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Ex-FLDS (Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints) Mother's Fight to Get Her Kids Back

09/09/2015 01:40:00 AM

Mothers Wanting Work | Mark McCrindle on ACA [ MEDIA ]

09/05/2015 15:07:00 PM

Mothers Wanting Work | Mark McCrindle on ACA [ MEDIA ]

09/05/2015 15:07:00 PM

Mothers Protest Inside an American Refugee Camp: Dilley, Texas

09/04/2015 13:23:00 PM

The Temptation to Want to Feel Good Despite What God Tells You

09/03/2015 00:25:00 AM

Your Partner Thinks He is Your Daddy

08/31/2015 02:14:00 AM

Just when you thought you couldn't take much more, your partner acts controlling like your father.

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire Excerpt Chapter 9 "When M...

08/29/2015 12:32:00 PM

Mothers and Stepmothers - Competition is None

08/25/2015 19:24:00 PM

What is the use talking badly about the mother of children regardless of her title?

Chirbit - audio excerpt from When Mothers Cry by Nicholl McGuire

08/24/2015 14:33:00 PM

Chirbit - Building New Friendships excerpt from When... - nichollmcguire - share audio easilyIf you are interested in book, purchase from my page

Competitive Mothers - Why Do They Think They Need to Prove Anything?

08/22/2015 15:30:00 PM

She tells you about everything she is into, shares about her children's achievements almost daily (especially on Facebook), mentions "what you ought to or should do" if she feels the least bit worried you are doing better than her.

Dysfunctional Parents and Challenging Children - Nicholl McGuire Media, Spreaker

08/21/2015 01:37:00 AM

Parents Putting Personal Fears on Their Children - Blocking God's Will

08/11/2015 02:16:00 AM

Are you the worried or fearful parent who keeps their child or children from doing what he or she wants like attending a college far away, marriage, relocation, etc.?Click here to listen:

Too Much Noise, Movement - Be Quiet, Still

08/09/2015 18:36:00 PM

Sometimes one has to sit down and just be in the moment.

Dealing with Sudden Death or the Loss of a Child

08/09/2015 03:42:00 AM

How to deal with emotional blackmail/guilt from relatives, friends over the holidays

08/09/2015 00:46:00 AM

How to Get Rid of Mother-in-Law Issues...Without Getting Rid of Your Mot...

08/08/2015 04:06:00 AM

I Am Codependent - Are You the Screaming Wife/Mother? Understand Your Programming

08/06/2015 16:51:00 PM

Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire Excerpt Chapter 6 "She Kn...

08/01/2015 02:27:00 AM

Parental Challenges - What We are Doing or Not Doing When it Comes to Raising Our Children

07/27/2015 10:17:00 AM

Chirbit - Parental Challenges - What We are Doing or Not Doing

When You or Loved Ones are Suffering with an Illness, Disease

07/22/2015 18:15:00 PM

7 Things to Do with and for Children Before School Starts

07/13/2015 08:15:00 AM

It is never too early to consider what needs to be done concerning the children before they go back to school.

Ways to Tell if Your Husband Is Cheating

07/08/2015 15:09:00 PM

Cut Some of Those Tasks Down this Holiday

07/04/2015 18:33:00 PM

Find the short-cuts when it comes to preparing meals this holiday.

Summer Break with the Kiddos Gettin' to You Yet?

07/01/2015 11:10:00 AM

Oh the joy of summer!

Death of Loved Ones - Family Disputes, Pain, Selfish Gain - nm enterprise 7

06/29/2015 01:05:00 AM

Going into the Eye of the Storm - Conflict, Consequence and Challenge

06/26/2015 15:49:00 PM

On Going Back - Should You? Relationship, Event, Hometown, Employment...

06/25/2015 17:00:00 PM

Divorce, dating, and being a single mom

06/25/2015 13:34:00 PM

Mother Manipulation - Tell Me Mother You're Sorry by Nicholl McGuire

06/19/2015 11:52:00 AM

At some time during your life, someone or a group of people close to you will do something that will leave you speechless.

Handling Spiritual Trials with Ex Relatives

06/13/2015 13:21:00 PM

When They Say You Act Like Your Mother

06/10/2015 14:07:00 PM

Just when you thought you were your own person, independent, strong and free of parental programming, a long comes someone who knows your mother and out comes, "You act just like your mother..."

How to Get Some Sleep When You Have a Newborn

05/31/2015 00:22:00 AM

Be Encouraged! Throwback: Fantasia - Baby Mama

05/30/2015 23:09:00 PM

There is More to Talk About Besides Being a Mother - Don't Want to Talk About the Kids

05/23/2015 12:53:00 PM

Sometimes as mothers we reach points during our day where we don't want to say another thing to our kids or talk about them to anyone not even our spouses.

