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Golf and Fashion

07/16/2013 16:59:51 PM

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Why do I play so badly?

07/10/2013 17:29:22 PM

“Why don’t we play to our handicap more often?” This is a question I got from a reader, and it’s one which is difficult to answer…if, at least, you’d like an interesting one. I actually looked into answering this b

Life Lessons in Golf – Practice & Persistence

06/05/2013 17:52:33 PM

Why your ball might end up in trouble

05/22/2013 17:37:10 PM

(a lesson in golf from the ski slopes) What do golf and skiing have in common? I don’t think I’ll ever get Mrs Geek back on skis. We tried it, once. I’d spent a week skiing most Easters for around 10 years, and I’d loved it. S

Your biggest golfing frustrations- and how I can help

05/15/2013 17:16:59 PM

A slight change of focus today. Usually, I concentrate on helping you improve at golf, using lessons I’ve learned on the course and in life. But today’s a bit different. I’d like you to help me. Help me to help you, that is. I’

The Vital Ingredient You Can Do Without

05/08/2013 17:55:23 PM

  What “lemonade rocks” taught me about golf improvement. I’ve only scored 100% in an exam once. It happened in my first year of secondary school, in maths of all subjects. I remember it clearly; we’d moved into the area at t


05/01/2013 17:09:10 PM

A Surprising Revelation?

12/05/2012 16:33:57 PM

I have a confession to make. I haven’t played enough golf this year. And I don’t mean in an “I can never get enough golf” way. I really just didn’t get out to play anywhere near often enough. It’s understandable in

Breaking The Chain Of Reaction On The Golf Course

11/28/2012 17:30:08 PM

In my last article I encouraged you to differentiate between your reaction and your response. A response is measured, considered, chosen. Reactions are…less so. A large amount of our frustration arises from the mistaken belief that we’re ...

The Real Reason You Feel Frustrated By Poor Shots?

11/14/2012 16:42:18 PM

Have you ever read a book on the mental game and thought “that’s not realistic”? It’s very easy to say  you shouldn’t get angry on the course…but much harder to do. Even in his pomp, Tiger got mad – why els