05/25/2017 23:55:00 PM

Michele de Napoli, Italian"Sir, We've Confiscated All the Enemy's Gold, Their Horses, and Their Weapons, But Unfortunately This Is All They Had in the Way of Toilet Paper.  Can You Hold It Until We Get Back to Rome?," Date UnknownOil on ca ...


05/24/2017 23:09:00 PM

Anthony VanArsdale, AmericanPope Francis, Politely Waiting For Trump To Finish His Tweet Before Shaking His Hand, 2013Oil on canvas


05/23/2017 22:58:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, PolishThat Time Grandma Lost Her Train of Thought in the Middle of a Story and We All Just Sat There For Like 10 Minutes, 1845Oil on canvas


05/22/2017 21:46:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, Polish"So I'm Halfway Through Building It When I Realize It's Missing Parts.  That's the Last Time I Buy a Wagon Wheel From IKEA," 1830Oil on canvas


05/21/2017 20:47:00 PM

Ludwig August Most, PolishWhen "Creepy Ed" Showed Up With Flowers for the Fifth Day in a Row, Sheila Realized She Should Probably Start Looking at Second-Story Apartments, 1850Oil on canvas


05/18/2017 23:29:00 PM

Gerard ter Borch, Dutch"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (page 251), 1673Oil on canvas


05/17/2017 23:36:00 PM

John William Waterhouse, British"Ohhh, I Get It, Odysseus.  You're Into the Whole "50 Shades" Bondage Thing.  We Can Work With That, Right Girls?," 1891Oil on canvas


05/17/2017 00:07:00 AM

Joseph Bergler the Younger, Austrian"Sorry to Interrupt, Sir, But Your Dad's on the Phone.  Something About Not Being Able To Find the Remote For the Pearly Gates," 1822Oil on canvas


05/16/2017 00:01:00 AM

Arthur Perigal the Elder, EnglishProm Photo Taken With World's Longest Selfie Stick, 1828Oil on canvas


05/15/2017 01:31:00 AM

Louis-Léopold Boilly, French"I'm Warning You, Travis.  Interrupt the Story Again and I'm Going to Shove This Shawl Where the Sun Don't Shine," 1824Illustration


05/12/2017 00:03:00 AM

Anna Kirstine Ancher, DanishThe Artist's Mother, Working On Her "I'm Not Angry, Just Disappointed" Face, 1913Oil on canvas


05/11/2017 10:45:00 AM

Eugénie Servières, French"No Lancelot, I Can Not 'Score You a Couple Condoms.'  But the CVS in South Camelot Is Open 24 Hours," Before 1855Oil on canvas


05/09/2017 23:45:00 PM

Jacques-Laurent Agasse, Swiss"Right Now I'm Offering Zero Down With No Interest For the First Six Months.  Or We Can Talk About Getting You Into a Lease," 1822Oil on canvas


05/08/2017 21:49:00 PM

Louis-François Cassas, French"Of Course I'd Love to Live Here Forever, But 'His Majesty' Wants to Flip It and Downsize to a Condo," 1822Watercolor on paper


05/07/2017 20:42:00 PM

Eugénie Servières, French"No Honey, I Can't Watch the Kids.  I've Got 2 Inquisitions, Hernando de Soto's Performance Review, and a Codpiece Fitting," 1822Oil on canvas


05/04/2017 22:51:00 PM

Joseph Denis Odevaere, FlemishBrochure for the Law Offices of Westingham, Morris & Some Dead Guy, LLC, 1805Oil on canvas


05/03/2017 22:27:00 PM

Johannes Jelgerhuis, Dutch"I'm Sorry, Sir.  I'm Afraid I've Never Heard of a Book Called "Eat, Pray, Love."  Are You SURE It's By Dickens?," 1820Oil on canvas


05/02/2017 21:25:00 PM

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, German"Okay, I Get It -- You're Upset That I Cheated on You With Your Best Friend.  But Let's Not Let It Ruin Our Anniversary," 1819Oil on canvas


