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31.  Patrice New Blog

Patrice New Blog

A registered nurse talks about teenage depression and secrets. Discussions include stressors, mental health issues, myths, teen issues, anxiety, surviving, help and solace.

32.  Patrice M. Foster

Patrice M. Foster

Patrice M. Foster is the name of a blog and a woman who wants to spread mental health awareness among teens. Patrice, a nurse/blogger, living in the peaceful Greater Atlanta area, writes about teenage depression and debunks myths surrounding the subject. Find insightful articles that will help you gain self-awareness and learn self-love, which in turn will equip you to help teens struggling with themselves. Also, discover facts key to understanding depression and tips on spotting tell-tale signs.

33.  Psychologist Montreal

Psychologist Montreal

34.  My Quin Story, Life After Levaquin

My Quin Story, Life After Levaquin

Hi, my name is David. In 2007 I was your normal 46-year-old middle-age man in excellent health. I exercised daily and ate healthily. After a routine infection, I was given a large dose of the antibiotic Levaquin that my doctor told me was safe and well-tolerated. Well, it was not safe and I did not tolerate it well. I had an adverse reaction to the fluoroquinolone (FQ) antibiotic. Only after the fact did I research these drugs and found out that this class of antibiotics has a very dark side. A dark side that is actually experienced by thousands of people, some figuring it out, and others clueless to what has befallen them. These reactions are considered statistically insignificant by drug companies and the FDA. This site is basically about my experiences in dealing with the aftermath of what the FDA has determined to be a safe drug.

35.  The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The Invisible Hypothyroidism advocates for better thyroid disease, diagnosis, and treatment. It has one simple message: "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate.";

36.  Hypnotherapy Blog

Hypnotherapy Blog

37.  Massage Therapy Blog

Massage Therapy Blog

38.  Hair Transplant Surgery Los Angeles - Marc Dauer MD Blog

Hair Transplant Surgery Los Angeles - Marc Dauer MD Blog

39.  Addicted to massage - book a massage near you

Addicted to massage - book a massage near you

Massageaholic is an online information hub on a mission to bring massage therapies, tools, and practices into our routine for healthy living. You can find out about the best massage places in your city, book a massage near you and discover the techniques that are best suited to fill your energy cup, so you can better serve not only yourself but others around you as well.

40.  Little Miss Lionheart

Little Miss Lionheart

A blog helping readers be well-- physically, mentally, emotionally-- with courage.

41.  Little Blog of Positivity

Little Blog of Positivity

The Little Blog of Positivity was founded by Alison from the UK. It is packed with well-researched posts, full of practical tips on a number of topics including:

Achieving your goals and dreams
Mental health awareness
Mindfulness & Meditation
Building confidence & resilience
Inspirational stories
Reviews of the best personal development and self-improvement books and resources
Healthy living
Decluttering your mind and life

The aim of the blog is to inspire and motivate you to become your best self and live life to the fullest.

42.  CareShare for Seniors, Warman Home Care in MD, DC, VA, and PA

CareShare for Seniors, Warman Home Care in MD, DC, VA, and PA

Search results for Warman Home Care

43.  Case Management Basics

Case Management Basics

Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Case Management Blog.

44.  Jen Johnson | Everyday Mindful

Jen Johnson | Everyday Mindful

Jen Johnson | Everyday Mindful is a health and lifestyle blog emphasizing mindfulness, mindful life design, happiness, and wellness. Topics include meditation for healing, how to feel happy, how to feel more at peace, solutions for anxiety, stress reduction, work-life balance, creativity, creative freedom, personal freedom, living well with chronic illness, stress reduction for increased wellness, living well with autoimmune disease, and how to live with a greater sense of peace, happiness, and wellness. Jen is a mindfulness teacher, coach, and therapist and has been teaching meditation for over 30 years.

45.  Dawning Visions Hypnosis

Dawning Visions Hypnosis

46.  Relieve Stress Naturally

Relieve Stress Naturally

Learn how to relieve stress naturally using relaxation exercises, aromatherapy, stress relief videos, and more.

47.  Hypnosis Health Notes

Hypnosis Health Notes

48.  Wellness + Attitude = Wellitude

Wellness + Attitude = Wellitude

49.  CareChooser Home Care Guide

CareChooser Home Care Guide

Home care, live-in care, and private care guide.

50.  Breast Surgery Stories Blog

Breast Surgery Stories Blog

We fill you in with the knowledge and skills to make great decisions about your breast surgery. We want to share our tips, tricks, and views to help you make the most of your voyage through the world of breast surgery and surgeons. Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are planning cosmetic breast surgery, we have all the information that you want.

51.  Working Nights

Working Nights

Working Nights helps shift workers and night shift workers improve health issues and adapt to unique sleep schedules, as well as reducing accidents, injuries, and health care costs in the workplace

52.  Holistic Health N Life

Holistic Health N Life

Health Information: Food, Nutrition, Disease control, Supplements, Wellness Exercise for Holistic Health & living. Believes good health of the body comes from good health of cells...

53.  Cooking2Thrive - in thriver words

Cooking2Thrive - in thriver words

Education, entertainment, social and emotional support for those who follow special diets in order to be healthy.

54.   Stress-Free Mommy

 Stress-Free Mommy

Stress can affect your ability to function as a parent, so learn simple tips and tricks to help you be a stress-free mom.

55.  Los Angeles Health Directory

Los Angeles Health Directory

56.  Family Health

Family Health

Family Health is a blog developed through the genuine efforts of the Sefla media led by an experienced public health physician to raise the consciousness of our readers on the impact of lifestyle choices on their health and wellbeing.

57.  Kratom Education

Kratom Education

Kratom Education is dedicated to providing accurate, up to date information about Kratom. They feature everything from strain comparisons to legal updates and more. You won't find advertisements dressed up to look like reviews here. Instead, Kratom. Education aims to be your own and only source for Kratom information online.

58.  Club West Chiropractic

Club West Chiropractic

59.  FibroMomBlog


FibroMomBlog is a community-building website where those with fibromyalgia and chronic illness can find hope and understanding.

60.  Tales of a Shamanic Healer

Tales of a Shamanic Healer

This blog is about a Shamanic healer, and its wisdom, training, ceremonies, clergy services, appointments, presentations, classes, testimonials, and more.

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