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I Hate My Gluten-Free Life

This blog is for those who hate living gluten-free but must do it for health reasons. The site includes tips, recipes, and more.

Tangerine Drops

Promoting healthy living with friendly advice and tips on Young Living Essential Oils, NingXia Red and Mineral Makeup.

Everyday Dieters

Formal diets just don't seem to work - what's needed is a simple approach to managing our weight. It's our daily decision-making around food that will make us win.

Let's create a supportive community in our battle to develop a healthy relationship with food. Celebrate our successes - start every day as an opportunity to make decisions that will tell not only on the scales but our overall health and well-being.

​This is a collection of some of my favorite weight management tips, exercise info, and recipes to help with my everyday diet & exercise battle. Join the fight with me - share, comment, and forward your tips too.

Super Low Cal

INDULGE! Get Super Low-Calorie Foods, zero-calorie drinks, 5 calorie soups, and 10 calorie snacks for your low-calorie or caloric restriction diet.

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