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“Acting Suspicious” is Not Enough to Justify a Pat Down Search

Does an Officer’s Testimony That a Person was “Acting Suspicious” Establish Reasonable Suspicion to Support a Terry Stop? The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently handed down an opinion concerning... The post “Acting Suspicious” ...

May a Person Resist an Unlawful Arrest in Texas?

Resisting Arrest: How is it defined under Texas law? In general, resisting arrest occurs when a person attempts to interfere with a peace officer’s duties. Section 38.03 of the Texas... The post May a Person Resist an Unlawful Arrest in Texas? ...

Passout vs. Blackout: How Alcohol Can Affect Memory (Voice for Defense Article)

Alcohol and Memory: An Interview with Texas Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Kelly Goodness, Ph.D As you can probably imagine, many criminal cases involve events that occur when people are intoxicated. This can be especially... The post Passout ...