10/17/2017 01:09:00 AM

Wojciech Gerson, Polish"I'm Just Saying, Before You Do Something Rash, You Might Want To Consider Couples Counseling," 1869Oil on canvas


10/15/2017 21:58:00 PM

Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre, SwissNanny Wondering What's the Polite Way To Ask Your Boss If She's Familiar With the Concept of a Robe, 1868Oil on canvas


10/12/2017 20:07:00 PM

Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre, SwissWhat Men Think REALLY Goes On At Bachelorette Parties, 1849Oil on canvas


10/12/2017 09:04:00 AM

Edward Poynter, BritishSextus Marcellus Hated When the Roman Army Hired Temps, Because He Always Got Stuck With the Weirdos, 1868Oil on canvas


10/10/2017 23:07:00 PM

Carlos Esquivel y Rivas, SpanishAlaric II, King of the Visigoths, Stung By the Times' Bad Review of His Sack of Rome, 1856Oil on canvas


10/09/2017 21:38:00 PM

Jean-Léon Gérôme, FrenchOkay, So It Wasn't the New York City Ballet, But To Heather, All Those Years at Juilliard Were Still Totally Worth It, 1863Oil on panel


10/08/2017 22:48:00 PM

Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, German-AmericanKing Henry VIII Pulling a Harvey Weinstein, 1846Oil on canvas


10/06/2017 00:43:00 AM

John Linnell, British"Don't Do It, Jesus.  I'm Telling You, the Water Isn't Deep Enough For a Backflip," 1867Oil on canvas


10/04/2017 20:41:00 PM

Carl Rudolf Huber, AustrianLater, Jim Would Recall the Stable Hand Shouting Something About Not Making Direct Eye Contact, Just Before Everything Went Black, 1866Oil on canvas


10/03/2017 21:32:00 PM

Adolf von Schallberg, Austrian"Sorry, Adolf.  I Didn't Notice This Pile of Dirty Laundry Behind Me Until Just Now.  Plus I'm Standing Weird.  Can We Please Start Over?", 1860Oil on canvas


10/02/2017 21:45:00 PM

Jules Breton, French"Yeah, It's Not a Great Job, But There's Not a Whole Lot Else You Can Do With an Applied Peasantry Degree," 1865Oil on canvas


10/01/2017 23:34:00 PM

Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, Danish"Oh, There Actually IS Something Here in the Manual, Honey.  It Says 'Tip #4: When Standing on Ladder, Try Not To Fall Off,'" 1865Oil on canvas


09/28/2017 22:09:00 PM

Walter Crane, British"Yo Babe, Why the Attitude?  Your Tinder Profile Says You Love Picnics and Guys Who Can Pull Off Knee-High Boots," 1863Oil on canvas


09/27/2017 23:29:00 PM

Artist UnknownWaiter Trying to Remember Which of His Tables Asked For These Extra Napkins, 1863Oil on canvas


09/26/2017 21:21:00 PM

Rafael Flores, MexicanI'm Not Saying It's Bad, Son, But For Now Maybe You Should Just Stick With the Messiah Thing," 1857Oil on canvas


09/26/2017 01:01:00 AM

Jean-François Millet, FrenchLittle Bo Peep Letting Everyone on Facebook Know She Found Her Sheep, 1863Oil on canvas


09/24/2017 22:56:00 PM

Edmund Leighton, British"Okay, There -- You're a Knight.  Now I Suggest You Get Up Before Trump Sees You Kneeling," 1901Oil on canvas


09/24/2017 09:56:00 AM

Hendrik Frans Schaefels, Belgian"Hey, You Know What I Just Realized?  If We Start a Family Now, Our Child Will Graduate From Rehab the Same Year as Kylie Jenner's Kid," 1863Oil on panel


09/21/2017 22:25:00 PM

C.A. Ekman, Nationality Unknown"Before You Do This, I Should Warn You, Axe Murder is a Minimum Two Hail Marys," 1854Medium unknown


