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How to Trust your Own Muscle Memory & Body Knowledge – Stop Fighting Your ‘Better’ Self.

06/14/2022 06:41:37 AM

Notice: Tai Chi Glossary

05/22/2022 16:17:11 PM

Practical Practice Comes First, Understanding Theory Is Secondary

04/22/2022 03:37:49 AM

On “Waist” in Tai Chi Chuan: The Waist is Not What You Think

04/11/2022 06:11:48 AM


02/20/2022 16:29:49 PM

Understanding Balance and Gravity

12/30/2021 21:09:56 PM

‘Body Mechanics’ as Body ‘Language’

11/29/2021 04:26:03 AM

Heavy Bags Allowed in Tai Chi? – An Introduction to Punching Stuff: Punching – Part II

11/14/2021 05:37:25 AM

What is a Punch in Tai Chi Chuan? – Tai Chi Punching Part I

10/01/2021 05:13:15 AM

Understanding Your Enemy

09/16/2021 04:29:25 AM

Tai Chi Chuan – The Snake and Crane Art of Kung Fu

08/15/2021 13:51:35 PM

When Cooperation Is Necessary

08/01/2021 11:39:59 AM

Throw Away the Qi

07/14/2021 08:43:40 AM

Internal External Merge Together – 內外相合

06/29/2021 11:21:02 AM

More on Cross-Training & Tai Chi: Don’t Mix Styles but Practice What Your Body Needs

06/14/2021 05:24:39 AM

Tai Chi Chuan 5 Steps Explained

05/28/2021 03:44:07 AM

On Tai Chi Secrets and Indoor Practice

04/30/2021 10:32:52 AM

On Breathing in Tai Chi Chuan

03/28/2021 12:54:23 PM

Was Baguazhang really invented by Dong Haichuan?

03/09/2021 11:20:16 AM

The Earlier Names of Tai Chi Chuan Explained

01/28/2021 05:38:41 AM

Awareness – A Key to Happiness (According to Science)

01/20/2021 08:55:44 AM

On How to Be a Great Tai Chi Chuan Teacher

12/29/2020 08:29:28 AM

A Spectator Has No Chance to Master Tai Chi Chuan

12/12/2020 15:04:33 PM

Tip & Review: The Martial Man Membership page

10/30/2020 07:17:27 AM

Has Tai Chi Become a mess? If so – Why Would I Even Care?

10/14/2020 06:24:33 AM

Musings on “Silk Reeling” and Buddhism in Chen style Tai Chi Chuan

09/13/2020 00:26:55 AM

Long Forms vs Short Forms – What Should You Start to Learn?

07/23/2020 17:46:16 PM

The Anti-Taoist Tai Chi Movement of the 21st Century

07/06/2020 10:46:36 AM

Why Rewiring your Brain is Necessary for Tai Chi Chuan

07/04/2020 09:22:50 AM

The Symbolism of Water in Daoism and Tai Chi Chuan

06/22/2020 19:17:33 PM

Daoist Origins of Tai Chi Chuan and Internal Martial Arts

06/19/2020 11:18:44 AM

Tai Chi Origins – Youtube Video Series

05/25/2020 09:54:08 AM

What Tai Chi Chuan Was Lost in Translation? – Old Yang Style, History & Myths

05/18/2020 09:34:28 AM

Q&A with Richard Clear

05/08/2020 04:50:01 AM

Is The First Tai Chi Class The Most Important One?

04/27/2020 15:04:33 PM

On the Importance of a Warrior’s Mind in Times of Hardship and Distress

04/09/2020 11:31:39 AM

Mind or No-Mind? – On “Xin” in Taijiquan

03/25/2020 09:08:30 AM

Is Taijiquan a Type of Qigong?

03/12/2020 13:07:02 PM

On Weight Lifting & Strength Training and T’ai Chi Ch’uan

03/04/2020 06:07:30 AM

Why Long Forms in Chinese Martial Arts and in Tai Chi Chuan?

02/26/2020 11:29:10 AM

Tai Chi Shoulders – Relax the Shoulders but Don’t Force them Down

02/12/2020 11:00:07 AM

Reclaiming the Scapula with Tai Chi Chuan

02/01/2020 07:29:41 AM

My View On The Tai Chi Ruler and its Practice

01/22/2020 09:44:36 AM

Why Making Tai Chi a Habit Can Improve Your Entire Life

01/08/2020 08:43:37 AM

Tai Chi Small Frame Practice and Why You Should Learn Large Movements First and Small Movements Later

12/30/2019 19:40:32 PM

What Tai Chi Style Should I Choose? A Short Guide to Tai Chi Styles

10/13/2019 09:36:49 AM

Complicating the Simple. Simplifying it Again.

09/30/2019 12:53:47 PM

T’ai Chi Ch’uan – The Art of Being Lazy?

