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02/19/2017 20:40:00 PM

Remy Cogghe, Belgian"I Guess Seeing the New 'Fifty Shades' Movie Last Night Gave Them a Few Ideas," 1908Oil on canvas


02/16/2017 21:08:00 PM

Gregory Frank Harris, American"Oh Yeah?  Well, YO Momma's So Fat, When She Walked In Front of the TV, I Missed 3 Seasons of "Downton Abbey,'" Date UnknownOil on canvas


02/15/2017 22:05:00 PM

Johann Ludwig Lund, Danish"Come On, Beth -- You Know This Is My Weekend To Have the Kid.  Let's Not Make This Into a Greek Tragedy," 1808Ol on canvas


02/14/2017 21:31:00 PM

Carl Johann Peyfuss, Austrian"Greetings, Your Excellency.  Shall I Ask Why You're Wearing Half a Watermelon On Your Head, Or Do I Not Want To Know?," 1908Mural


02/13/2017 20:54:00 PM

Ernst Stöhr, Austrian"Sorry, Honey.  This Was Supposed To Be Your Big Valentine's Day Surprise, But Then Your Mother Decided To Drop By," 1907Oil on canvas


02/12/2017 20:35:00 PM

Artist Unknown"Um, Excuse Me, Abraham.  You're Leading Again," 1865Rendering based on albumen silver print


02/09/2017 23:13:00 PM

Arthur Hughes, English"Don't Look Now, But Those Two Studs With the Face Tats Are Totally Checking Us Out," 1862Oil on canvas


02/08/2017 23:39:00 PM

Hermann Anton Stilke, GermanShe Was Warned.  She Was Given An Explanation Sentenced to Execution.  Nevertheless She Persisted, 1843Oil on canvas


02/07/2017 21:22:00 PM

Frederic Remington, AmericanNative American Teenagers Communicating With Friends Via Smokechat, 1905Oil on canvas


02/06/2017 21:05:00 PM

Katy Schneider, American"Hey, Don't Look At Me. Beyoncé Started It," 1995Oil on panel


02/06/2017 00:14:00 AM

Hermann Hendrich, GermanSaint George, Thinking Maybe He Should Go Back to the Car and Get His Suit of Armor For This, 1906Oil on canvas


02/05/2017 10:41:00 AM

José Malhoa, PortuguesePortrait of Every Super Bowl Party Mid-Way Through the Third Quarter, 1907Oil on canvas


02/03/2017 18:16:00 PM

Peter Paul Rubens, FlemishJesus Coming Out of Retirement To Do the Super Bowl Coin Toss, 1612Oil on panel


02/02/2017 21:33:00 PM

Laurits Tuxen, Danish"You Want to Take This Outside, Mr. Ambassador?  Or Are You Just Going to Sit There Like a Little Bitch?," 1906Oil on canvas


02/01/2017 21:18:00 PM

Brian Hatton, British"I'm Sorry Sir, But You're Either Going To Have To Put On Some Pants, Or Find Yourself Another Chipotle," 1906Oil on canvas


01/31/2017 22:30:00 PM

Michael Ancher, DanishJudges Panel at 1898 Hawaiian Tropic Wet T-Shirt Contest, 1906Oil on canvas


01/30/2017 20:54:00 PM

Frants Henningsen, Danish"I'm Not Personally Familiar With a Drink Called 'SunnyD,' Sir, But I'd Be Happy To Check With Our Bartender," 1906Oil on canvas


01/29/2017 18:25:00 PM

Carl Larsson, SwedishAdult Film Star Answering Fan Mail On Her Lunch Break, 1906Watercolor


01/26/2017 22:55:00 PM

José Frappa, FrenchJilted Pope About to Break Into Song in "Vatican: The Musical," 1904Oil on wood


01/25/2017 21:28:00 PM

Arnold Henry Savage Landor, EnglishTry As They Might, Tiffany and Her Sister Couldn't Get the Hang of Hide-and-Seek, 1905Oil on canvas


01/24/2017 20:24:00 PM

Lucas Cranach the Younger, GermanMeryl Streep, Going a Different Direction With the Oscars Dress This Year, 1564Oil on wood


01/23/2017 21:56:00 PM

Thomas Cooper Gotch, British"Come On, Now -- We Had a Deal, Trevor.   You Were Allowed To Have a Pet Dragon IF You Took Care of His Litter Box," 1904Watercolor


