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Added: February 17, 2015
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Case Play 2017-4 - Hurdling Over a Retired Runner

A recently retired runner is guilty of interference upon hindering or impeding the defense's ensuing play after being put out. Having recently discussed diving over a fielder, we now turn our attention to hurdling over a runner.Graveman tags ...

Clearing Up a Myth - Timely Retouch of a Bobbled Fly

Catching a fly ball obliges runners to retouch their bases before attempting to advance, lest they be liable to be put out for failing to properly tag up. This play is so common, it has its own name and method of scoring: sacrifice fly.Kerwin ...

Diving Over Fielder Legality - OBR, NCAA, NFHS, LL

The legality of a runner diving over a catcher varies by level of play, with professional baseball the most permissive of this maneuver and high school the least.Click here for Video Analysis of This Play (Runner Diving Over a Fielder).Legality ...

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