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Personal Money Service is a premium loan provider that has a huge network of professional lenders. They help to connect customers with reliable lenders to choose the most appropriate loan option according to customers' credit score and other factors.The service is pretty new but developing really fast. They continue adding new services as they grow the list of their customers.Services they offer today:- Variety of Lending products: small and emergency, personal and installment, small business loans, etc.- Insurance: they compare different insurance companies so that customers could choose the best possible option.Plans:Personal Money Service plans to start reviewing credit cards.
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"satisfy your needs"
by AskMeLater
May 28, 2019
"Hi! I used a personal loan for my kid’s studying materials. When I decided to apply for a loan, I used to check different options. I reviewed the terms and conditions within my local bank and some credit unions, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. They offered high interest rates and I wanted more reasonable conditions. Then, I occasionally came across the Personal Money Service. It is not a direct lender but it connects people with lending companies. I applied and quickly received the answer. Based on my information, I was approved. The processing was simple and very fast. It has never been easier to receive the amount of money I needed. Telling the truth, I regretted that I haven’t found this platform earlier. It is a real treasure so everyone can satisfy their needs. "
"good to try"
by PermanentBorrower
March 20, 2019
" I get tired to borrow money from my friends. I have lost a lot of friends and in general, I was felt that debt prevents to communicate with people at equal terms. My colleague advised me one company, and I'm very glad that I addressed to this company. I liked that the loan was given to me within two days and the repayment terms are very loyal. I chose the conditions myself, because "Personal Money Service" provided me with a large selection of creditors who have different tempting conditions. I made my choice and did not regret it. I took a loan of $ 4 000 - it was a "personal loan", which is specifically for people like me. I will advise you all this company. Separately pleased me the service of support, that replied to all my questions."
by MarieLarsen
April 30, 2019
"Hi guys! I want to share my experience with you. Recently, I found a very useful website that helped me fill in the money gaps. When I started searching the online loan service, fortunately, I came across Personal Money Service. I needed money to pay my medical bills and what I did I’ve applied for an emergency loan. Telling the truth, I didn’t believe in being approved for a loan. I was not so good at money handling and my credit score is a direct confirmation for it. This online service made unbelievable for me. I received the money I eagerly needed. Hence, thankfully for this service, I was able to pay my medical bills off. Your team is really doing a great job! Everything is working to satisfy the clients’ needs. Now, I know it for sure. Keep it up!"
"Thanks for the support"
by Ron Lockhart
April 14, 2020
"I've never used online services and felt a bit nervous, but hadn't free time for banks with their long lines and papers. Money was urgent to pay my mortgage. The website is simple and is built logically, so it is understandable how to fill the form. The direct lender was kind and patient, explained what to do and how to count the total amount of money I should repay. Never thought it can be so quick, just be attentive. Thanks for the support, Personal Money Service really helped me out."
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