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Spend free minutes on COMMGiving to fine-tune your charity & non-governmental organization’s online-web promotional strategy. I’m one of the ‘Big 5‘ in the USA and also owner-operator of Independent Internet Marketing Inc. There are daily tips by our blog, to fine-tune your on-line marketing.
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COMMGiving — Neilsen Families is America the Statistic

Neilsen Families is America the Statistic, not America you necessarily need like Lady Liberty!

COMMGiving — Decoding Media, Sex News Science Business

We the viewers have got the relationship with media reversed. We are being led by media to a group of people it knows are there to watch for their ratings.

COMMGiving — Advertising Cost Tip

American Idol commanded $550,000 for roughly 25,000,000 people. That got you 30 seconds at $0.02 per viewer (Ad Age)

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