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Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves release new single, “Ramblin”

10/21/2015 09:51:31 AM

Denver’s SkyLaw release “Wait For Me” music video

10/16/2015 16:02:19 PM

Monday Justice “Dance and Fall In Love” from forthcoming MONDAY album

10/05/2015 12:10:01 PM

World Renowned Recording Artist Chris De Burgh Continues North American Tour with Three Concerts in California

10/02/2015 08:47:28 AM

Kasket Club release “King of Cool and the Acrobat” EP

09/24/2015 14:01:24 PM

A&M Entertainment now AMW, announces launch of branding services

09/22/2015 17:50:36 PM

Young Futura Introduction: New Single “Gypsy Women”

09/18/2015 14:26:30 PM

Exciting News: AMW now offer financing through PayPal Credit

09/16/2015 13:59:22 PM

Elline Releases New Single “Smoke + Mirrors”

09/12/2015 17:06:08 PM

B3D Presents “Higher” feat. Isa

08/28/2015 16:39:00 PM

The Avid Light to Release New Modern Rock Album

08/27/2015 13:06:32 PM

Chris De Burgh Continues Long-Awaited North America Tour with Three Live Concerts in California

08/24/2015 18:20:44 PM

Bobby Nelson “The World Is Yours”

08/20/2015 12:09:58 PM

Oliver Clark presents Atomic Thrust

08/13/2015 17:09:29 PM

Check out debut single from SkyLaw; “Into The Light”

07/31/2015 09:31:30 AM

Nusiki’s fan-to-fan song sharing app is the ‘Instagram of Music’

07/22/2015 14:02:03 PM

Brooke Adams Announces Release Date for New Single; “Still Fighting”

07/10/2015 10:38:39 AM

Sky Law’s Reve Kalell drops ‘Feel It’ music video

06/25/2015 17:11:55 PM

Cavaro releases Second Chance single featuring Dominique

06/23/2015 10:34:35 AM

Keetria sits down with Benchmark to discuss PR/Marketing

06/16/2015 23:00:40 PM

Sheryl B Marymount announces debut album; Complicated Needs now on iTunes

06/03/2015 16:49:36 PM

Rocsi Available for Speaking & Hosting Engagements

05/20/2015 10:14:08 AM

A&M Entertainment Named Top Music PR Agency by 10 Best PR

04/01/2015 23:00:18 PM

Honing in on Necessity: Do I Really have to have the latest Gadget?

03/16/2015 18:25:49 PM

SXSW 2015 Watchlist: Top Events to Look out For

03/13/2015 20:37:08 PM

Hard French to Celebrate 5 Years: “Higher and Higher” featuring Spinderella on May 16th

03/11/2015 15:12:59 PM

MC Lyte speaks to students at Prairie View A&M University

02/27/2015 17:42:40 PM

Vietnam War Veteran and Author Michael McCormick shares his war experience in novel, Across The Pond

02/20/2015 16:22:59 PM

SplitMoonArts announces Crowdfunding campaign for exciting new Muslim Superhero

02/17/2015 12:42:12 PM

Jim Jinelli announces “Elvis: A Concert Experience” tribute dates

01/29/2015 15:06:21 PM

Amy Kress showcases hidden talent with “Secret Music”

01/13/2015 12:31:19 PM

New York rockers Rony’s Insomnia Announce ‘Count to Ten’ European tour

01/07/2015 10:32:39 AM

Amy Kress announces release date for “Secret Music” album

12/16/2014 17:35:10 PM

Serial entrepreneur and franchisor Donnie P announces new book, “How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese”

12/02/2014 16:15:51 PM

Come Back Alice to perform at Bear Creek Music & Art Festival

11/12/2014 20:30:01 PM

Amy Kress to perform at Westword Best of the West 6 Prelim #2

11/12/2014 20:23:14 PM

Industry Disruption of Mobile Payments; Apps Making Major Moves

10/29/2014 16:22:07 PM

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson announces “The Ride” album release

10/14/2014 11:50:48 AM

Musician Nature Ganganbaigal debuts Mongolian-themed solo album, “To Where Tengger Leads Me”

09/24/2014 15:53:26 PM

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jay Jacobson to debut new album, “The Ride” on October 14th

09/16/2014 11:15:55 AM

Philosopha debuts “Strong” music video and long-awaited “Too Dope” album

09/16/2014 11:14:06 AM

Musician Deane Nesbitt, Jr Announces New Album, Music in Search of a Movie

09/16/2014 08:46:51 AM

VH1’s Atlanta Exes Starlett Christina Johnson

09/09/2014 16:58:46 PM

Using Google Plus to Connect with your Audience

08/28/2014 14:37:12 PM

Toronto rapper K-Slick is back with new music: Rock Bottom and Crime Chronicles 2

08/28/2014 14:33:08 PM

New Beautiful Births documentary highlights another side of Pregnancy and Childbirth

