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John Michael Creatives

Explore John Michael Creatives, a captivating blog showcasing military history, photography, and unique stories. Unearth powerful memories from America's past with compelling visuals and insights.

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My Voice

Ever wondered how life looks through the eyes of a clairvoyant? My Voice, a weblog by Miss LaToya Lawrence, offers you a peek!

A self-professed clairvoyant, she shares everyday stories with words like vibrations, energies, spells, magic, and whatnot casually thrown in here and there. She also explains the workings of the spiritual realm and how it affects the physical world.

She also speaks proudly of being a caul bearer and a rootworker. Find out what that means and more on her blog!

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Filatura L'Anello Grande

A blog about mountain bikes, cycling as an activity and sport, craft beer, and homebrewing.

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My Brain's Not Broken

My Brain's Not Broken is a mental health blog by Nathan Smith about living with mental illness and promoting mental wellness. Nathan uses his experiences living with depression and anxiety to discuss strategies and techniques to find balance and wellness in living a mentally healthy life.

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Started in 2016, the blog offers a sneak peek into the life of a socialite who is just entering motherhood. Join her in food and travel trips, beauty and fashion experiments, family adventures, and more.

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Virtual Lab Rats

A miscellany of product and service reviews, food and restaurant critique, urban and nature exploration guides, homesteading articles, health features, tech updates, and more.

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My Corner of the World

Discover Lemon and Lavender's Blog, an intimate journey through a fairytale life, personal reflections, and touching family moments. Experience heartfelt connections in every post.

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Dylan Lepore, The Part-Time Gamer

I AM A RICHMOND-BASED FREELANCER, JOURNALIST, ENTREPRENEUR, EDITOR, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND VIDEO GAME ENTHUSIAST. Here’s my career by the numbers: I’ve edited over 500 articles, published 49 issues of Radford University’s weekly newspaper, designed 14 websites, produced 275 YouTube videos, I host 2 podcasts, and my photography has been featured in many news outlets, and publications. I’ve also written over 100 articles on the gaming industry.

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Christopher Six’s Latest Commentary

Explore the heartfelt reflections and personal musings of Christopher Six, delving into life experiences, emotions, and poignant memories. Join his journey towards living life to the fullest.

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This Organised Mom

An organizational blog for the disorganized mom. Tips & hacks on how to become a more organized mom

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The Daily Distress

Discover The Daily Distress: dive into witty satire and British humor with a fresh twist on current events, pop culture, and life's absurdities. Engage your funny bone.

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Live on Impulse

Live on Impulse is a collection of ramblings of a twenty-something woman trying to make sense of the world around her. She flip-flops between hating traditional views, embracing fundamental principles, wanting spontaneity and desiring comfort and warmth, and being hopeful and brooding.

Delve into her mind and heart through her free verse poetry as she grapples with the beauty and complications of life, love, and relationships. Other than poems, there are also short essays packed with insights on how things are and how things ought to be.

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Breakfast In Bed: Rowan Stanfield's Brighton Blog

Thirty-something girl-geek writing about life's everyday adventures, with an emphasis on food, friends, arts, and live music in Brighton and beyond.

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Musings of an Insomniac

I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings ~ Arti Honrao True to these words, ‘musings of an insomniac’ is an anthology of poems that deals with raw emotions; let it be about life, relationships or serious subjects of Depression and Death.

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Memosne chronicles the journey of a woman trying to develop her palette and create her style. The blogger is a global citizen who has lived in different parts of the world, including Northern California, Beijing, Taipei, and British Columbia.

Join her as she tries different makeup and beauty products, documents her OOTDs, and more. Besides building her style, she also loves to indulge her love for good food. Expect to find reviews of the dishes she's tried and her dining experience in different restaurants.

Posts, whether beauty- or food-related, come with clear photos. So, they’re informative, visual, and easy on the eyes.

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LaToya-The Writer:The Clairvoyant/Medium

Born with a caul or veil and spiritual gifts. A clairvoyant's true-to-life experience and inspirational journey through life in general.

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Mom MD Hawaii

This blog is an eclectic mix of a sports medicine physician's hectic life as a full-time working physician, wife, and mother. Topics include crafts, DIY, life hacks, and relevant medical tidbits.

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Explore for thought-provoking insights on defending freedom, privacy, and humanity. Delve into news, commentary, and diverse topics to ignite your curiosity and expand your understanding.

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Zodiac Daters

Zodiac Daters is aimed at helping women navigate the often troubled waters of dating, relationships, breakups, and sex. And all of that through the lens of astrology.

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The Pixilated Path

The Pixilated Path is a Pagan Themed Personal Blog whose author (aka Resident Pixie) follows an Eclectic Path.

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Life and Times of Robbie Thomas

Burned out author with his adventures in life.

Dr. Brilliant Cliche

Dr. Brilliant Cliche is a digital self-help column that tackles various issues, from gaining perspective on peer pressure to battling abuse in the home.

True to advise columns, it mostly comes in a letter format where Dr. Brilliant and Granny Dr. weigh in on an issue presented by a perplexed individual. Occasionally, you will also see an expository text providing insights into human behavior and how they apply to your situation.

The pieces of advice are golden—well-informed and entertaining without failing to be thought-provoking and practical.

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Some people say that personals ads are all fake; well, these truly are! Read about Scooter Boot looking for love from the comfort of his rascal scooter, or Grandma Donna, who is dusting off the old rug so she can have company. Krystal, the cat lady, has 489 cats and counting, and Shane is into a sex-related solid exchange. This site is to alleviate the stress of real dating and give you great ideas for what NOT to write in your bio.

Retired Musings

The ideas, thoughts, and just experiences of a 70-something retired man. He shares his experiences of his 18 years in retirement Discussion is sometimes personal. It is also a bit of news concerning Social Security and Medicare.


Personal website of artist Deadfluffy.

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The Ultimate Guide to...My Life!

One woman's journey to self-discovery and self-care, as well as her recovery from CPTSD, depression, and extreme anxiety. The blog raises awareness of mental health disorders that are sometimes taboo today.

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Daily Dose of Positive Psychology

Need a happy pill? Registered psychologist Sharon Carlton of NW Calgary gives you that in her Daily Dose of Positive Psychology blog.

She uses what she calls Reminder Therapy, which focuses on positive things to maintain motivation, achieve goals and find happiness. Expect to see funny and inspirational quotes (usually accompanied by cute animal pictures), personal reflections and insights that may help you get unstuck (if you find yourself in a similar situation), and researched-backed entries.

Occasionally, she digresses to talk about her sources of positivity—nature and dogs.

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Carpe Absurdo

A collection of interesting stories and irreverent conversations by a man who likes to stretch his imagination for entertainment. Sometimes, life outdoes him with stranger stories.

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The Faded Soul

A woman's journey of being married to a man who is narcissistic-Bipolar. Follow the madness and craziness of this relationship.

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Daily Living with Mental Illness

Aspiring to dispel the misconception, the fear, and the stigma around mental health issues, the blog records snippets of the family life of a wife struggling with depression and anxiety and a husband living with a severe Bipolar 1 disorder. Check out how they create a loving and supportive home and how they stand up to the daily grind of life.

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