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test quiz

08/19/2014 13:50:40 PM

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Diet Trends Through the Years [Medifast Infographic]

07/28/2014 01:47:22 AM

I’ve always wanted to try going on a diet. I’m not overweight and I exercise daily, but I rarely watch what I eat and most of the stuff I do eat is quite unhealthy. I know people who never exercise, but do maintain healthy diets and are ...

How Long is a Marathon [Infographic]

06/25/2014 11:05:42 AM

Watching my weight was never a concern, especially in high school. Running 40+ miles a week allowed us to eat full meals (appetizer, entree, dessert and 4-5 glasses of lemonade) without remorse. Of course, things change when you get older, ...

UCSD Triton 5K 2014 Race Report

06/22/2014 02:01:00 AM

This was my 3rd event in 2 weekends, but the way I liked to compare it, it was 10 miles less than last week’s race! Obviously, the 5K is its own beast since I’m running at a much faster pace, it’s just as difficult to run a 5K as it

San Diego Century 67-mile Bike Ride

06/22/2014 01:26:55 AM

The longest ride I’ve done prior to this event was 45 miles, which was pretty tough. I have no idea how other riders were able to do the 100-mile option for this ride! It definitely wasn’t a world record, but I completed the course! Res ...

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon Race Report 2014

06/22/2014 00:48:52 AM

This race was probably one of the most hyped races I’ve ran in quite some time. What do I mean when I say hyped? There were just certain expectations that I felt pressured to accomplish, whether it was reasonable or not is another question. ...

Xterra Black Mountain 16K Trail Run Race Report

04/19/2014 00:18:35 AM

Like all races I’ve ran the past year or so, I did not feel prepared for this race. I stopped running in the mornings  and started going to the gym after work (if it’s not too late and I feel motivated to go..) At the gym, I’ve bee

Physical Therapy For Everyone

03/26/2014 22:21:28 PM

Physical therapy is a very important part of recovery for many people who have found themselves with an injury or recovering from surgery. When people want to get back to normal as soon as possible, they must make sure to work with a clinic ...

How Children Benefit From Organized Soccer Leagues

03/11/2014 23:11:36 PM

Soccer is played by millions of people across the world. Parents notice a lot of benefits when they sign their children up for a local soccer league. Participating in an organized league is a constructive activity that teaches your children ...

Wakeboard Towers For Added Fun

03/10/2014 13:16:43 PM

Wakeboarding is a sport that makes your adrenalin flow and requires gaining maximum momentum as well as good tension on the rope to send the rider in the air bouncing from wake to wake. Wakeboard towers, like the ones you can find at WakeE ...

2014 LA Chinatown Firecracker 10K Race Report

03/01/2014 19:51:03 PM

A Family that Runs Together, Stays Together This is the 4th year I’ve ran this race now, and 2nd that I’ve ran it with my siblings and nephews. It’s always fun to run this race since I get to run it with family and compete against some ...

Race Report: 2014 Carlsbad Half Marathon

01/20/2014 00:14:18 AM

Looks like I’m making it a habit to run this race ever other year. When I ran it in 2010, it was my 2nd half marathon and it is still my fastest half to date at 1:28. I ran it again in 2012 and ran a decent time of 1:34:08. I just realized ...

About Heart Rate Monitors

12/30/2013 13:58:35 PM

Those who are serious about taking their training to another level will find that using a heart rate monitor during their work out sessions is very beneficial. Without it, a person will often worry that they are under training and will often ...

Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

11/25/2013 00:08:24 AM

Quick running update: I was going to take a break from running after the Long Beach 5K and focus more on biking and just working out at the gym. But then they started a running club at work to train for a half marathon in January, so I decided ...

Long Beach 5K Race Report

10/14/2013 02:15:15 AM

This is my first official race after breaking my wrist during 4th of July weekend which resulted in surgery and 6 weeks in a cast. Although I was technically able to run with the cast on, I was also transitioning to a new job and I didn’t ...

4th of July Scripps Ranch 28 Mile Bike Ride Race Report

07/27/2013 18:10:36 PM

Couple of weeks late with this post as usual. The Old Pros Scripps Ranch 4th of July events include a 2 mile fun run, 10K, as well as 12, 28 and 50 mile bike ride. For the past four years, I’ve been running the 10K, but this year decided to ...

UCSD Triton 5K Race Report

06/09/2013 22:38:46 PM

Hopefully this race report is even more ‘brief’ than the last one. It should be too, it was only a 5K; not even a week after last week’s half marathon! Because the race was so short, the slightest difference in results made a huge d

San Diego 2013 Rock n Roll Half Marathon Race Report

06/09/2013 22:01:45 PM

I always say I’m going to be brief but end up writing way too much for anyone to be interested in reading. So I’ll get straight to the point, here are the official results: 1:37:56, 13.01 mi (7:32 min/mile). Placing: AG 107/1071, overa ...

Tour of Long Beach 31-Mile Ride Race Report

05/16/2013 01:02:16 AM

I actually registered for this race months before, but as it got closer and closer to race day, I still wasn’t sure if I was going to do this 31 mile bike ride. That’s the problem with signing up for a race so far in advanced, you never ...

Santa Anita Derby Day 5K Race Report

04/23/2013 00:38:55 AM

I’ve wanted to run this race for a few years now, mostly because it’s literally next door to the mall by my parent’s house in LA. I wasn’t planning to run it again this year, but my friend told me that he was going to run it and told ...

2013 Mission Driven Eco Run 10K Trail Run Race Report

03/24/2013 00:03:19 AM

Two weeks ago, when we lost an hour due to daylight savings, I decided to start waking up early to run before work. Even though it was just 3-4 miles a day, it was more running that I had done in quite some time. Those two weeks of miles under ...

Senorita Century 45 Mile Ride Race Report

03/04/2013 03:17:13 AM

I won an entry to this race but wasn’t sure if I was going to sign up, even though it would have been my first organized ride. What I was afraid of was being the only male in this ‘beautiful ride for women’; fortunately they had a ride ...