Are You Overscheduling Your Kids?

05/19/2015 09:32:00 AM

The Spirit of Passion (Behind The Shadow) - Dernice Bailey Samuel

05/18/2015 11:27:00 AM

Spiritually Immature Mothers, Stepmothers, Grandmothers

05/13/2015 15:45:00 PM

Struggling after the death of my mother (my best friend) by Diane Cornelius

05/04/2015 22:53:00 PM

Narcissistic Parents Cause Us To Feel Frozen Emotionally - Lisa A. Romano

04/29/2015 15:54:00 PM

Too Much Government Control Over Your Children from School Lunches to Trauma Based Mind Control

04/29/2015 14:35:00 PM

This has been an issue for some parents lately, judgmental cafeteria workers and teachers remarking to children at lunch time what is considered "healthy" and what isn't then talking them out of eating their lunches.

Respecting the Unrespectable Husband

04/28/2015 19:02:00 PM

Skincare Safe Products During Pregnancy

04/24/2015 17:15:00 PM

When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes dozens of changes, and your skin might experience some issues as well. Luckily, many skin issues that you encounter during pregnancy are temporary and disappear soon after you give birth; however, ...

Healing the Mother Daughter Relationship

04/23/2015 13:33:00 PM

College Athletic Scholarships - How to get a Sports Scholarship? Parents...

04/21/2015 19:22:00 PM

6 Simple Ways to Deal with Controlling, Pushy or Abusive Teachers

04/15/2015 13:38:00 PM

Tired of hearing stories from your child about what a controlling teacher supposedly said or did to him or her?

Pushy Teachers - Parents Push Back

04/15/2015 12:32:00 PM

They send far too many fliers home requesting your participation in one activity or another.

Narcissist Mother - npd - Golden Child not allowed to have flaws

04/12/2015 23:04:00 PM

A Touch from Jesus - Pray for Your Children, Show them The Way

04/06/2015 12:38:00 PM

Dr. Phil - Parental Alienation

04/06/2015 00:55:00 AM

Spring Break with Children, School Break Challenges

04/03/2015 10:50:00 AM

Well you knew it was coming, days off from school and you hate it!

Distant Daughters, Troubled Mothers - No Contact

04/03/2015 02:21:00 AM

Why Bother Reaching Out to Some Relatives and Friends?

04/01/2015 12:08:00 PM

They can't help you, don't really like you, and seem to tolerate you because your mate puts up with you, these people you call "family, in-law, son, daughter, best buddy...," why do you continue to bother with them when you know the relationship ...

21 Things and Counting When it Comes to Schools Making Money Off the Parents

04/01/2015 01:24:00 AM

A public school that two of my sons attend is indeed a money-maker!

Why moms get NOTHING DONE

03/29/2015 20:41:00 PM

No One Size Fits All When it Comes to Motherhood Accomplishments, Failures

03/27/2015 11:52:00 AM

I have read many articles and blog entries over the years about where mothers should be when it comes to different stages in their lives.

Winners, Losers and Playing to Win: Children's Sports and Parents

03/24/2015 12:54:00 PM

The tears on my eldest son's face after his team didn't win in the soccer finals, I will never forget.

A Checklist of What You Might Want to Do Before Spring

03/22/2015 00:36:00 AM

A Checklist of What You Might Want to Do Before Spring

Multi-level Marketing - Frustrated Working Moms

03/20/2015 11:26:00 AM

Motherhood is Tough. De-Stress and Thrive

03/15/2015 00:35:00 AM

Resolving Irregular Periods & Heavy Menstruation NATURALLY

03/13/2015 09:35:00 AM

Workplace Changes Needed Like Yesterday - Problems, Solutions

03/13/2015 00:36:00 AM

why you should use a coupon clipping service

03/11/2015 12:53:00 PM

Mommy Makeover Surgery by Dr. Sanjay Parashar at COCOONA Centre ( Dubai ...

03/11/2015 10:00:00 AM

Protect Your Sacred Motherhood - Ordained to Bring Life, Protect, Love and Then Let Go

03/09/2015 12:15:00 PM

Who might you be, Mother?

12 Things You Can Do When Your Children Aren't Around

03/06/2015 12:15:00 PM

Are you constantly putting things off because your children keep disrupting the time you need to get things done?

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Decades of Marriage and What Does One Show for It?...

03/06/2015 10:54:00 AM

Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate: Decades of Marriage and What Does One Show for It?...: For years a couple has been together and has hoped for the best.

I Took the Time to Pray with My Children

03/05/2015 09:53:00 AM

I will be the first to admit there was a long drought season where I didn't pray with my children.

Regrets: When Mothers Cry Over The Past

03/03/2015 21:07:00 PM

"Why bother? What good is it going to do now?

