31.  The Traveling Twosome

The Traveling Twosome

Welcome to The Traveling Twosome - chronicling the journeys and junkets of Louis and Char Magnifico. Whether we are sharing our tales of day trips and weekend getaways, describing outings in our own hometown, or sharing our adventures and competitions while at home, we’ll have fun letting you see the world from our eyes and with our sense of humor.

32.  Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

33.  EdinBlogger


This Edinburgh based blog is a personal journal of all our adventures around the Scottish capital. We’ll be visiting restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums and enjoying all the festivals Edinburgh showcases.

34.  Mami2Five


35.  The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad

36.  Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

Dick Stannard's Blog - My World As I See It

37.  SecondIron's Blog

SecondIron's Blog

38.  Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

I share my life on Universal Credit and how it is targeting the most vulnerable in society. I do this by using my personal experience with fact's to back it up.

39.  Baby Boomer Bliss

Baby Boomer Bliss

Helping Baby Boomers Find the Key to Happiness

40.  My Left Breast

My Left Breast

My Left Breast

41.  Not Before Coffee

Not Before Coffee

42.  Patrice New Blog – Thank you for joining me!

Patrice New Blog – Thank you for joining me!

43.  Speed Dating and Singles Events

Speed Dating and Singles Events

We are a community of single professionals that value building friendships and community spirit. The Fun Singles helps you to increase your social connections and meet new people through speed dating and singles events.



45.  Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

I have a PhD in snark and a Masters in Social Work. Fortunately, I’m only paying off loans on one of those degrees. In this blog you’ll find stories about family, parenting, writing, the PTA, wine, and anything else that might gradually rob me of my sanity.

46.  The Jager Food & Travel Blog

The Jager Food & Travel Blog

47.  Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

Your Life Creation - Self Development, Law of Attraction, Meditation

The purpose of the site is to help people to find their real passion within, their way to creating an amazing life they desire. To teach them many techniques, that will help them improve their experiences, achieve their goals, and gain total freedom and success in every aspect of their lives.

48.  Andrea Wilson Woods' Blog: Pondering happiness, hope, and wisdom

Andrea Wilson Woods' Blog: Pondering happiness, hope, and wisdom

As a freelance nonfiction writer, I am interested in a variety of topics. Therefore, my blog covers many categories including beauty, entertainment, health, travel, writing, politics, relationships, and current news. I frequently refer to my struggles dealing with the loss of my sister Adrienne, whom I raised as my own child. She died at the age of 15 from liver cancer. Since her death, I am constantly searching for happiness, hope, and wisdom.

49.  Weird Things in Prague

Weird Things in Prague

50.  Oh My Heartsie

Oh My Heartsie

Oh My Heartsie

51.  K is for Kechell

K is for Kechell

52.  Lifestyle Maven

Lifestyle Maven

53.  Style & Forks

Style & Forks

54.  Think Spin

Think Spin

55.  David's DIY

David's DIY

Giveaways, Blogger-opps, coupons, coupon/store matchups, product reviews and other interesting things.

56.  Mind Connections

Mind Connections

Personal blog of Jonathan Hilton, discusses topics such as the power of thought, personal energy, happiness, forgiveness, philosophy of life and anything else that can lead to living a better life. You are welcome to read and/or comment any time.

57.  Best Wedding Dances

Best Wedding Dances

See the best wedding dance videos online.Videos of brides and grooms getting down on their wedding day. Fun, Creative, and wild first wedding dances

58.  New England Lighthouses

New England Lighthouses

History, photography, news, and commentary related to the lighthouses of New England.

59.  Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

60.  polishing peanuts

polishing peanuts