05/02/2017 09:35:00 AM

William Etty, British"Dude!  What Part of 'Tie on the Doorknob' Did You Not Understand?," 1820Oil on canvas


04/30/2017 21:36:00 PM

Jean-Baptiste Regnault, FrenchNot What Aphrodite Had in Mind When Paris Said He Was Getting Her Something From the Apple Store, 1820Oil on canvas


04/27/2017 22:37:00 PM

Carl Frederik von Breda, SwedishCharlotte, Suddenly Sensing Her Date's Getting Annoyed That She's Been Doing All the Talking, 1811Oil on canvas


04/27/2017 00:50:00 AM

François Gérard, FrenchFamily Reacting to God's Epic Fart, 1819Oil on canvas


04/25/2017 22:36:00 PM

Johann Christoph Erhard, GermanAxe Murderer Taking a Break To Write in His Diary, 1819Oil on canvas


04/24/2017 23:24:00 PM

Juan Antonio Ribera, Spanish"Wait!  Before You Kill Me, Let Me Just See Who's at the Door.  I'm Expecting Some Stuff From Amazon," 1819Oil on canvas


04/24/2017 00:06:00 AM

José Mariá Arango, SpanishWhen You Start To Wave at a Friend and Then Realize It's Just a Mirror, 1819Oil on canvas


04/21/2017 00:30:00 AM

V.P. Mokhnachev, RussianListen Grandpa, I Didn't Want To Be the One To Tell You, But I Think You've Been Using That Hammer Backwards," 1818Oil on canvas


04/19/2017 23:28:00 PM

Charles de Steuben, French"Okay, Before We Start Marching, By Show of Hands, Who Needs to Use the Restroom?," 1818Oil on canvas


04/18/2017 22:32:00 PM

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Austrian"I Say You Were Right to Dump Him, Allison.  Hey -- If He Liked It, He Should've Put a Ring On It," 1818Oil on cardboard


04/17/2017 22:53:00 PM

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, German"I Checked with God About the Facebook Thing.  He Says If There's Not an Option for 'Having a Supreme Being's Child By Virgin Birth,' You Should Just Say 'It's Complicated,'" 1818Oil on canvas


04/16/2017 23:57:00 PM

Nicolas-André Monsiau, FrenchAlexander the Great Spoiling the Ending of "The Fate of the Furious" for Diogenes, 1818Oil on canvas


04/13/2017 21:50:00 PM

Henry Herbert La Thangue, EnglishThat Year the Easter Bunny Didn't Come So We Had to Hunt for Goose Droppings, 1901Oil on canvas


04/12/2017 22:18:00 PM

John Ferneley, British"Yeah, Never You Mind Who Let the Dogs Out.  Who Let YOU Out, Smartypants?," 1818Oil on canvas


04/11/2017 23:00:00 PM

Albrecht Adam, GermanPa, Moments Before Getting Nailed With His Second FUI (Farming Under the Influence), 1818Oil on canvas


04/10/2017 22:31:00 PM

Johann Christian Reinhart, GermanApollo Slaying the Python (Apparently Unaware You Need a Permit For That), 1817Oil on panel


04/09/2017 21:33:00 PM

Jean Alaux, FrenchA) Couple Having Staring Contest, 1818B) Couple Having Staring Contest (3 Hours Later), 1818Oil on canvas


04/06/2017 22:24:00 PM

Artist Unknown, Swiss"Great Moments in Phallic Portraiture" (Pages 42 and 43), 1808Print


04/05/2017 22:38:00 PM

Emanuel Thelning, Swedish-Finnish"Yo, It Sounds Like I Just Got a Text.  Could Somebody Down There Please Check My Phone?," 1812Oil on canvas


04/04/2017 22:34:00 PM

George Dawe, English"If Either of You Guys Knows What To Do For a Heroin Overdose, This Would Be the Time To Mention It," 1809Oil on canvas