01/22/2017 21:12:00 PM

Michael Ancher, DanishLegendary Icelandic Painter Pablo Parka-sso, 1902Oil on canvas


01/19/2017 21:51:00 PM

Juan Lepiani, Peruvian"YOU Get a Car!  And YOU Get a Car!  EVERYBODY Gets a Car!," 1904Oil on canvas


01/18/2017 21:42:00 PM

Henri Lebasque, FrenchYoung Girl Reading As Sister Helps Self to Liquor Cabinet, 1904Oil on canvas


01/17/2017 22:10:00 PM

Hans Thoma, GermanAfter Four Babies in Five Years, It Was Decided That Lancelot Would Start Wearing Protection, 1904Oil on cardboard


01/16/2017 20:41:00 PM

Anton Braith, German"Guys, This Is Going to Sound Terrible, But I Could Really Go For a Burger Right Now," 1904Oil on canvas


01/16/2017 00:01:00 AM

emancip8r1863 chillin@ford's w/ my bae mtl ????#theaterlife #goyankees #blessedPaul-Albert Besnard, FrenchAbraham Lincoln's Last Instagram Post, 1903Oil on canvas


11/22/2016 21:10:00 PM

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, American"Your People are Welcome to Keep the Leftovers.  And By Leftovers, I Mean South Dakota and New Mexico," 1893Oil on canvas


11/22/2016 00:17:00 AM

Theodore Robinson, American"My Dearest Maude, I Only Left But Hours Ago, and Yet I Miss You Terribly.  May the Days Fly By Until You're in My Arms Again.All My Love, Charles  P.S. I Think Your Cat Might Be Dead," 1895Oil on canvas


11/20/2016 20:44:00 PM

Oscar Pereira da Silva, BrazilianOlivia, About to Find Out That Fingers Look a Lot Like Carrots, 1895Oil on canvas


11/17/2016 22:33:00 PM

Giovanni Segantini, ItalianThe Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Uncontrollable Retching, 1893Oil on canvas


11/16/2016 21:40:00 PM

Jean-Louis Forain, French"Low-Wire Wanda," Tightrope Walker With a Fear of Heights, 1895Oil on canvas


11/15/2016 20:49:00 PM

Franz Georg Kleber, AustrianRussian Mail-Order Bride, Still in the Bubble Wrap, 1895Oil on canvas


11/14/2016 21:05:00 PM

Peder Severin Kroyer, Norwegian-DanishThe 1892 National Convention of the American Sausage Party, 1895Oil on canvas


11/13/2016 20:09:00 PM

Hermann Bek-Gran, GermanFamily in Dusseldorf Taking the Mannequin Challenge, 1895Oil on canvas


11/10/2016 15:17:00 PM

Artist Unknown"Okay Folks, the Next Stop on our Tour is the Lincoln Bedroom.


11/10/2016 00:30:00 AM

William-Adolphe Bouguereau, French"I Finally Got the Baby Down for His Morning Nap.


11/09/2016 01:42:00 AM

Leopold Horovitz, Polish-HungarianPortrait of Sufferer of Polleximagophobia (Fear of Having One's Thumbs Painted), 1894Oil on canvas


11/07/2016 15:07:00 PM

Howard Chandler Christy, American"And Now, How Many in Favor of Trump, By Show of Tiny Hands," 1940Oil on canvas


11/06/2016 20:53:00 PM

Albert Anker, Swiss"Hmm. I Suppose the Fact I've Wet Myself Means I've Had Enough Tea," 1895Oil on canvas


11/03/2016 22:02:00 PM

Hans von Bartels, German#hotmilkmaidsofinstagram, 1894Oil on canvas


11/03/2016 01:13:00 AM

Gari Melchers, American"Hey, Is It Cool I Slept With Your Sister?


11/01/2016 22:49:00 PM

Aurelio de Figueiredo, BrazilianPolitical Prisoner Starting to Suspect This Isn't Really a Bungee Jump, 1893Oil on canvas


11/01/2016 00:12:00 AM

Michael Ancher, DanishAmish Bachelorette Party Enjoying a Performance by The Thunder From Down Under, 1893Oil on canvas


10/30/2016 20:49:00 PM

Il Guercino, Italian"Sorry Kids, We Just Ran Out of Candy -- But Here, Take One of These," 1637Oil on canvas


10/28/2016 00:15:00 AM

Belmiro de Almeida, Brazilian"This One Time, at Maid Camp...," 1893Oil on canvas


10/26/2016 21:16:00 PM

Ferdinand Max Bredt, German"Well, Miss Jones, It Sounds Like You Would Be a Perfect Addition to our Harem.


