1.  Kelly's Thoughts On Things

Kelly's Thoughts On Things

A family friendly blog, it features recipes, gift guides, as well as articles on home products, travel, lifestyle, pets, technology, and gadgets.

2.  Funky Frugal Mommy

Funky Frugal Mommy

A blog about everything any human being needs to enjoy life. Written by a mother of 3, wife, business owner, hobby farmer and workoholic!

3.  ReviewsToday


Get unbiased and candid reviews from Reviews today, featuring the pros and cons on different technology brands on smartphones, automobiles, laptops, tablets, gadgets, and infrastructure.

4.  Culture of Venus

Culture of Venus

5.  Inspirwing - Motivational Blog

Inspirwing - Motivational Blog

Inspirwing's goal is to inspire people to chase their dreams instead of just working for a paycheck. Inspirwing uses poetry, resources, and advice, and encouraging posts to accomplish this goal.

6.  Black White and Goofy Blog

Black White and Goofy Blog

Family Adventure covering topics such as family activities, dogs, travel, genealogy, history, gardening and nature, natural health and more.