First Fun Fact Friday: Kate Warne-First Female P.I. in the United States

07/21/2017 12:07:21 PM

Is GPS Tracking Through Smartphone Apps Enough?

07/11/2017 13:50:41 PM

If You are Recently Widowed or Divorced and Are Online Dating, Know These Warning Signs That Your Match Could be a Scammer

07/10/2017 10:13:19 AM

Don't answer any more DMs on your dating profile until you read this. A Licensed Private Investigator shares his experience in recognizing online dating scams

The 4 Most Common Myths of Working as a Private Investigator

06/27/2017 10:38:39 AM

Think Private Investigation is like Sherlock Holmes and Magnum PI? Spoiler alert: The trench coat and mustache are not required.

Why Hiring a Private Investigator for to Verify Google and Social Media Background Checks is a Good Idea

06/23/2017 13:47:02 PM

Google and Facebook are excellent tools in checking individuals, but does it reveal anything beyond the surface?

Swipe Left the Fakes: Is an Internet Search Enough to Find the Truth?

06/19/2017 12:29:15 PM

You finally swiped right, but is it a true match?

3 Tips to Detect Credit Card Skimmers

05/16/2017 15:14:47 PM

Recently a Suffolk County gas station found 2 card skimmers at the pumps. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon case throughout the country. As technology continues to grow, scammers are getting more sophisticated in stealing your credit card ...

Strategies for Identity Theft Protection

11/16/2016 11:49:16 AM

As I discussed in my previous blog post, identity theft is one the fastest growing crimes in modern society, and can represent substantial ongoing challenges for individuals who have fallen prey to it.  Many cases of identity theft can start ...

Recent Data Breaches in the News and the Threat of Identity Theft

11/07/2016 13:05:31 PM

In recent weeks, there have been news stories of high profile data breaches, in which innocent people’s personal information was made vulnerable, or deliberately accessed, by wrong-doers.  Aside from the Wikileaks issues, probably the most ...

Radius Investigations Speaking Engagement – How to Protect Yourself from Computer Fraud

10/31/2016 12:42:44 PM

Our topic will be: How to Protect Your Business and Your Clients from Computer Fraud, and How to Recover Forensic Data from Computers and Devices. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 12:30 p.m

MASTIC BEACH VILLAGE – Press Release and Mayoral Statement

10/10/2016 15:24:01 PM

PRESS RELEASE SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 More than 21 months ago, the Village Board and Village Attorney received a report alleging that a Village employee had utilized two background?search firms (Transunion/TLO and Lexis Nexis) with one of the firms’ ...

What is Fraud, and How Does It Appear in the Workplace?

09/23/2016 13:59:59 PM

fraud requires the perpetrator to use trickery, deceit, or lies to obtain some form of benefit – often money directly, but it could be other benefits, such as health insurance, a job, merchandise, better stock value for the company, etc

The Frightening Impact of Fraud and Theft on Businesses

09/13/2016 13:26:24 PM

If you own or run a business or organization, then you need to be concerned about fraud or internal theft. Fraud is a major problem that can, and has, affected organizations of all kinds, from businesses to non-profits, from small mom-and-pop ...

Robust Due Diligence of Overseas Business Ventures is Key to Avoiding FCPA Sanctions

09/06/2016 12:30:55 PM

Many companies hire local consulting firms or business agents to act as their representatives in foreign markets in order to keep their costs down. How can these companies be sure that their foreign representatives act in a way that complies ...

When Is The Right Time To Begin A Wrongful Arrest Investigation?

09/30/2015 19:32:53 PM

In general, the police are very careful and well equipped with the knowledge required to determine when to make an official arrest. But, unfortunately, there are always exceptions. A wrongful arrest can happen for any number of reasons–mistaken ...

When Is Covert Surveillance Necessary?

09/25/2015 18:14:03 PM

Investigations, by definition, involve the collection of information. Depending on the type of investigation being carried out, different methods may be used to collect such information. All investigations involve the gathering of facts–usually ...