08/20/2014 12:02:06 PM

How Streaming Radio has evolved to Benefit Indie Artists

08/07/2014 13:24:39 PM

F14 Life’s Abe readies The Prequel EP

07/29/2014 11:27:59 AM

Summer Software Guide; 5 Products to increase Productivity

07/22/2014 21:41:20 PM

Singer-songwriter Paulleo releases new single with music video

07/22/2014 10:31:42 AM

Chicago’s Philosopha drops All I Know single and music video

07/15/2014 10:03:49 AM

5 Effective Music PR Strategies

07/08/2014 21:51:40 PM

7 Helpful Online Marketing Resources for New Businesses

07/04/2014 10:27:01 AM

Akin releases “Harmony” single and music video from True Stories album

07/01/2014 10:09:34 AM

5 Must Do’s for Effective Brand building

06/25/2014 09:43:48 AM

How to Prep for the Launch of a New Product

06/18/2014 11:49:55 AM

Denver Music Label C.O.ID debut “That 303” single and music video

06/17/2014 09:47:09 AM

6 Ways to get your Social Media Audience to promote your Product

06/16/2014 08:50:25 AM

Canadian singer Akin release new single “Harmony” in time for the World Cup

06/13/2014 11:16:08 AM

Ugo Lord: How to Build Self Confidence

06/11/2014 15:25:06 PM

ABXCORE Launches Kickstarter for its Revolutionary Ab Workout Device

06/10/2014 14:11:13 PM

The Resurrection of Myspace and its Key Highlights

06/09/2014 17:13:59 PM

Top Five Productivity apps for the iPad

05/30/2014 10:30:11 AM

How to Use a Press Release to get your Project the Attention it Deserves

05/22/2014 09:19:11 AM

Youth Advocate and Speaker Ugo Lord to speak at Summer Business Institute

05/20/2014 10:20:08 AM

SoLo D Confirms Performance at Artist Under Pressure Fashion Festival

05/20/2014 09:12:51 AM

5 fun Places to visit while Vacationing in Las Vegas

05/15/2014 10:10:46 AM

Eastcoast Cally drops Partners In Crime 2 single and music video

05/13/2014 09:01:05 AM

The Hottest Tech Conferences of the Summer

05/08/2014 11:47:02 AM

Why you Need a Professional Social Media Profile like LinkedIn

05/07/2014 12:29:34 PM

Miami pop artist Carmen Skyy releases self-entitled EP

05/06/2014 13:25:16 PM

Hottest Tech Gadgets of the Spring 2014

05/02/2014 09:42:32 AM

7 Benefits of Having a great Sponsorship Proposal

05/01/2014 09:38:18 AM

New York production duo Weird HappYness release 10,000 Hours + album

04/29/2014 23:17:34 PM

Lyricist Malachite releases football-themed The Starting XI mixtape

04/29/2014 13:34:06 PM

Music Production Duo The HitList to Release Asylum Music Video

04/28/2014 09:32:47 AM

A Review of Ditto Music Label Services

04/23/2014 13:46:45 PM

The Advantages of Tumblr; The Blog Hosting Platform with many Benefits

04/19/2014 17:38:55 PM

Ugo Lord: When Your World Has Turned Upside Down

04/18/2014 15:28:05 PM

3 Top Productivity Apps for Busy Musicians

04/16/2014 20:04:49 PM

5 Things to Make Your Social Media Profile Attractive

04/14/2014 14:40:54 PM

Top Reads 2014; great books for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

04/08/2014 09:59:03 AM

5 fast Emerging Festivals for Indie Artists

04/04/2014 21:05:15 PM

3 Tips To help Enhance your Kickstarter Campaign

04/03/2014 13:29:16 PM

Ugo Lord: “Put Peer Pressure In Its Place”

04/02/2014 12:27:04 PM

The Science of YouTube: Reaching a large Audience with the Right Content

04/01/2014 14:00:56 PM

Weird Happyness Announces New Album, 10,000 Hours +

04/01/2014 11:13:55 AM

Jessica Domingo Performs Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

03/31/2014 21:47:31 PM

6 Reasons why you Need a Social Media Presence

03/31/2014 12:55:55 PM

Comedian Michael Smith to Perform at Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club

03/27/2014 18:46:21 PM

How to Sell your Music Online; Portals to get followers to Purchase

03/27/2014 12:56:22 PM

How Artists can Benefit from a Digital PR Campaign

03/26/2014 13:13:27 PM

Trevor the Trashman drops long awaited album, Hell Yeah I Want It All

03/25/2014 15:44:52 PM

Ugo Lord Talks “Creating the Momentum to Live Your Greatest Life”

03/20/2014 15:27:23 PM

Jessica Domingo Performs Kendrick Lamar Medley

03/17/2014 14:40:43 PM

Creating a Buzz for a Kickstarter Campaign + the Success of Pono

03/16/2014 21:17:54 PM

Jessica Domingo reveals new album, Just Vibe and upcoming performances

03/15/2014 13:01:34 PM

CIAA Basketball Tournament 2014 Highlights: DJ Suga Ray + TLC’s T-Boz

03/14/2014 16:18:05 PM

Carmen Skyy “Glitter” – Music Video

03/13/2014 15:55:53 PM

Ways to get more followers on Instagram

03/05/2014 22:36:26 PM