09/20/2017 21:42:00 PM

William Powell Frith, EnglishThe Artist, Wondering If Maybe His Story About Seeing Monet At His Gym Wasn't As Fascinating As He Thought It Was, 1853Oil on canvas


09/19/2017 20:53:00 PM

Friedrich Horschelt, GermanWhen Your Neighbors' Remodeling Crew Starts With the Power Drills at 6 in the F*ing Morning, 1853Oil on canvas


09/18/2017 22:14:00 PM

Giuseppe Bezzuoli, ItalianJust To Be Safe, Whenever She Read Erotic Fiction, Julia Would Periodically Check Her Pulse Rate, 1843Oil on canvas


09/18/2017 00:09:00 AM

Artist UnknownAustria's Franz Joseph I After Eight Weeks on Jenny Craig, ca. 1849Oil on canvas


09/14/2017 23:35:00 PM

Thomas Baines, English"Honey, Don't You Think You Should Put a Top On?  The Photographer From National Geographic Is Going To Be Here Any Minute," 1848Oil on canvas


09/14/2017 00:18:00 AM

Paul Delaroche, FrenchWhen You're Halfway Across the Alps and You Realize You Forgot To Pack the Immodium, 1848Oil on canvas


09/12/2017 22:17:00 PM

Carl Steffeck, German"Now Hold On a Second.  I Was Under the Impression That Fomenting Revolution Was a Misdemeanor," 1848Oil on canvas


09/12/2017 01:53:00 AM

Georg Wachter, German"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (Page 127), 1845Oil on canvas


09/11/2017 02:55:00 AM

George Catlin, AmericanNative American Riding Bearback, 1844Print


09/07/2017 21:38:00 PM

Henry Byam Martin, BritishHawaii's Hottest New Reality Show: "Keeping Up With the Kamakawiwo'oles," 1847Oil on canvas


09/06/2017 20:00:00 PM

Nils Blommér, SwedishDarryl, Wondering If He'd Have Better Luck With the Chicks If He Switched To the Drums, 1846Oil on canvas


09/05/2017 21:26:00 PM

Thomas Webster, British"Sorry To Interrupt, Sir, But I'm Afraid We Don't Own the Rights to "Despacito," 1847Oil on panel


09/04/2017 20:57:00 PM

Charles-Victoire-Frederic Moench, French"Okay, Okay -- I'll Make You a Duke.  Just Help Me Get Her Back to the Strip Club Before My Wife Comes Home," 1846Oil on canvas


09/03/2017 20:06:00 PM

Eduard Hildebrandt, GermanHappy (Forced Child) Labor Day!, 1846Oil on canvas


08/31/2017 19:22:00 PM

Henry Pierce Bone, British (After George Hayter, British)Queen Victoria, Back When She Still Used To Pole Vault, 1843Enamel on copper


08/30/2017 19:52:00 PM

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, DanishStudy of a Nude Wondering What Zappos' Return Policy Is, 1843Oil on canvas


08/29/2017 21:58:00 PM

Julius Exner, Danish"You're Going To Kill Me, Jeff, But Now I'm Thinking That Statue Looked Better Where You Had It Upstairs," 1843Oil on canvas


08/28/2017 20:00:00 PM

Francesco Hayez, ItalianAs He Struggled To Reach For His Wallet, Phil Was Forced To Admit He'd Put His Toga On Wrong, 1844Oil on canvas


08/27/2017 20:19:00 PM

Raden Saleh, Javanese"It's a Lovely Anniversary Gift, Honey, But I Thought We'd Agreed We Weren't Doing Pheasants This Year," 1844Oil on canvas


08/24/2017 23:44:00 PM

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, AustrianSchoolteacher Trying To Calculate in His Head the Number of Days 'Til Retirement, 1841Oil on canvas


08/23/2017 22:02:00 PM

Johann Geyer, GermanAnd Just Like That, Sheila Suddenly Remembered Exactly Where She Left Her Curling Iron, 1842Oil on canvas