04/03/2017 21:41:00 PM

Caroline Bardua, GermanI'm the NRA, 1817Oil on canvas


04/02/2017 22:35:00 PM

Christopher Wilhelm Eckersberg, DanishBefore the UFC Passed the Rule About Spears, 1817Oil on canvas


04/01/2017 10:48:00 AM

Charles Robert Leslie, English"Don't Feel Bad, Todd.  Aristotle Got Me With the Saran Wrap on the Toilet Seat Too," 1812Oil on canvas


03/30/2017 21:44:00 PM

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, DanishRevelers Celebrating National Arson Day, 1807Oil on canvas


03/29/2017 23:26:00 PM

Louis Ducis, French"Come On, We Had a Deal:  A Kiss For Trump's Tax Returns," 1812Oil on canvas


03/28/2017 21:52:00 PM

Louis-Philippe Crépin, FrenchKing Louis XIII Leading His Court's Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training, 1814Oil on panel


03/27/2017 21:27:00 PM

William George Stephen, Nationality Unknown"I'm Not Going To Lie To You -- It's a Fixer-Upper.  But You Can't Beat the School District," 1812Watercolor


03/27/2017 00:28:00 AM

Amédée Forestier, Anglo-FrenchFrench Politicians Congratulating Each Other on Repealing LouisXIVcare, 1914Oil on canvas


03/23/2017 21:26:00 PM

Louis-Léopold Boilly, FrenchOverflow Crowd Watching Napoleon's Coronation Outside on the Jumbotron, 1810Oil on canvas


03/22/2017 22:22:00 PM

Michael Köck, Austrian"Wait, I've Got It!  You're Michael Bublé!," 1806Oil on canvas


03/21/2017 20:59:00 PM

Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret, FrenchKing Charles V, Suggesting Titian Try Using a Brush Instead of a Roller, 1808Oil on canvas


03/20/2017 23:39:00 PM

Marie-Gabrielle Capet, French"Psst.  I'll Give You Fifty Bucks If You Paint 'Douche Nozzle' Across His Forehead," 1808Oil on canvas


03/19/2017 19:50:00 PM

Jean-Baptiste Peytavin, FrenchHow Babies Were Delivered Before the Stork, 1808Oil on canvas


03/16/2017 17:45:00 PM

Alessandro Turchi (called Orbetto), ItalianDavid, Upon Being Told You're Actually Just Supposed to Pinch Someone For Not Wearing Green, 17th centuryOil on canvas


03/15/2017 22:11:00 PM

Fleury François Richard, French"Yes, Polly, You've Made It Quite Clear What You Want.  But the Proper Term Is 'Communion Wafer,'" 1804Oil on canvas


03/14/2017 22:50:00 PM

Vincenzo Camuccini, ItalianRoman Senators Throwing Caesar a Surprise Retirement Party, 1804Oil on canvas


03/13/2017 21:37:00 PM

Benjamin West, American"Excuse Me, Friend -- Perhaps You Didn't See the Sign.  'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Scalp.'" 1768Oil on canvas


03/12/2017 21:50:00 PM

John Trumbull, AmericanAlexander Hamilton's Controversial GQ Cover (Before and After Airbrushing), 1806Oil on canvas


03/09/2017 21:59:00 PM

Joakim Skovgaard, Danish"I Know You Think Adam Is Cheating On You, Eve, But I Kind of Believe Him When He Says There's No One Else," 1909Oil on canvas


03/08/2017 20:42:00 PM

Charles Meynier, FrenchMeditrina, Roman Goddess of Wine, Failing Her Field Sobriety Test, 1800Oil on canvas


03/07/2017 21:28:00 PM

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, GermanBaritone Skipping Barbershop Quartet Rehearsal to Work on His Tan, 1909Oil on cardboard


03/06/2017 20:51:00 PM

Johann Christoph Fesel, GermanCops Breaking Up a Free the Nipple Protest, 1801Oil on canvas


