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Last Updated: 04/12/2023

Qualified doctors, registered nutritionists, and dietitians write the best diet and nutrition blogs. They provide reliable dieting and nutrition information. But the same diet won’t work for everyone. There are many ways to eat healthily. Whether you’re interested in paleo, vegetarian, plant-based, or weight-loss diets, you’ll find plenty of ideas to inspire you.

The 14 Best Diet & Nutrition Blogs

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List of the Top 14 Diet & Nutrition Blogs

Dr. Greger's Medical Nutrition Blog

Nonprofit, founded by Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM helps people access the latest nutritional research to prevent disease & promote wellness. They provide 2K+ videos, blogs & infographics with multilingual captions, plus social media content on the benefits of whole food plant-based diet for weight loss & longevity.

Nutrition Stripped

A wellness journey guided by a registered dietitian and wellness coach, McKel Kooienga. Nourish your body with plants and honor your physical, mental, and spiritual health with small daily habits that make you feel in tune with your overall health and well-being.

The Real Food Dietitians

Discover healthy comfort foods and meal prep tips at The Real Food Dietitians. Enjoy simple, real food recipes that are mostly gluten-free and customizable for special diets. Get delivered dietitian-approved wholesome recipe ideas like Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup or Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes right to your inbox!

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Nutrition Realm

Nutrition Realm offers simple, delicious recipes and nutrition facts to make healthy eating easy. Get tips on meal prep, low-carb diets, keto, and more. Made for busy families who want to eat right without spending hours in the kitchen. Every recipe takes 30 minutes or less with everyday ingredients.

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Nutriciously - Plant-Based Recipe Blog

Get simple, tasty plant-based recipes, vegan tips, free meal plans, and nutrition info to easily transition to a healthy lifestyle. This fun, friendly site makes going vegan doable for beginners with its realistic advice, budget meal ideas, course, and ebooks to ensure your success.

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Diet To Go

Diet-to-Go is your trusty guide to making weight loss fun and easy. You'll find tons of useful advice:

  • practical weight loss tips,
  • delicious recipes,
  • exercise ideas,
  • and more.

You'll also hear from everyday folks who've walked the same path and succeeded. Perfect for anyone who's set their sights on a healthier life and needs a little help. Enjoy a lighter approach to weight loss with Diet-to-Go.

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Andy The RD

Andy the RD's blog delivers simple, insightful nutrition advice from an accredited expert. It offers practical tips, from weight loss to diet-based disease management, suitable for anyone seeking to improve their health. A handy resource for nutrition facts, healthy recipes, and lifestyle choices.

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Dietarious Health and Fitness Blog

Dietarious guides on bodybuilding, dieting, and shedding pounds. It advises on fat burners, weight loss aids, and muscle enhancers. The blog serves fitness enthusiasts and those aiming to tone up or increase energy. Content covers fat-burning exercises and supplement reviews. Dietarious seeks to boost readers' health and fitness knowledge.

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Beyond Paleo Blog- Achieving Health and Happiness

Beyond Paleo is a blog that explores healthy living through a unique diet and lifestyle. It's perfect for anyone interested in a Pescatarian/Green Mediterranean diet, free from gluten and lactose. Here, you'll find a mix of delicious recipes, including gluten and lactose-free desserts. The blog also shows how different foods impact our health, offering insights on weight loss. Additionally, it features personal care products, gardening tips, and even skin care advice.

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Learn why the "Eat More Plants To Save The Earth" movement is DANGEROUS to the Earth & your Health.

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My Cozy Farm: Organic & Natural Living Blog.

Discover a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle with My Cozy Farm, your source for organic groceries, natural personal care tips, and sustainable living advice. Join our green journey today.

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I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

Our blog guides readers through gluten-free living, sharing struggles and tips since 2012. We tackle diet adjustments, symptom management, and social challenges. Our goal is to support and connect with those on similar journeys. Practical advice and encouragement are our hallmarks. Join our community for a healthier you.

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Sea Moss Wellness

Our sea moss blog simplifies the science behind the many health boons of sea moss. We explain how it can lower blood pressure, curb cholesterol, energize libido, and spur weight loss. Explore posts on different sea mosses, tailored benefits by gender, and tasty recipes. Let us steer your teen journey to better well-being with sea moss.

Cha Chi Culture - Kombucha, Fermented Foods & Gut Health

Cha Chi Culture, a site about kombucha, fermented foods, and healthy guts! Learn to brew tasty homemade kombucha and discover delicious fermented foods like sauerkraut. Read up on how your gut keeps you healthy. Get tips, recipes, and the science behind fermentation. Find out why kombucha and fermented foods help your gut feel good.