10/26/2016 00:02:00 AM

William F. Cogswell, American"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (Page 41),


10/24/2016 23:34:00 PM

Ernst Klimt, Austrian"That Look's Fine for Around the Office, Tooth Fairy, But When You're Traveling on Business, We Need You to Wear a Top," 1892Oil on canvas


10/23/2016 22:00:00 PM

Daniel Sarrabat, French"Please. Water Into Wine Is Easy. But the 2016 World Series? That's Going on the Resume," 1696Oil on canvas


10/20/2016 22:07:00 PM

Hans Andersen Brendekekilde, Danish"Mom, I Know This is Going to Sound Crazy, But...I Think There's a Bad Hombre Under My Bed," 1889Oil on canvas


10/19/2016 23:13:00 PM

Artist Unknown"Wow, Blaze, Great Halloween Costume!


10/18/2016 22:12:00 PM

Alice Havers, EnglishThe Virgin Mary, Having Gotten Four Hours of Sleep in the Past Year-and-a-Half, 1888Oil on canvas


10/17/2016 22:29:00 PM

Jefferson David Chalfant, AmericanStudents Taking Midterm for Figure Drawing 101 (Introduction to Boobs and Buttocks), 1891Oil on panel


10/16/2016 21:17:00 PM

Eliseu Visconti, Brazilian"I'm Sorry, I Don't See the Problem.


10/13/2016 22:38:00 PM

Lipót Horovitz, HungarianAlbert's Brother, Edgar "Chubs" Einstein, 1890Oil on canvas


10/12/2016 21:32:00 PM

Hermenegildo Miralles, Spanish"Thanks Everybody, But I Think We Got This," 1910Medium unknown


10/12/2016 01:03:00 AM

Michael Ancher, DanishAnother Satisfied Customer of 1-800-Sunflowers, 1889Oil on canvas


10/10/2016 23:20:00 PM

Feodor Platonov, Russian"Sorry -- Pardon the Burp.


10/09/2016 16:07:00 PM

Jean-Honoré Fragonard, French"Hey -- Watch It, Donald.


10/06/2016 23:42:00 PM

Louis Hestaux, FrenchSurveillance Video of Guatemala's Covert Uranium Enrichment Program, 1889Oil on canvas


10/05/2016 22:57:00 PM

Julian Ashton, English-Australian"Damn It, No Gold AGAIN!


10/05/2016 00:09:00 AM

Károly Markó the Younger, Hungarian-ItalianContestants Getting Doused for Wet Dirndl Contest, 1889Oil on canvas


10/05/2016 00:09:00 AM

Will Hicock Low, American"You Realize Of Course That By Confiscating My Arrow, You're Violating My Second Amendment Rights," 1889Oil on panel


10/02/2016 23:19:00 PM

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, FrenchSiamese Twins Secretly Reading the Bearded Lady's Diary, 1889Oil on canvas


09/29/2016 20:56:00 PM

Albert Bierstadt, American"Attention, Attention: All Passengers Are Invited To Come Meet This Season's Cast of 'The Biggest Loser,' Now Dining in Our Portside Lounge," 1889Oil on paper mounted on masonite


09/28/2016 22:51:00 PM

William Powell Frith, EnglishThe City Orphanage's Customer Service Department Accepting Returns, 1888Oil on canvas


09/28/2016 00:04:00 AM

Theodor Kittelsen, Norwegian"Yeah Yeah, You're the King of the World.


