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Amazing Caricatures on 36*23 Inches Paper by Piyush Goel

06/17/2014 05:19:00 AM

With Full Creativity and Imagination ,firm believer in God, Piyush Goel,born on 10th Feb,1967 in a middle class family,Father Dr.Devender Kumar Goel and Mother Ravi Kanta Goel,elder among four children,is a Diploma Mech Engg,Diploma in Material ...

This is how he use his big Comb [Pic]

06/16/2014 00:28:00 AM

Wow! What a Cotton Candy - Cotton Candy Making Art

06/14/2014 00:36:00 AM

Amazing way of cotton candy making at Ciqikou, Chongqing, China.

Who wanna eat this big crazy Humbug at once?

06/13/2014 00:26:00 AM

World's Most Accurate Pie Chart

06/11/2014 23:47:00 PM

Amazing Art : Five Books Written In Five Ways (Pen, Needle, Henna, Nail & Carbon Paper)

05/07/2014 00:22:00 AM

Piyush Goel has a unique art, he can write words in mirror image. .Piyush Goel can write words in mirror image in Two Languages Hindi and English. Piyush Kumar Goel completed World First Needle Book MadhuShala of Late Harvans Rai Bachchan, father ...

Amazing Talented boy from India: What an Artist. Wow!

04/16/2014 02:04:00 AM

Amazing Hidden Talent Of India with his Unbelievable Passion for Musical Instrument.

What an Amazing Excavator! - Made of Wood & Syringes

04/15/2014 04:00:00 AM

This Guy made interesting toy of wood and syringes. Maybe he will be a great engineer.

Amazing Indian Conjoined Twins : They Don't Want To Be Separated

04/14/2014 00:36:00 AM

The pair, who were born in a tiny village near Raipur in central India, share two legs and four arms and work in tandem to get around. They have stunned doctors with their ability to wash, dress and feed themselves.A local doctor told the family ...

Kingdom of Golden Lancehead : Dangerous Snake Island Ilha da Queimada Grande

03/27/2014 00:40:00 AM

Ilha de Queimada Grande, nicknamed Snake Island, is a 430,000-square-metre (43-hectare) island off the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.It is home to a species of fer-de-lance, the Golden Lancehead Viper (Bothrops insularis), which is ...

Cool Round Table for Your Home : Amazing Power Of Furniture Transformation

03/26/2014 01:49:00 AM

Cool Furniture Modification idea that can Transform your small wooden round table in to big one, How?

'Very, Very Rare' Conjoined Twins : Child Born With Two Head In India

03/15/2014 04:19:00 AM

Realistic piece of art! : High-Velocity Paintings By Joel Rea

03/13/2014 23:46:00 PM

Australian artist Joel Rea creates cinematic paintings pulsing with the intensity of the wind and ocean waves. Rea captures the dynamic motion of natural elements, placing human protagonists into environments that make our species appear minuscule ...

Amazing Bamboo Car In Bogota, Columbia : Bamboo Vending Vehicle

03/13/2014 00:09:00 AM

Bet you’ve never seen one of these! We spotted this right outside the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) in downtown Bogotá. Tinto (black coffee), aromática and snacks for sale…

It's Grand Party Time! : Parrots Enjoying Food Fest [Pic]

03/10/2014 23:19:00 PM

Wow! What an Island : Lady Musgrave Island, Australia

03/09/2014 23:29:00 PM

Lady Musgrave Island is a 14 hectares (35 acres) coral cay on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, with a 1,192 hectares (2,950 acres) surrounding reef. The island is the second island in the Great Barrier Reef chain of islands (with the first being ...

So this is Peru : Land of the Inca, llamas & Machu Picchu

03/06/2014 22:52:00 PM

Peru is a country in western South America. It is bordered in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the east by Brazil, in the southeast by Bolivia, in the south by Chile, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean.Peru is known for llamas, Inca & ...

Amazing Swinging Rock In India - Greatest Geological Miracle

03/06/2014 00:20:00 AM

Swinging rock lying in such a manner that a single person can swing this thousands ton rock with legs. During high wind velocity it strikes near by rock making loud noise which is known to near by villagers that swinging rock is being effected ...

I am chess-man. Lets play chess..

03/04/2014 22:14:00 PM

Why waste money on transportation when we have family two-wheeler

03/03/2014 23:30:00 PM

The Manchineel - World's Most Poisonous & Dangerous Tree

02/24/2014 23:29:00 PM

The manchineel tree, Hippomane mancinella, is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), and the only species in the monotypic genus Hippomane. Manchineel is native to Florida in the United States, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, ...

Diamond Covered Mercedes of Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal : World's Expensive car

02/20/2014 22:55:00 PM

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was born on 7 March 1955.He is a member of the royal family and he is the nephew of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. He is an entrepreneur and an international investor which leads him to be a real estate and the stock ...

A tribute to the Glorious decade of 90's [India]... The way we all would remember it.