08/23/2017 00:49:00 AM

Marie-Joséphine-Angélique Mongez, French"Okay, I Gotta Go To Work.  What Time Am I Picking Him Up From Deity Care Again?," 1841Oil on canvas


08/22/2017 02:22:00 AM

Vilém Kandler, Czech"Are You Sure Tights Are the Right Look For This?  You Know I Hate My Calves," 1841Oil on canvas


08/20/2017 17:16:00 PM

Per Wickenberg, SwedishOedipus, Now Wishing He'd Sprung For a Pair of Those Eclipse Glasses, 1833Oil on canvas mounted on panel


08/15/2017 21:45:00 PM

Leon-Jean-Bazille Perrault, FrenchPhoebe from "Friends," Age 3 (With Smelly Cat), 1867Oil on canvas


07/28/2017 01:01:00 AM

John Partridge, BritishPrince Albert, Sporting His "Royal Family Employee of the Month" Medals, 1840Oil on canvas


07/27/2017 00:02:00 AM

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, GermanThe Duchess of Leuchtenberg, Pulling Down Her Sleeve To Cover Her Gang Tats, 1840Oil on canvas


07/25/2017 23:38:00 PM

Author UnknownKing Christian VIII of Denmark, Rocking the Royal Short Shorts, 1840Engraving


07/25/2017 01:27:00 AM

Benjamin Haydon, British"Before We Get Started, Can I Ask Everybody To Please Scooch Your Chairs Back About Two Feet?  You're Right Up in My Personal Space," 1841Oil on canvas


07/24/2017 01:01:00 AM

Georges Rouget, French (After Jacques-Louis David, French)"Follow Me.  I Think I See an Arby's Up Here on the Right," 1840Oil on canvas


07/21/2017 01:56:00 AM

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy, Russian"Wait.  Back Up.  They're Letting WHO Out of Jail?," 1871Oil on canvas


07/20/2017 01:01:00 AM

Günther Gensler, GermanShia LaBeouf in "Lincoln," 1840Oil on canvas


07/19/2017 02:22:00 AM

Elisabeth Alida Haanen, Dutch"My Pickled Herring Brings All the Boys to the Yard," 1840Oil on panel


07/17/2017 19:25:00 PM

Eugène Delacroix, French"I Wish You Guys Had Told Me You Were Hungry.  I've Had These Protein Bars On Me the Whole Time," 1840Oil on canvas


07/17/2017 08:41:00 AM

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, FrenchRaphael, Forced To Admit To Himself That Jeanine's Visits Were Becoming a Distraction, 1840Oil on canvas


07/14/2017 08:41:00 AM

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Danish"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (Page 147), 1874Oil on copper


07/13/2017 01:27:00 AM

Jacques-Laurent Agasse, SwissGuy Waiting For Giraffe To Puke Up the Pocket Watch He Dropped, 1827Oil on canvas


07/12/2017 02:33:00 AM

Vicente López y Portaña, SpanishSpanish Captain Mateo Casado, Winner of the 1838 Mr. Sarcastic Smirk Pageant, 1839Oil on canvas


07/11/2017 02:09:00 AM

Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans, FrenchPresident Andrew Jackson, Shortly After the Invention of the Blow Dryer, 1840Oil on canvas


07/10/2017 01:11:00 AM

Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux, French (after Louis Carrogis Carmontelle, French)1st Annual House of Lords Best Butt Contest, 1839Oil on canvas


07/07/2017 01:20:00 AM

Martinus Rorbye, DanishRare Photo of the Early Use of Waterfowl as a Means of Hypnosis, 1839Oil on canvas


07/05/2017 23:49:00 PM

Eduard Ihlée, GermanWhen You Go To Meet Your Boyfriend's Parents, and They Turn Out To Be in Some Religious Cult, 1839Oil on canvas


