1.  Kelly's Thoughts On Things

Kelly's Thoughts On Things

A family friendly blog, it features recipes, gift guides, as well as articles on home products, travel, lifestyle, pets, technology, and gadgets.

2.  Drug Injury Watch

Drug Injury Watch

Site provides developing information about prescription drug side effects as well as up-to-date news from the legal, medical, FDA, and pharmaceutical sectors.

3.  Fashion & Beauty Blog

Fashion & Beauty Blog

Beautifulhamesha is a Mumbai based beauty blog. It is full of beauty related content such as product reviews, make up tutorials, fashion, styling, and beauty tips.

4.  PinkMama's Place

PinkMama's Place

Pink Mama’s Place is a mommy blog filled with family oriented posts, product reviews, recipes, giveaways, mom stuff, health tips, and more.

5.  Blog by Sumit Sharma

Blog by Sumit Sharma

A blog about digital marketing and all things related to online marketing, this site features events, updates, insights, and strategies. It also includes travel stories and social media trends.

6.  FAS Talk

FAS Talk

Provides personal opinions on current events and life in general, with articles discussing science, technology, politics, religion, and more.

7.  Art Of Style Club

Art Of Style Club

Art Of Style is the premier platform for the everyday man to get updated on their fashion, grooming, dating, fitness & motivation needs.

8.  Fish & Bicycles: A Bellingham Blog

Fish & Bicycles: A Bellingham Blog

Fish & Bicycles is a blog that covers a general range of topics which includes current events, life experiences, technology, travel, art, music, design, spirituality, fatherhood, sustainability and many more.

9.  Chockababy


Chock full of everything baby!

10.  precious little worlds

precious little worlds

My blog will bring you all the joys of being a mummy blogger but also about my life and journeys around my daughter as she was born 10 weeks premature, always wanted to share my story and adventures around my family. I also do product reviews for sites , pages, competitions plus latest deals around to help familys save money.

11.  Spoonful of Kindness

Spoonful of Kindness

12.  5thingstodotoday


5 Inspirational ideas posted every day

13.  Our Daily Green

Our Daily Green

How to nurture ecological and economical households by making simple yet effective changes such as organic farming, recycling, reducing footprint, water conservation, and sustainable lifestyle choices.

14.  Funky Frugal Mommy

Funky Frugal Mommy

A blog about everything any human being needs to enjoy life. Written by a mother of 3, wife, business owner, hobby farmer and workoholic!

15.  Hammer + Gem

Hammer + Gem

Demystifying the jewelry industry through its honest and helpful guides on gemology, diamonds, pearls, watches, and other kinds of jewelry.

16.  The Talking Geek

The Talking Geek

The Talking Geek is a personal blog covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from family related posts to current events, and tech tips and comic books.

17.  Cross Country Express

Cross Country Express

Are you a RUNNER? Do you want to be MOTIVATED? Then this site is for you. Learn about the best runners in the world. Watch inspirational videos. Training advice as well. Come check it out.

18.  love2bcouture


19.  ReviewsToday


Get unbiased and candid reviews from Reviews today, featuring the pros and cons on different technology brands on smartphones, automobiles, laptops, tablets, gadgets, and infrastructure.

20.  Riot of Random

Riot of Random

A writer’s personal blog, containing musings, scribblings about life, travelogue, life in the US, social media, and published works on short fiction.

21.  Lillyringlet


This website offers holistic marketing, a unique approach to social media management. Its services include training, consultancy, branding, design and advertising.

22.  Culture of Venus

Culture of Venus



Powerful and practical content for overcoming mediocrity, seeking success, confronting reality, and improving one’s life goals and personal fulfillment.

24.  RagsNair


An Indian social media enthusiast writes about a variety of topics about current affairs, social media, technology, news, sports, and lifestyle.

25.  A Mothers Daughter

A Mothers Daughter

A blog that shares news and information that are important to women. My posts cover topics like home and lifestyle, health, fashion, cooking, personal development and family matters.

26.  Inspirwing - Motivational Blog

Inspirwing - Motivational Blog

Inspirwing's goal is to inspire people to chase their dreams instead of just working for a paycheck. Inspirwing uses poetry, resources, and advice, and encouraging posts to accomplish this goal.

27.  Owner


28.  Mount Solaris

Mount Solaris

29.  So Fabulous

So Fabulous

Random Blog

30.  The Texas Crap Depository - Nerd-gasm in blog form!

The Texas Crap Depository - Nerd-gasm in blog form!

Nerd-gasm in blog form!