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Do you have what it takes to take what I have?

06/01/23 8:05 PM

Four absolute bangers that use xylophones, kid you not

02/13/23 6:05 PM

Why GLASS ONION soars while KALEIDOSCOPE goes splat

01/17/23 10:55 AM

NOWHERE by Black Match is a masterpiece of Badass Acoustic

01/09/23 8:05 AM

Why real fights are far cheaper—and far better–than fake CGI cray-cray

11/29/22 3:12 PM

PORK AND BEANS by Weezer is a music video masterpiece

11/28/22 3:12 PM

Best song ever for Halloween? WEREWOLVES OF LONDON

10/31/22 3:13 PM

Top 7 ways Ukraine beat Russia on the information battlefield

09/14/22 3:02 PM

Top 5 music videos from Ukraine’s fight for freedom

09/12/22 10:24 AM

Why you need to read RITA HAYWARD AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION by Stephen King

08/24/22 3:01 PM

Here’s how Marvel lost its mojo–and why DC never had it

08/23/22 8:38 AM

THAT FUNNY FEELING by Bo Burnham is today’s WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE, except better

08/22/22 3:12 PM

All the ways Trump is mangling his messaging and legal strategies EVERY DAY

08/20/22 12:30 PM

Mullets will never die

08/18/22 6:12 PM

Why DAY SHIFT basically works, and how to fix what doesn’t

08/17/22 6:30 PM

1 PUMP LOTUS will never sell out

07/25/22 10:02 AM

What went right, and wrong, with WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH?

10/06/20 8:05 AM

VERY NOISE by Igorrr is definitely weird, but is it any good?

10/05/20 3:12 PM

Part 2: The Reckoning–Actually building an Evil Supercomputer to take over the world

10/03/20 12:53 PM

Part 1: Why you can and SHOULD build an Evil Supercomputer to take over the world

10/02/20 11:34 AM