocalypse Z is a harrowing story about a man and his cat Lucullus … ...


08/28/2013 20:53:32 PM

The world is on the verge of a new ice age in Jacqueline Druga’s blockbuster apocalyptic thriller Torn. Torn is entertaining apocalyptic novel with a great sense of humor, however some of the events and the fact that these events … Cont ...

After the Storm

08/20/2013 17:16:07 PM

An asteroid collision has destroyed civilization as we know it, killing 95% of the world’s population in Don Chase’s post apocalyptic novel After the Storm Book One: Menotomy. A group of survivors, at its core lifelong friends, have bui ...

Under the Dome TV Series

08/15/2013 19:25:39 PM

The television rendition of Stephen King’s Under the Dome has been a highlight to my recent summertime entertainment schedule. Having built up a decent collection of episodes on the DVR, I dove in this last weekend to catch up on … Cont ...