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Ethereum ($ETH) Breaks Out Above Resistance, as Bitcoin ($BTC) Nears its All-time High

10/15/2021 11:57:00 AM

Bitcoin Blasts Off, but will the Rest of the Crypto Market Soon Follow?

10/10/2021 15:19:58 PM

How to Score Big Gains Buying Top Stocks on a Pullback to the 10-week MA

10/06/2021 20:41:10 PM

Bitcoin Breakout: Why $BTC may be Headed Much Higher in the Near-term

10/01/2021 13:26:25 PM

Why Quant May Soon Break Out to Fresh All-time Highs ($QNT)

09/29/2021 20:28:18 PM

September Stock Sell-off: Why This Time May Be Different

09/29/2021 09:06:06 AM

Hot Trade Alert: Why $SNAP is set up for a Massive Breakout Now!

09/23/2021 09:15:01 AM

3 Explosive Cryptos Setting Up for Potential Buy Entry Now

08/23/2021 21:19:36 PM

Hot Recent IPO Trade Alert: $DOCS Poised for Bull Flag Breakout Now

08/18/2021 11:57:52 AM

4 Leading Cryptos Setting Up for Potential Buy Entry Now

08/16/2021 18:55:19 PM

Protected: Morpheus Crypto Report – August 16, 2021

08/16/2021 10:35:47 AM

Triad of Trading Profits: How to Pick Stocks with Maximum “Bang for the Buck”

08/12/2021 17:27:33 PM

Are The Bitcoin Bulls Back? Here’s Where $BTC May Be Headed Next

08/02/2021 10:32:06 AM

20% Gain! How We Used Relative Strength in the Current Market to Trade $NVDA

07/23/2021 11:40:42 AM

Is the Nasdaq Starting to Run Out of Gas?

07/15/2021 13:34:47 PM

How to Profit from Low-Risk Buy Entries with the “NR7” Indicator

07/06/2021 11:54:23 AM

Breakout Alert: Recent IPO Lightspeed POS Nearing Buy Point ($LSPD)

06/09/2021 12:15:05 PM

Hot Trade Review: $RBLX Breakout Leads to a +21% Gain in 5 Days

05/28/2021 11:44:06 AM

Why Funds May Be Ready to Rotate Back in to Explosive Tech Stocks Again

05/24/2021 14:13:10 PM

$MVIS Blasts +64% Higher After Morpheus Swing Trader Chatroom Call

05/06/2021 14:10:47 PM

Hot Trade Alert: Why $SNAP is Set Up for Explosive Buy Entry Now

04/28/2021 09:35:51 AM

How to Find Low-Risk Entries in Top Stocks with the 50-day Moving Average

04/21/2021 13:32:22 PM

$AMAT Breakout: Why We Bought Applied Materials Ahead of this Week’s Big Gains

04/01/2021 16:38:32 PM

3 Hot Cryptocurrency Stocks Setting Up for Explosive Moves Now

03/21/2021 13:53:35 PM

Nasdaq Selloff: Why It May Now Be Time to Patiently Sit on the Sidelines

02/23/2021 13:56:25 PM

Arcimoto: How We Scored a Quick +28% Gain with a Low-Risk Pullback Trade Entry [$FUV]

02/04/2021 17:53:21 PM

7 Top Stocks Primed for Explosive Breakouts Now!

01/08/2021 07:56:28 AM

9 Hot Growth Stocks Setting Up For Breakout Entry Now [video]

12/18/2020 13:40:18 PM

How to Score Huge Gains from Powerful Earnings Gap Ups

12/16/2020 15:36:33 PM

Where Are Stocks Headed Next? Here’s Why It Doesn’t Really Matter!