03/06/2017 09:53:00 AM

José Madrazo, Spanish"You Have the Right To Remain Silent.  Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used to Establish a Major Western Religion...," 1803Oil on canvas


03/02/2017 21:59:00 PM

Eugene de Blaas, Italian"Umm... Honey?  That Photo I Texted Was Supposed To Be Private," 1901Oil on canvas


03/01/2017 22:23:00 PM

Gebhard Fugel, GermanOut of High-Concept Miracle Ideas, Jesus Resorts to Curing Male-Pattern Baldness, 1909Fresco


02/28/2017 21:05:00 PM

Wojciech Kossak, Polish"Sorry Folks, But I Clocked You Plowing 40 in a 25 Furrows-Per-Hour Zone," 1909Oil on canvas


02/28/2017 00:28:00 AM

Paul de La Boulaye, FrenchJoan of Arc, Off to Chat With Her Neighbor About Turning Down His Stereo, 1909Oil on canvas


02/27/2017 10:09:00 AM

Master of the Prayer Books of Around 1500, FlemishChairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers Doing the Right Thing, ca. 1490Illumination on parchment


02/26/2017 22:52:00 PM

Karel Myslbek, Czech"So What Do You Say?  Should We Try CPR, or Just Rob Him and Call It a Day?," 1909Oil on canvas


02/26/2017 16:30:00 PM

Piero del Pollaiolo, Italian"Darn -- I Never Thought I'd Be Up Here, So I Didn't Write a Speech," 1475Oil on canvas


02/23/2017 22:09:00 PM

Oleksandr Murashko, Ukrainian"Oh No -- I Forgot To Tell Our Cult Leader That I Have To Miss Saturday's Brainwashing For a Wedding," 1909Oil on canvas


02/22/2017 21:15:00 PM

James Abbott McNeill Whistler, AmericanOscars Seat Filler Busting Her Ass in Final Week of Training, 1871Oil on canvas


02/21/2017 22:38:00 PM

Emil Zschimmer, German"Last Warning.  I Catch You in My Blueberry Patch Again, I Take a Pinkie," 1900Oil on canvas


02/20/2017 22:28:00 PM

Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry, HungarianMoses Checking His Yardage to the Green at the Farmers Insurance Exodus Open®, 1908Oil on canvas


02/19/2017 20:40:00 PM

Remy Cogghe, Belgian"I Guess Seeing the New 'Fifty Shades' Movie Last Night Gave Them a Few Ideas," 1908Oil on canvas


02/16/2017 21:08:00 PM

Gregory Frank Harris, American"Oh Yeah?  Well, YO Momma's So Fat, When She Walked In Front of the TV, I Missed 3 Seasons of "Downton Abbey,'" Date UnknownOil on canvas


02/15/2017 22:05:00 PM

Johann Ludwig Lund, Danish"Come On, Beth -- You Know This Is My Weekend To Have the Kid.  Let's Not Make This Into a Greek Tragedy," 1808Ol on canvas


02/14/2017 21:31:00 PM

Carl Johann Peyfuss, Austrian"Greetings, Your Excellency.  Shall I Ask Why You're Wearing Half a Watermelon On Your Head, Or Do I Not Want To Know?," 1908Mural


02/13/2017 20:54:00 PM

Ernst Stöhr, Austrian"Sorry, Honey.  This Was Supposed To Be Your Big Valentine's Day Surprise, But Then Your Mother Decided To Drop By," 1907Oil on canvas


02/12/2017 20:35:00 PM

Artist Unknown"Um, Excuse Me, Abraham.  You're Leading Again," 1865Rendering based on albumen silver print


02/09/2017 23:13:00 PM

Arthur Hughes, English"Don't Look Now, But Those Two Studs With the Face Tats Are Totally Checking Us Out," 1862Oil on canvas


