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It contains informative health articles about alternative healing treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal, Ayurveda, folk, holistic, and allopathic medicine.
Added: February 21, 2013
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What Are Phytochemicals and What Do They Do?

“Phytochemical” is a word we’ve only been hearing for a few years; but the importance of phytochemicals to our health has been known in some cultures for thousands of years. “Phyto” is Greek for plant; phytochemicals, al

Fruits and Vegetables You Should Buy Organic

By now, a lot of us are becoming bigger fans of organic foods, even when we have to pay more for them. We know that buying organic beef, poultry and dairy means we’ll get products from animals that were not… The post Fruits and Vegetabl ...

The Best All-Natural, Home-Made Air Fresheners!

Americans are re-discovering the importance of eating whole, natural, organic foods, which give our bodies all of what they need, and nothing that they don’t. Government has required for decades that processed foods be labeled with all in ...

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