12/13/2020 14:03:54 PM

Bonus Stock Trade Alert: $KC Breakout Setup

12/09/2020 08:55:44 AM

5 Top Growth Stock Setups Primed for Breakout Now [video]

12/04/2020 08:25:59 AM

$SNOW IPO: How the Bullish Reversal Candlestick Pattern Led to a +33% Gain in 8 Days

11/29/2020 12:44:24 PM

What Does a Winning Trading System Have in Common with Pro Gambling?

11/18/2020 07:48:27 AM

[video] How to Buy Opening Breakaway Gaps Using a 5-Minute Chart

11/13/2020 14:07:24 PM

[video] Best Growth Stock Setups for Swing Trading Now

11/06/2020 08:21:56 AM

[video] Top Growth Stocks Setting up for Potential Buy Entry Now

10/23/2020 13:24:47 PM

How To Easily Find the Next Leading Stocks After a Market Correction

10/15/2020 14:56:11 PM

How We Found $NIO Before It Exploded +40% Higher This Week

08/28/2020 09:09:13 AM

$TSLA trade review: How to manage winning trades for maximum profits

08/19/2020 14:02:48 PM

3 Leading Growth Stocks Ready to Explode Higher Now

08/06/2020 12:09:25 PM

How We Gained +51% in Fastly-Despite Selling Shares Too Early [$FSLY]

07/24/2020 12:44:40 PM

How We Gained +70% in Livongo–Despite Missing the First Breakout [$LVGO]

07/10/2020 13:24:48 PM

Trade Update: $TSLA Gain Now +38% Above Our Buy Entry

07/01/2020 15:05:06 PM

3 Hot Stocks to Buy on a Pullback (and how to know when)

06/23/2020 12:25:50 PM

Why Amazon is Now Poised for Another Huge Rally [$AMZN]

06/04/2020 13:44:34 PM

Swing Trade Alert: Potential Breakout in Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD)

05/21/2020 08:48:47 AM

$GLD – Why Gold ETF is Ready to Breakout to New Highs Now

05/13/2020 14:10:42 PM

2 Hot Stocks Poised For Potential Breakout Now

05/13/2020 11:39:41 AM

Trade Alert: $TSLA Breakout From Cup With Handle

05/06/2020 09:32:22 AM

Rally Pullback or Exhaustion? Watch Leading Stocks at 20-day Moving Averages

05/01/2020 16:22:41 PM

Breakout Trade Setup: $AMD Earnings Play

04/28/2020 11:46:09 AM

Trade Review: +8.8% Gain on Zoom Video’s Breakout Day [$ZM]

04/24/2020 08:58:50 AM

3 Proven Ways to Identify a Potential Market Bottom

04/05/2020 17:55:57 PM

3 Top Trading Tips for Staying Safe in this Market Correction

03/26/2020 13:54:52 PM

3 Hot Biotech Coronavirus Stocks Breaking Out Now

03/18/2020 23:25:38 PM

Why Software Stocks Are the Best Stocks to Buy Now

02/05/2020 10:47:49 AM

How to Properly Manage Your Winning Trades Now

01/29/2020 10:40:07 AM

Video: Best Stock Picks for Swing Trading Now

01/16/2020 10:43:18 AM

2 Top Software Stocks Poised for Explosive Breakouts in 2020 ($DDOG, $SNAP)

01/13/2020 11:23:32 AM

Penny Stock Risks: The Real Danger of Pump and Dump Schemes

01/06/2020 09:05:45 AM

How To Score Monster Gains From Trading Breakaway Gaps

12/30/2019 10:51:50 AM

How Subtle Chart Patterns Can Lead To Explosive Rallies

12/19/2019 11:44:01 AM

Trading Mini Lesson: Why “Planning The Trade & Trading The Plan” Always Pays Off!

