121.  Crashing A Bike

Crashing A Bike

A fun look at learning life in New Zealand. Contains scenes which some may find spectacular.

122.  Travel Adventures with Joshua Vignona

Travel Adventures with Joshua Vignona

Joshua Vignona shares travel tips, adventure photos, and insights into interesting destinations around the world!

123.  Living With the Travel Bug

Living With the Travel Bug

Living With the Travel Bug

124.  Relative Luxury

Relative Luxury

Chasing life's little luxuries and most memorable experiences.

125.  wePhilistines


126.  Go Every Place

Go Every Place

An adventure travel blog with anecdotes and guides from around the world.

127.  Jihan Travel Diary

Jihan Travel Diary

Personal Travel Diary with Useful travel hacks, tips, photos, promotions.

128.  Marie Rowe Travel Blog

Marie Rowe Travel Blog

Travel Blog

129.  UCan2


I am a third culture kid who is moving to Canada from the USA. This is my experience of moving, along with tidbits of wisdom I have gained from living overseas.