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Blast from Your Past – 50 Years Ago this Month! Rock & Roll Radio: the DJs, the music & the mayhem. Let’s Rock!
Added: June 24, 2017
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50 Years Ago 6-Cent Stamps +Wolfman Moon January 1968

Happy Retro New Year! It’s January 1968 … Again!   Ah, the good ol’ days … remember when 1st class postage raised from 5 cents to 6 cents? Oh, we were incensed! At Blast from Your Past, we spend much time, in remember when pasts. There ...

50 Years Ago Somber & Silly December 1967

Breaking News 12/04/17: Going to be in Hugo, Oklahoma, anytime soon? The Five Americans’ exhibit is a must-see! Get yourself down to the Frisco Depot Museum! And Rock On! Always News:BFYP Rock and Roll Radio DJs: Book 1 (1950s) and Book 2 ...

50 Years Ago Say Hello to NOV 1967

Breaking News 11/04/17: November—the month of giving. Oh, you thought that was next month for Christmas? Charitystarts at home, with Thanksgiving. Not just a meal for family and friends, but to help others who may not have your good fortune, ...

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