11/27/2019 08:49:58 AM

How We Bought Tesla On A Pullback After Its Massive Breakout | $TSLA

11/12/2019 12:58:41 PM

How To Buy Top Stock & ETF Breakouts On A Pullback

11/06/2019 11:58:04 AM

Why $SNBR Is Now A Top Breakout Trade Setup

10/30/2019 09:49:40 AM

3 Hot “Gap Up” Stocks To Buy Now (Plus 1 To Avoid)

11/07/2018 04:13:54 AM

Technical Analysis: Stock Market Support & Resistance Levels Now

09/21/2018 09:17:46 AM

How To Trade Breakaway Gaps For Huge Stock Gains

09/06/2018 04:56:15 AM

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: $BTC-USD Chart More Bullish

09/04/2018 13:03:27 PM

Labor Day Promo: Save 35% On Our Best Stock Trading Video Course

08/30/2018 06:04:57 AM

How Has The Stock Market Historically Performed Around Labor Day?

08/27/2018 19:33:47 PM

CryptoPicks: Hot New Bitcoin Technical Analysis Newsletter

08/27/2018 12:27:17 PM

ETF Options Trading: Remember It’s Never The Same Day Twice!

05/31/2018 12:07:50 PM

S&P 500 Analysis: The Market’s Next Move After The Sell-off

02/21/2018 06:05:14 AM

$UNP Breakout Trade Review: +20% Gain Ahead Of Earnings

02/15/2018 06:08:40 AM

Selling $EEM Call Options For A Quick 30% Gain Today

11/16/2017 13:30:58 PM

Hot ETF Swing Trade Alert: Now Buying $EEM (Track It Live)

11/14/2017 04:34:52 AM

$MZOR Breakout Trade Review: +57% Gain On A Two-Month Hold

11/06/2017 08:35:18 AM

Your ETF Trading Strategy With A 90% Win Rate — Mind If It’s Boring?

10/30/2017 10:31:20 AM

How To Find The Best Stocks To Buy BEFORE They Breakout [slides]

09/13/2017 06:28:41 AM

How Has The Stock Market Historically Performed Around Labor Day?

08/28/2017 13:49:47 PM

Hot Trade Review: How We Scored +34% Gain In Square ($SQ)

08/25/2017 08:21:41 AM

Limiting Trendlines: How To Predict Key Resistance Levels In Stocks

08/16/2017 13:59:21 PM

Learning From Mistakes: Hold Your Winning Stocks Longer!

06/22/2017 09:32:20 AM

A Simple Options Strategy For Massive Earnings Season Profits

06/14/2017 03:09:09 AM

Trend Reversion: Can A Winning ETF Strategy Really Be This Simple?

06/07/2017 04:46:20 AM

Realtime Trading Room: Like Sitting Next To A Pro Trading Mentor

05/18/2017 06:16:57 AM

Candlestick Patterns: A Simple Tool To Improve Your Trading Success

05/16/2017 04:20:15 AM

Jack’s Back: Here’s A Simple Way To Successfully Trade ETF Options

05/09/2017 06:07:09 AM

5 Tips For Buying The Best Breakout Stocks (With Less False Signals)

05/01/2017 15:28:53 PM

Breakout Alert: Why New Relic Is Poised To Explode Higher [$NEWR]

04/20/2017 07:19:35 AM

Relative Strength Trading: How To Pick Winning Stocks In A Choppy Market

04/12/2017 06:21:16 AM

Let Your Winners Run: How Discipline & Patience Give You Maximum Profits

03/13/2017 03:51:44 AM

Video: How To Consistently Achieve Peak Performance In Trading

02/08/2017 03:32:30 AM

Stocks To Buy: 1 ETF And 2 Hot Healthcare Stocks Poised For Breakout

01/30/2017 11:10:45 AM

Why You Need To Buy Small-Cap & Mid-Cap Stocks In 2017

01/11/2017 05:09:38 AM

Feeling Nostalgic, So I’m Rolling Back To 2002 [Wagner Daily sale]

12/20/2016 13:47:39 PM

Winning Charts: $AMD Bull Flag Breakout, $PLNT Cup And Handle, $LNN Flat Base

12/15/2016 04:18:27 AM