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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving two weeks ago. It was a roller coaster here. Let me explain.  Wednesday night, day before Thanksgiving, around 11:00PM I awoke to my wife saying the house was on fire and we needed to go.Okay first thought, ...

Another One In The Books

 Another World Chili Championship is in the books. Another World Chili Championship is in the books. For two out of three years we both placed. Believe me when I say it humbles me to be able to do such an extraordinary feat. There are chili ...

Fishing, Hunting, Family and Chili

Get you a cup of Joe, sit down and read a while, this one is going to be long one. A lot has happen in the past few months. Life just keeps getting bigger and better.I know I have stopped blogging for a while and the main reason is, I just don't ...