09/27/2016 00:43:00 AM

Artist UnknownConcerned Supporter Subtly Offering Sniffling Trump a Hanky, ca. 1600Oil on canvas


09/25/2016 23:54:00 PM

Léon Frédéric, BelgianGirls Watching Debate Between That Sick Lady and the Orange Man,


09/23/2016 00:14:00 AM

Émile Bernard, French"It's Your Call: Lie There and Cry Like a Spoiled Baby, Or Go Get Your Own F***ing Towel," 1887Oil on canvas


09/21/2016 22:59:00 PM

Fredrik Carl Erik Torner, SwedishWoman Calmly Watching Boyfriend Get Attacked by Bear, 1886Oil on canvas


09/21/2016 00:44:00 AM

Platt Powell Ryder, AmericanAbraham Lincoln After Botox, 1888Oil on canvas


09/19/2016 23:10:00 PM

Otto Brausewetter, German"Not to Interrupt, But Can You Guys Believe the Natural Light They Get in Here?," 1888Oil on canvas


09/18/2016 23:01:00 PM

William Merritt Chase, AmericanLauren, the Pathologically Shy Nude Model, 1888Oil on canvas


09/16/2016 00:46:00 AM

John Charles Maggs, British"The Fast and the Furious 8: The Early Years," 1887Oil on canvas


09/15/2016 00:52:00 AM

Jean-Léon Gérome, French"Plus, If You Buy Today, It's Zero Down With No Interest Until the Fall of the Ottoman Empire," 1887Oil on canvas


09/14/2016 02:09:00 AM

Henry F. Farny, American"Hey, If We're Going to Do This, You Mind Flipping Me Over in 20 Minutes?


09/13/2016 01:31:00 AM

Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen, DanishWhen You Realize You're Out of Diapers and the Nearest Target is 4000 Miles Away, 1886Watercolor


09/12/2016 00:48:00 AM

Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Dutch-British"So Then I Say to Caesar, 'Oh Yeah? You and Whose Army?' Which in Retrospect, Was Probably a Mistake," 1886Oil on wood


09/09/2016 01:34:00 AM

Ilona Barabas, HungarianThe Virgin Mary Getting Carded at Nazareth Liquors, 1886Oil on canvas


09/07/2016 21:23:00 PM

Peter Nicolai Arbo, NorwegianKilling Time During Jury Deliberations at the Salem Witch Trials,


09/07/2016 01:26:00 AM

Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski, Polish"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture (Page 105)," 1885Oil on panel


09/05/2016 22:33:00 PM

Evelyn de Morgan, BritishOpen Auditions to be the New Starbucks Logo, 1886Oil on canvas


09/05/2016 00:13:00 AM

Félix-Henri Giacomotti, French"My Word, Ladies! I Heard That From Down the Hall! Which of You Just Ripped One?," 1886Oil on canvas


09/02/2016 01:58:00 AM

Lazzaro Pisani, MalteseCain, Wondering if He Should Take Abel's Wallet to Make it Look Like a Robbery, 1885Oil on canvas


08/31/2016 23:04:00 PM

Hans von Marées, German"Come On, Talk to Him, Stacy.


08/30/2016 22:55:00 PM

Johannes Gehrts, GermanBarbarian Dad Teaching His Son to Drive, 1885Oil on cardboard


08/29/2016 23:18:00 PM

Winslow Homer, American"Oh, Great.


08/28/2016 23:24:00 PM

Robert Harris, Canadian"I'm Sorry, Dennis.


08/26/2016 01:06:00 AM

Emile Claus, BelgianThat Bizarre Tinder Date I Was Telling You About (But Hey, At Least He Brought Flowers), 1885Oil on canvas


08/24/2016 23:45:00 PM

Eduard Pfyffer, SwissRestaurant Patron Wondering How Long it Takes to Make a Friggin' Kale Smoothie, 1885Oil on canvas


08/23/2016 22:22:00 PM

Frank Dicksee, British"Damn, This is Going Too Fast.


08/23/2016 00:41:00 AM

Arnold Bocklin, SwissBoy Riding Unicorn With Serious Meth Addiction, 1885Oil on panel


08/21/2016 20:44:00 PM

Norman Macbeth, ScottishThe Artist, Seriously Considering Shanking His Roommate if He Doesn't Stop With the Snoring, 1884Oil on canvas


08/18/2016 23:36:00 PM

Juan Comba Garcia, Spanish"It's Okay, Tyler. That Original Rubens Was Only Worth $14 Million," 1884Oil on canvas


08/17/2016 22:54:00 PM

William Huggins, English"Before" and "After" Photos of Simba With the Hakuna Matata Hair Replacement System, 1884Oil on canvas


08/17/2016 00:52:00 AM

Johannes Gehrts, German"Oh, They're Just Teasing You, Honey.


08/15/2016 22:24:00 PM

Gotthardt Kuehl, German#4 on BuzzFeed's List of "21 Things More Exciting Than NBC's Olympics Coverage," 1884Oil on canvas