08/06/2019 06:24:53 AM

Conflicting Building Blocks? What to Learn and When

07/29/2019 03:52:55 AM

Why There’s No Continuous Movement Without Engagement From The Core

07/26/2019 09:57:18 AM

Building a Strong Foundation Through Partner Practice

07/17/2019 01:11:19 AM

On the Problems of Complexity and Diversity of Body Mechanics Within the Same Art

07/03/2019 05:39:41 AM

Why the Idea of Different “Styles” is Merely an Illusion

06/26/2019 08:49:04 AM

Yi and The Tai Chi Body

05/31/2019 11:40:07 AM

Don’t Underestimate a Relaxed Face

05/13/2019 04:02:32 AM

Achieving Deeper Understanding of Tai Chi Chuan By Assuming Distance

05/05/2019 06:04:48 AM

A Response to the Recent Wing Chun Confusion On Establishing Ground Path in the Internal Arts

04/21/2019 08:27:40 AM

T’ai Chi Ch’uan Essentials: The Learning Process of Body Mechanics

03/04/2019 06:25:11 AM

Tai Chi and Meditation

02/17/2019 11:04:13 AM

Book Review: The Metamorphosis of Tai Chi by Robert Agar-Hutton

02/08/2019 04:07:47 AM

Q&A with Jonathan Bluestein

02/01/2019 03:58:59 AM

On Acceptance

01/14/2019 05:19:08 AM

Q&A with Michael Babin

01/11/2019 03:10:55 AM

Q&A with Robert Agar-Hutton

01/04/2019 03:33:51 AM

T’ai Chi Ch’uan and the Sushi Chef Approach to Martial Arts

12/30/2018 10:14:24 AM

Q&A With Master Wong

12/28/2018 03:12:42 AM

On Open-Close (??) and The Six Harmonies ( ?? ) in T’ai Chi Ch’uan

12/26/2018 03:17:39 AM

Q&A with Ken Gullette

12/21/2018 03:58:55 AM

About the Future of this Blog and an Upcoming Q&A Interview Series Starting Friday

12/17/2018 06:11:56 AM

On Fascia & Tai Chi Chuan

12/13/2018 12:01:28 PM

Can T’ai Chi Ch’uan Be Combined With Other Styles?

12/06/2018 06:28:20 AM

On the Dantian and Why it is Important to be Specific About What You Mean With This Name

12/03/2018 06:54:33 AM

You Don’t Need to Put Your Teacher on a Pedestal Just Because He Says “Sink the Qi.”

11/29/2018 09:47:15 AM

Eight YouTube Channels Worth Following

11/17/2018 07:31:41 AM

A Further Explanation of the Concept of Qi

11/01/2018 05:10:01 AM

Qi on the Inside, Jin on the Outside

10/30/2018 02:31:20 AM

A Small Question About Tai Chi Fighting Ranges & Distances.

10/22/2018 16:28:51 PM

Don’t Worry Too Much About Doing Things Wrong

10/14/2018 17:35:15 PM

The Touch of a Master

09/08/2018 07:38:54 AM

Just get it right and don’t think too much about Qi.

08/30/2018 02:54:34 AM

Internal – A Personal Journey

08/15/2018 09:53:51 AM

Is There Any Internal Standard?

08/13/2018 09:15:27 AM

The Art of Keeping Things Simple

07/28/2018 06:55:40 AM

More on Internal vs External Martial Arts

07/20/2018 10:48:04 AM

On How To Make It Work (…IRL)

07/03/2018 04:10:15 AM

On Rooting in T’ai Chi Ch’uan

06/27/2018 04:14:37 AM

On Fighting Strategies in T’ai Chi Ch’uan

06/03/2018 05:32:39 AM

On Chansijin / Silk Reeling as a Non-Style Specific Concept

05/29/2018 14:51:53 PM

Learning By Doing

05/18/2018 05:40:35 AM

Is Tai Chi Enough as a Form of Combat?

05/12/2018 17:22:17 PM

Tai Chi Resources

04/30/2018 09:20:46 AM

Monkey See, Monkey Do

04/20/2018 15:46:35 PM

“Use Yi instead of Li.” – ?????

04/01/2018 17:26:51 PM

A Matter of Balance… (video)

03/19/2018 10:37:57 AM

On the Correct Attitude For Learning and Mastering Tai Chi Chuan

02/10/2018 08:41:52 AM

Soft First, Al Dente Later. Ok… But Then, How Soft? (And how do you achieve it?)

01/29/2018 10:54:03 AM

Taiji Ba Jin – A guide to The Eight Jins or “Energies” in T’ai Chi Ch’uan

01/25/2018 16:49:16 PM

Is Tai Chi a Throwing Art Or a Striking Art? Or Maybe Something Else?

01/04/2018 17:25:33 PM

When Should You Start To Learn Push Hands?

12/22/2017 03:58:02 AM

Form, Push Hands or Sparring? – On developing Fighting Skills in Tai Chi Chuan

12/12/2017 15:40:49 PM