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Five Links Friday 9/22/17

It’s Friday and it seems we’ve skipped Fall, Winter, and Spring, and are already back to the near 100 degree temps of Nebraska weather. And I despise it. Here are Five Links for you to read while you’re staying indoors and avoiding the ...

Write Every Day

Much to my disappointment, I let some drama at the day job mess with my head a bit in the last couple of weeks and my writing (as well as my overall attitude) has suffered for it. Things are mostly okay now, but it got me thinking. Did I use ...

Light the candles, dim the lights, and set the mood for…

…some sweet lovin’. Just kidding. I’m talking about writing. Specifically, I’m talking about writing horror. I used to think I didn’t write a massive amount of horror, but over half of my published short stories are horror, or at least ...

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