1.  Gum trees and Galaxies

Gum trees and Galaxies

Blog about teardrop adventure in Australia. Travel photography, books and life

2.  Villa Blog by Luxury Retreats

Villa Blog by Luxury Retreats

Your one-stop for all news Luxury Retreats! It's here that we’ll be keeping you informed on our villas, destination and specials; giving you updates about our company; patting ourselves on the back a bit when we end up in the news; and generally sharing with you any bits and pieces we find important. Our staff is a pretty cool bunch, so look for pictures and notes from them on occasion too.

3.  Huba Huba, the BostonUSA Blog

Huba Huba, the BostonUSA Blog

An in-depth, travel guide to Boston Massachusetts, with articles and guides on its local attractions, history, arts and culture, insider tips, events, dining spots, nightlife, sports, and more.

4.  Loco2


Going Loco - the Loco2 blog

5.  Jasper's Blog: Official Blog of Tourism Jasper

Jasper's Blog: Official Blog of Tourism Jasper

6.  Tanzania Odyssey

Tanzania Odyssey

Detailed Tanzania Safari Blog including Zanzibar holiday info

7.  Africa Safari Blog

Africa Safari Blog

Blog from all the Lodges in Africa and the Indian Ocean

8.  Maui Blog

Maui Blog

Discover Maui and get insider tips from this side of Hawaii. Everything from fun activities, shopping, nightlife, restaurants is covered along with the best this vacation paradise has to offer.

9.  Rome Blog

Rome Blog

10.  GoHen Hen Weekends Blog

GoHen Hen Weekends Blog

Ideas and activities for hen weekends

11.  TheConstantRambler


Travel Tips, Road Trips, Pet Travel and Adventure

12.  Tanama Tales

Tanama Tales

Tanama Tales is a travel blog that speaks bliss through written words, sprinkled with travel stories and food adventures.

13.  Hobo with a Laptop

Hobo with a Laptop

A life less stationary; a travel blog for working nomads.

14.  The Travelling House Sitters

The Travelling House Sitters

A travel blog for those wanting to get started with house sitting or need to book us for a house sitting job!

15.  The Viewaholic Word - The Most Perfect View

The Viewaholic Word - The Most Perfect View

16.  Jeffsetter Travel Blog

Jeffsetter Travel Blog

17.  SeriouslyTravel


18.  Mamacita On The Move

Mamacita On The Move

A lifestyle blog focusing on our travel, entertainment, tech, Disney and lifestyle topics in general.

19.  DougBardwell.com


20.  Places That Were

Places That Were

21.  Travellous World

Travellous World

22.  Lurento


Rent luxury and sports cars in Europe with Lurento. Available in Italy, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria.

23.  ItsAllBee


Need travel tips? Then look no further than ItsAllbee. Bianca shares travel tips on her travel blog; a gateway to all those that want to see the world, whether in heels or hiking boots. From London To Paris and from Cape Town to Cairo. Experiencing travel from luxury hotels, hostels to exploring in a campervan in places like Iceland.

24.  Seable - Accessible Holidays

Seable - Accessible Holidays

25.  Marcie in Mommyland

Marcie in Mommyland

A Seattle-area Mom writes about her family travels and shares tips on how to go on adventures with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

26.  8 Miles from Home - Cinematic Travel

8 Miles from Home - Cinematic Travel

27.  Flights And Frustration

Flights And Frustration

Read about the experiences of a frequent traveler, including his reviews of airports and lounges, differences in seat class, travel tips, flight connection times, accommodations, and destinations.

28.  The White Isle – Ibiza A blog about Ibiza, its places, its people and attractions.

The White Isle – Ibiza A blog about Ibiza, its places, its people and attractions.

This blog is for all those visiting Ibiza especially if you are a family or of the slightly older persuasion who wish to enjoy the island and not necessarily the partying, although we do mention Ibiza’s wild side from time to time.

29.  Top 10 Travel

Top 10 Travel

30.  Eat Sleep Love Travel

Eat Sleep Love Travel

Award winning travel blog