Feel Guilty About Not Going to Church? God, Christians, Pimp Preachers

03/01/2015 17:44:00 PM

Your Lazy Spouse and Children - Tips on Getting them to Help at Home

03/01/2015 11:34:00 AM

Many mothers are not only working in or outside of the home, but they are also maintaining the upkeep of the family home and possibly caring for elderly relatives, pets, and assisting others.

Narcissistic Mom | Child Shows Warning Signs

02/28/2015 19:55:00 PM

Fafafine: Boys raised as Girls in Samoa

02/27/2015 19:24:00 PM

7 Things Single Moms Do That Can Ruin Their Sons

02/27/2015 18:26:00 PM

Within recent years, I have heard many times about how a woman can't raise a son to be a man, teach a son how to be a man...etc.

How to Get Your Child to Listen in 90 Seconds - Parenting Expert Jane Ne...

02/23/2015 23:48:00 PM

Another Holiday Gone, Another One to Come...Are You Prepared?

02/19/2015 09:59:00 AM

With one holiday down, along comes another, Easter.

Don't Talk, Trust and Feel - Bad Parenting will Backfire

02/18/2015 23:10:00 PM

A crying mother, fearful of a partner, abused by her own mother, and bitter about her life decisions, teaches her children not to cry.

Mothers Can Be a Threat to Any Political Agenda, City Development... if They Were to Unify

02/18/2015 14:01:00 PM

In the past, I posted some videos about mothers doing great things to bring about

Spiritual Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Divorce - Manipulative Spouses

02/16/2015 18:03:00 PM

No Crying on Valentine's Day Mama

02/14/2015 14:36:00 PM

Whether young or old, mothers need not cry on Valentine's Day.

FunnyThings About Relationships and Children

02/13/2015 12:06:00 PM

Sometimes we forget about those funny, yet sad, things that change us since becoming mothers.So you're not bothered too much when a partner or children comes into the bathroom to discuss their woes, huh?

The Best Thing about Motherhood, The Worse

02/11/2015 18:29:00 PM

No matter what you might do to be content with being a parent, it will never be good enough.

Work from Home Opportunities for Teens, Students, Expectant Moms

02/09/2015 15:20:00 PM

Work from Home Opportunities for Teens, Students, Expectant Moms

02/08/2015 23:28:00 PM

Stressed Mother Admits She Wants A Divorce - Supernanny US

02/07/2015 18:52:00 PM

NFL Wives Super Bowl Party Planning

01/31/2015 13:25:00 PM

6 Tips on Managing Household Before and During Super Bowl Time

01/31/2015 13:15:00 PM

Behind the scenes we have all

3 Parenting Tips for Disciplining Teens

01/30/2015 21:42:00 PM

The Disrespectful Attitudes of Children and Their Parents

01/30/2015 13:32:00 PM

"The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree," so the old saying goes, such is the case with disrespectful children and their foolish parents.Everything that a child does isn't cute or funny, I said this awhile back when my children were ba ...

Dealing with a stingy, controlling husband

01/29/2015 23:38:00 PM

Hide No More - A Documentary on Sexual Abuse

01/28/2015 19:22:00 PM

The Late Mr. Rogers Talks With Children and Parents About Discipline back in 1982

01/26/2015 12:23:00 PM

No Respect, No Credit for Playing Mother to Siblings

01/23/2015 16:05:00 PM

She has long left this world, a sister who cared for as many as seven of her younger siblings.

Cash Envelope System - A Great Way to Save Money Toward the Things You Need/Want

01/21/2015 22:46:00 PM

Challenge of Getting Children Ready in the Morning

01/21/2015 14:15:00 PM

Most moms, who are highly organized, will tell you that the issue of getting children off to school still comes and goes. It all depends on the mood, whether something is ready or not, and if some

The Narcissist Spouse, Grandparents and Money

01/19/2015 17:33:00 PM

Tactics of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Mother

01/16/2015 00:41:00 AM

New Mothers Need Support

01/15/2015 23:50:00 PM

A Subject Workaholic Moms Don't Want to Talk About - Being Available to Family

01/14/2015 11:50:00 AM

Years of studying at a university and a degree is achieved, the woman with a love for money and things,

It's All In the Family: How to Get Rid of a House Guest: Boyfriend, Girlf...

01/13/2015 23:45:00 PM

It's All In the Family: How to Get Rid of a House Guest: Boyfriend, Girlf...: Whether it is your new boyfriend who doesn’t know when to go home or your friend with roommate problems, this person is invading your spac...

Ready to Date Again? 10 Signs Your Online Date Has Hidden Mental Issues

01/12/2015 14:11:00 PM

Dating Advice, Relationship Problems: 10 Signs Your Online Date Has Hidden Mental Issues...: Have you been in contact with someone online that you are doubtful about meeting in person?