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Memosne chronicles the journey of a woman trying to develop her palette and create her style. The blogger is a global citizen who has lived in different parts of the world, including Northern California, Beijing, Taipei, and British Columbia.

Join her as she tries different makeup and beauty products, documents her OOTDs, and more. Besides building her style, she also loves to indulge her love for good food. Expect to find reviews of the dishes she's tried and her dining experience in different restaurants.

Posts, whether beauty- or food-related, come with clear photos. So, they’re informative, visual, and easy on the eyes.

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Mom MD Hawaii

This blog is an eclectic mix of a sports medicine physician's hectic life as a full-time working physician, wife, and mother. Topics include crafts, DIY, life hacks, and relevant medical tidbits.

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LaToya-The Writer:The Clairvoyant/Medium

Born with a caul or veil and spiritual gifts. A clairvoyant's true-to-life experience and inspirational journey through life in general.

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Zodiac Daters

Zodiac Daters is aimed at helping women navigate the often troubled waters of dating, relationships, breakups, and sex. And all of that through the lens of astrology.

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The Pixilated Path

The Pixilated Path is a Pagan Themed Personal Blog whose author (aka Resident Pixie) follows an Eclectic Path.

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Retired Musings

The ideas, thoughts, and just experiences of a 70-something retired man. He shares his experiences of his 18 years in retirement Discussion is sometimes personal. It is also a bit of news concerning Social Security and Medicare.

Life and Times of Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas's blog covers his life, creative works, events attended, investing advice, memories, and news. Read about his latest zombie movie, visit Cranbrook, see Ohtani's shutout and homers, and more. Casual tone with pop culture references. Discover Robbie's world through his candid musings.

The Ultimate Guide to...My Life!

One woman's journey to self-discovery and self-care, as well as her recovery from CPTSD, depression, and extreme anxiety. The blog raises awareness of mental health disorders that are sometimes taboo today.

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Carpe Absurdo

A collection of interesting stories and irreverent conversations by a man who likes to stretch his imagination for entertainment. Sometimes, life outdoes him with stranger stories.

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Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

Need a happy pill? Registered psychologist Sharon Carlton of NW Calgary gives you that in her Daily Dose of Positive Psychology blog.

She uses what she calls Reminder Therapy, which focuses on positive things to maintain motivation, achieve goals and find happiness. Expect to see funny and inspirational quotes (usually accompanied by cute animal pictures), personal reflections and insights that may help you get unstuck (if you find yourself in a similar situation), and researched-backed entries.

Occasionally, she digresses to talk about her sources of positivity—nature and dogs.

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Daily Living with Mental Illness

Aspiring to dispel the misconception, the fear, and the stigma around mental health issues, the blog records snippets of the family life of a wife struggling with depression and anxiety and a husband living with a severe Bipolar 1 disorder. Check out how they create a loving and supportive home and how they stand up to the daily grind of life.

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Personal website of artist Deadfluffy.

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