Modern Day Redneck

A glimpse into the life of a modern day redneck and sustainable living.
Added: December 31, 2009
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Final Preps

This week is all about the final preparations before my Canada fishing trip. I will be heading off to Hatchet Lake in Saskatchewan Sunday spending a week with some guys from work.My company sends a few guys every year to give them a much needed ...

Where To Begin

I know it has been awhile, but my life is anything but normal.I will update y'all month by month NovemberI left off with the house burning last Thanksgiving. The insurance came through and we were able to pay the house off. The problem was there ...


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving two weeks ago. It was a roller coaster here. Let me explain.  Wednesday night, day before Thanksgiving, around 11:00PM I awoke to my wife saying the house was on fire and we needed to go.Okay first thought, ...

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