07/04/2017 23:31:00 PM

Jozsef Molnar, HungarianMoses Now Thinking Maybe He Should've Listened to Siri and Stayed on the Highway, 1850Oil on canvas


07/03/2017 21:15:00 PM

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, American"This Is Good, Tom.  But Just To Be Safe, I Think Only Congress Should Have the Power To Declare a Twitter War," 1819Oil on canvas


07/02/2017 22:02:00 PM

Giovanni Tognolli, Italian"Oh, Great.  This Is Just the Kind of Thing That Could Make Me Lose Custody Again," 1839Oil on canvas


06/30/2017 00:39:00 AM

Jean-Charles-Joseph Rémond, French"Kidding!  I Was Just Faking It, Cain!   You're Not Mad, Are You?  Cain!  Come Back!," 1838Oil on canvas


06/29/2017 00:22:00 AM

Charles Lock Eastlake, EnglishJesus Realizing He Must Have Accidentally Triple-Booked His Babysitting Gigs, 1839Oil on canvas


06/28/2017 01:11:00 AM

Julius Hübner, German"Dude, the Name of Our A Cappella Group Is "The Three Mustaches."  What the Hell Were You Thinking?," 1839Oil on canvas


06/27/2017 00:48:00 AM

August Carl Vilhelm Thomsen, DanishWhen You're in Charge of the Fox Hunt and Realize You Forgot to Bring the Fox, 1839Oil on canvas


06/25/2017 23:20:00 PM

Joseph Karl Stieler, GermanThe Priceless Look on Keith's Face When Someone Shouted "Bigfoot!," 1839Oil on canvas


06/22/2017 23:51:00 PM

Artist Unknown, Lower BavarianJesus Making a Sale at His Medical Marijuana Dispensary, 1838Fresco


06/21/2017 21:59:00 PM

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, GermanPortrait of a Woman Breastfeeding While Everyone Else Desperately Tries To Look Busy, 1837Oil on canvas


06/21/2017 01:02:00 AM

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, GermanButter Sculpture of the House of Habsburg, 1838Oil on canvas


06/19/2017 23:07:00 PM

Adriaan Wulffaert, Dutch"Have Fun Tonight Honey, But Remember the Rule:  No Sex Tape Until the Third Date," 1838Oil on panel


06/18/2017 23:06:00 PM

Anna Borrel, Nationality Unknown"Wait.  Before You Say Anything -- I'm Sorry I Had Your Footman Executed, But I Warned Him to Stop Calling Me 'Conehead,'" 1837Oil on canvas


06/15/2017 22:50:00 PM

Ferdinand Bol, Dutch"Happy Father's Day!  I Know You Wanted One of Those Echo Personal Assistants, But This Was the Closest Thing They Had," 1646Oil on canvas


06/15/2017 01:51:00 AM

Constanin Hansen, DanishThe Amazing Dmitri, X-Rated Ventriloquist, 1845Oil on canvas


06/13/2017 23:04:00 PM

Anonymous, Cuzco SchoolOpening Titles of the Classic 1470s Sitcom, "The Incan Bunch," 18th centuryOil on panel


06/12/2017 23:04:00 PM

Jan Hendrik van Grootvelt, Dutch"I Strongly Recommend You Get That Hand Off My Shoulder Before I Go All Wonder Woman on Your A**," 1837Oil on panel


06/11/2017 20:39:00 PM

Constantin Hansen, Danish"Heads Up!  Spider!," 1878Oil on canvas


06/08/2017 22:20:00 PM

Benjamin Heinrich Orth, German19th Century Folk Rock Supergroup Crosby, Stills & Neckbeard, 1835Oil on canvas


06/07/2017 22:19:00 PM

Friedrich Wilhelm Moritz, Swiss"Excuse Me -- This Is Probably a Longshot, But Is There a Chase ATM Around Here?," 1831Oil on canvas


06/06/2017 22:07:00 PM

François Joseph Heim, French"Wait, Everybody.  Without Uniforms, This Is Way Too Confusing.  We're Going To Have To Do Shirts Vs. Skins," 1834Oil on canvas