02/19/2014 03:54:00 AM

After watching the below video I can't stop myself sharing it on my blog. This a great tribute to the

Bearded Lady: Harnam Kaur - Really Amazing

02/17/2014 22:24:00 PM

'I feel more feminine with my beard': Teaching assistant who suffered taunts because of her excessive hair decides to stop trimming it after being baptised a Sikh.A 23-year-old woman with a condition causing excessive hair development has revealed ...

Amazing Colorful Chameleons From The World

02/16/2014 22:39:00 PM

Chameleons (family Chamaeleonidae) are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. The approximately 160 species of chameleon come in a range of colors, and many species have the rather unique ability to change colors.Chameleons are ...

Happy Valentines Day - Valentines Day Wallpapers, Valentines Flowers & Roses Pictures, Images, Wallpapers, Photo Gallery

02/14/2014 03:29:00 AM


Weird Valentine’s Day Chocolates

02/13/2014 02:05:00 AM

Here’s a fun way to break out of the traditional box of chocolates “mold” we’re all used to seeing. We’ve gathered a small collection of “out of the box” chocolates on this time-honored day of love and all the weird, unbelievable ...

What is The Height of Laziness? Lets See...

02/10/2014 01:12:00 AM

What is The Height of Laziness? Do we actually know that? Lets See how people be lady in their activities and work which can not take more time to be done in proper way but because of their laziness they did that in extraordinary way...

It Happens Only In Africa

02/04/2014 22:12:00 PM

Top Food Brands on Nails : Amazing Nail Paintings

02/03/2014 00:52:00 AM

Amazing Apple Carving Art

01/28/2014 22:10:00 PM

All of you heard about "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and we eat apple to be healthy. Apples aren't just tasty, health and nutritious. They're also great for doing something more creative thing like carving! Check out these fun apple ...

Technology Illustrated Footwear Designs

01/26/2014 23:01:00 PM

Have a look at some of the amazing footwear designs which are created with the theme of technology.

Miyoko Shida's Power of Concentration & Balancing : Really Amazing

01/22/2014 22:54:00 PM

Miyoko Shida Rigolo's Amazing ConcentrationThere are no words to describe Miyoko Shida’s performance for the Spanish TV program “Tu si que vales” (“You can do it.”).In many ways, Miyoko’s performance is a macroscopic reflection of ...

Amazing Living Statues Around The World

01/19/2014 23:02:00 PM

The term living statue refers to a street artist who poses like a statue or mannequin, usually with realistic statue-like makeup, sometimes for hours at a time. Living statue performers can fool passersby and a number of hidden camera shows ...

Amazing Smoking Machines

01/15/2014 23:33:00 PM

Have a look at some of the amazing and creatively designed

Uttarayana/Makar Sankranti & Pongal: Kite-Flying & Thanksgiving Festival of India - The Most Important Harvest Festival Of India

01/10/2014 22:35:00 PM

Importance of Makar Sankranti /

Fin - Bluetooth Ring : Use The Devices Without Touching Them

01/10/2014 01:13:00 AM

FIN - Wear The World : Transforms Your Palm Into Touch Interface!Dreaming of a world where technology runs in the palms of your hands, where a mere finger-flick can bring you resources and functions never imagined before and progressing through ...

Impact of Polar Vortex in USA : Plunge Temperatures to -50C

01/09/2014 02:40:00 AM

A polar vortex (also known as a polar cyclone, polar low, or a circumpolar whirl ) is a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near either of a planet's geographical poles. On Earth, the polar vortices are located in the middle and upper t ...

Komondo : Amazing Hungarian Guard Dog

01/07/2014 22:54:00 PM

The Komondor, Canis familiaris pastoralis villosus hungaricus, (in Hungarian the plural for komondor is komondorok, not used in English) is a large, white-coloured Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat.Sometimes ...

Origami : Amazing Art Of Paper Folding

01/06/2014 22:24:00 PM

Origami (from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper" (kami changes to gami due to rendaku) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD at the latest and was popularized outside of Japan in ...

Amazing Pineapple Carving Art

01/05/2014 22:45:00 PM

Nobody can imagine and realize a pineapple can be carved in efferent creative ways for fun and entertainment. Have a look at below pictures with amazing pineapple carving art.

Amazing Eyelids Makeup Art by Tal Peleg

01/02/2014 22:22:00 PM

When an artist tries to do some creative from his/her heart then he/she can do miracles. Here are very amazing examples of such creative artwork. That art work is done by a makeup artist on eyes. Have a look at amazing pictures of eyelids makeup ...

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year 2014, Greetings and Best Wishes from

12/31/2013 04:42:00 AM

Wish You All A Very Happy New Year 2014"Let us all Welcome

Amazing Snow Vehicles Around The World

12/30/2013 23:28:00 PM

A snow vehicle is a transportation vehicle specially designed to travel on snow. It is designed to be operated on snow and ice. Have a look at some amazing Snow Vehicles from the different parts of the world.

Amazing Flag Paintings on Fingernails!

12/25/2013 22:51:00 PM

Have look at some awesome and creative paintings of world's different country flags painted on fingernails.