02/08/2017 23:39:00 PM

Hermann Anton Stilke, GermanShe Was Warned.  She Was Given An Explanation Sentenced to Execution.  Nevertheless She Persisted, 1843Oil on canvas


02/07/2017 21:22:00 PM

Frederic Remington, AmericanNative American Teenagers Communicating With Friends Via Smokechat, 1905Oil on canvas


02/06/2017 21:05:00 PM

Katy Schneider, American"Hey, Don't Look At Me. Beyoncé Started It," 1995Oil on panel


02/06/2017 00:14:00 AM

Hermann Hendrich, GermanSaint George, Thinking Maybe He Should Go Back to the Car and Get His Suit of Armor For This, 1906Oil on canvas


02/05/2017 10:41:00 AM

José Malhoa, PortuguesePortrait of Every Super Bowl Party Mid-Way Through the Third Quarter, 1907Oil on canvas


02/03/2017 18:16:00 PM

Peter Paul Rubens, FlemishJesus Coming Out of Retirement To Do the Super Bowl Coin Toss, 1612Oil on panel


02/02/2017 21:33:00 PM

Laurits Tuxen, Danish"You Want to Take This Outside, Mr. Ambassador?  Or Are You Just Going to Sit There Like a Little Bitch?," 1906Oil on canvas


02/01/2017 21:18:00 PM

Brian Hatton, British"I'm Sorry Sir, But You're Either Going To Have To Put On Some Pants, Or Find Yourself Another Chipotle," 1906Oil on canvas


01/31/2017 22:30:00 PM

Michael Ancher, DanishJudges Panel at 1898 Hawaiian Tropic Wet T-Shirt Contest, 1906Oil on canvas


01/30/2017 20:54:00 PM

Frants Henningsen, Danish"I'm Not Personally Familiar With a Drink Called 'SunnyD,' Sir, But I'd Be Happy To Check With Our Bartender," 1906Oil on canvas


01/29/2017 18:25:00 PM

Carl Larsson, SwedishAdult Film Star Answering Fan Mail On Her Lunch Break, 1906Watercolor


01/26/2017 22:55:00 PM

José Frappa, FrenchJilted Pope About to Break Into Song in "Vatican: The Musical," 1904Oil on wood


01/25/2017 21:28:00 PM

Arnold Henry Savage Landor, EnglishTry As They Might, Tiffany and Her Sister Couldn't Get the Hang of Hide-and-Seek, 1905Oil on canvas


01/24/2017 20:24:00 PM

Lucas Cranach the Younger, GermanMeryl Streep, Going a Different Direction With the Oscars Dress This Year, 1564Oil on wood


01/23/2017 21:56:00 PM

Thomas Cooper Gotch, British"Come On, Now -- We Had a Deal, Trevor.   You Were Allowed To Have a Pet Dragon IF You Took Care of His Litter Box," 1904Watercolor


01/22/2017 21:12:00 PM

Michael Ancher, DanishLegendary Icelandic Painter Pablo Parka-sso, 1902Oil on canvas


01/19/2017 21:51:00 PM

Juan Lepiani, Peruvian"YOU Get a Car!  And YOU Get a Car!  EVERYBODY Gets a Car!," 1904Oil on canvas


01/18/2017 21:42:00 PM

Henri Lebasque, FrenchYoung Girl Reading As Sister Helps Self to Liquor Cabinet, 1904Oil on canvas


01/17/2017 22:10:00 PM

Hans Thoma, GermanAfter Four Babies in Five Years, It Was Decided That Lancelot Would Start Wearing Protection, 1904Oil on cardboard


01/16/2017 20:41:00 PM

Anton Braith, German"Guys, This Is Going to Sound Terrible, But I Could Really Go For a Burger Right Now," 1904Oil on canvas


01/16/2017 00:01:00 AM

emancip8r1863 chillin@ford's w/ my bae mtl ????#theaterlife #goyankees #blessedPaul-Albert Besnard, FrenchAbraham Lincoln's Last Instagram Post, 1903Oil on canvas