06/05/2017 23:06:00 PM

Louis Hersent, FrenchFrance's Queen Maria Amalia and Sons, Moments Before the Tragic Meteor Strike, 1835Oil on canvas


06/04/2017 18:49:00 PM

Herbert James Draper, British"Luckily He's Perfectly Fine, But I Can't Believe Amazon Didn't Send This In Bubble Wrap," 1900Oil on canvas


06/01/2017 23:31:00 PM

Carl Oesterley, German"I Can't Believe All Three of Us Wore Brown and Blue.  Guys, Do Me a Favor and Text Me Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow," 1833Oil on canvas


05/31/2017 23:15:00 PM

Robert T. Barrett, American"Covfefe.  C-O-V-F-I... No, Wait... C-O-V-E-F-... I'm Sorry.  Can You Please Use It in an Unintelligible Partial Tweet?," 1949Oil on canvas


05/30/2017 23:02:00 PM

Adolf Schmidt, GermanWoman Trying to Remember What the Heck She Did With Her Hemorrhoid Pillow, 1834Oil on canvas


05/29/2017 20:18:00 PM

Carl Julius Milde, GermanPastor Johann Rautenberg and Family, the Day Their WiFi Went Down, 1833Watercolor on paper


05/25/2017 23:55:00 PM

Michele de Napoli, Italian"Sir, We've Confiscated All the Enemy's Gold, Their Horses, and Their Weapons, But Unfortunately This Is All They Had in the Way of Toilet Paper.  Can You Hold It Until We Get Back to Rome?," Date UnknownOil on ca ...


05/24/2017 23:09:00 PM

Anthony VanArsdale, AmericanPope Francis, Politely Waiting For Trump To Finish His Tweet Before Shaking His Hand, 2013Oil on canvas


05/23/2017 22:58:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, PolishThat Time Grandma Lost Her Train of Thought in the Middle of a Story and We All Just Sat There For Like 10 Minutes, 1845Oil on canvas


05/22/2017 21:46:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, Polish"So I'm Halfway Through Building It When I Realize It's Missing Parts.  That's the Last Time I Buy a Wagon Wheel From IKEA," 1830Oil on canvas


05/21/2017 20:47:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, PolishWhen "Creepy Ed" Showed Up With Flowers for the Fifth Day in a Row, Sheila Realized She Should Probably Start Looking at Second-Story Apartments, 1850Oil on canvas


05/18/2017 23:29:00 PM

Gerard ter Borch, Dutch"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (page 251), 1673Oil on canvas


05/17/2017 23:36:00 PM

John William Waterhouse, British"Ohhh, I Get It, Odysseus.  You're Into the Whole "50 Shades" Bondage Thing.  We Can Work With That, Right Girls?," 1891Oil on canvas


05/17/2017 00:07:00 AM

Joseph Bergler the Younger, Austrian"Sorry to Interrupt, Sir, But Your Dad's on the Phone.  Something About Not Being Able To Find the Remote For the Pearly Gates," 1822Oil on canvas


05/16/2017 00:01:00 AM

Arthur Perigal the Elder, EnglishProm Photo Taken With World's Longest Selfie Stick, 1828Oil on canvas


05/15/2017 01:31:00 AM

Louis-Léopold Boilly, French"I'm Warning You, Travis.  Interrupt the Story Again and I'm Going to Shove This Shawl Where the Sun Don't Shine," 1824Illustration


05/12/2017 00:03:00 AM

Anna Kirstine Ancher, DanishThe Artist's Mother, Working On Her "I'm Not Angry, Just Disappointed" Face, 1913Oil on canvas


05/11/2017 10:45:00 AM

Eugénie Servières, French"No Lancelot, I Can Not 'Score You a Couple Condoms.'  But the CVS in South Camelot Is Open 24 Hours," Before 1855Oil on canvas