31.  Smelling Salts by Jump Start

Smelling Salts by Jump Start

This fitness blog provides news and reviews on popular smelling salts and supplements— what they are and how they can help your fitness goals. Learn more about testosterone boosters, energy products and more.

32.  4S Fitness

4S Fitness

This blog on health and fitness transforms each client and assists them in achieving their health goals through healthy living, motivation, and wellness. Learn how to boost your metabolism,

what types of exercise are right for you and more.

33.  Renewal Fitness Coaching

Renewal Fitness Coaching

Find accurate nutrition advice and fitness plans to reach your health goals with Renewal Fitness. Offering motivation for weight loss that works, nutrition coaching, in-person training and more.

34.  Rxd Sleeves | Compression Sleeves and Wraps Resource

Rxd Sleeves | Compression Sleeves and Wraps Resource

Rxdsleeves.com is a informational resource and product review blog about all things compression sleeves and wraps. Whether you want compression sleeves or wraps for recovery, squats, running, Olympic lifting, power-lifting or for all around general use, we can help you find whats best for you. Our goal is to provide you with quality reviews and information on compression sleeves so that you can make the most informed decision when buying online or in person. Other types of compression garments we review include but are not limited to: Compression shorts, Compression tights, compression wrist wraps, Compression elbow sleeves and Compression socks. Hope to see you there!

35.  DirtyTrailShoes


Dirty Trail Shoes offers intriguing content to help you find the inspiration to begin your journey with running. Find equipment reviews, race reports, tips and analysis, and more.

36.  Stay Fit n Young

Stay Fit n Young

Blog dedicated to helping others achieve fitness. Let us build a fitted and better world.

37.  JamesRunsFar


I’ve launched a site which gives information and advice to runners and triathletes to help them achieve their goals.

I provide tips and advice on training, nutrition, psychology, racing strategy and more. I do this through blogs and articles.

Another part of the website is telling about my journey to break a world record in May 2019 – to run more than 800 miles in 9 days.

The objective of this part is to inspire readers to take on their own challenges

I also provide recommendations on what kit will help them achieve their goals.

38.  Sydney Personal Trainer

Sydney Personal Trainer

Dinny Morris provides measurable, goal-oriented coaching for those who want to win at life. He helps overweight couch potatoes, professional athletes and natural bodybuilders achieve their goals.

39.  5K and Counting

5K and Counting

Stay inspired and motivated to run faster, stronger, and longer. This running blog shares experiences, race tips, training and running gear reviews to get you informed about the world of marathons and racing.

40.  Jim's Trek

Jim's Trek

Biking, journey, and travel blog by a 67-year-old adventurer. This blog details Jim's trek on his Schwinn 150 from Tampa to different places around the world. Find the inspiration to start your journey with his tips and stories.

41.  Inside Body Building

Inside Body Building

Find a wealth of information you can use to build an impressive body from one of the best bodybuilding blogs. Discover natural bodybuilding supplements to help you get jacked, tips on regaining lost muscle and more from this blog.

42.  Couch To Runner

Couch To Runner

A running related blog about my personal progress from couch potato to marathon runner. Here I will talk about my training, providing tips, motivation and advice for both new and experienced runners along the way.

43.  No Excuse Girl

No Excuse Girl

A health and fitness blog sharing the latest nutrition tips and workouts to give you the body you've always wanted. NoExcuseGirl takes a common sense approach to a healthy lifestyle and believes that with motivation, dedication, and consistency, you can reach your fitness goals and achieve your desired results. Leave your excuses at the door and NoExcuseGirl will layout the plan that you need to give you a beautiful, healthy physique.

44.  The New Basis

The New Basis

Make lasting changes to your health and fitness with this personal training blog. The New Basis helps with weight loss, disease management, sport-specific or tournament preparation, and more.

45.  TrendToFit


TRENDTOFIT is a fitness and wellness blog started with only one idea which is to make you healthy & fit in today's busy lifestyle.

Information is constantly updated here so that you can make healthiest life choices and take control of your wellbeing. Because “Health is Wealth.”

46.  Over The Hill Fitness

Over The Hill Fitness

We are a new healthy lifestyle blog focusing on adults 40 and over. Join us as we share our own journey and others.

47.  Diet Plans For Fat Loss

Diet Plans For Fat Loss

Find books, recipes, exercise videos, and reviews to help you achieve your fitness goals with this fat loss blog. Diet Plans For Fat Loss has tips on intermittent fasting, the right equipment to use, tricks on cutting calories and more.

48.  Creator-Blogger


Celebrate a fun, fit, and healthy lifestyle with this wellness blog. Coffee Macarons is filled with inspiring and thoughtful content to start down your path towards fitness and achieve your weight loss goals.

49.  NinjaWarriorX


NinjaWarriorX documents my journey in becoming a Ninja Warrior. I will write down everything I learn during my training. You will see tips for improving grip strength, mobility, and balance and mastering certain obstacles amongst many others.

50.  Chasses 'n Lattes

Chasses 'n Lattes

Chasses 'n Lattes is a blog that promotes a healthy mind and body through dance and fitness.