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Not Dead Yet

12/11/2014 20:36:56 PM

Greetings PoB followers: Just a quick hello to let you know that yes, it has been awhile since I published anything here, however, I am still very much alive.  If you want a PoB fix follow me on Twitter @prattleonboyo or on the PoB Facebook ...

Temp Worker Nation USA

08/12/2013 20:43:35 PM

No retirement; no 401(k); no vacation time; no sick days; no health insurance. Doesn't everyone dream of being a temp?

Amazon's Kindle Worlds: Instant Thoughts

06/20/2013 13:55:46 PM

Reblogged from Whatever: The Twitters are abuzz today about Amazon's new "Kindle Worlds" program, in which people are allowed to write and then sell through Amazon their fan fiction for certain properties owned by Alloy Entertainment, including ...

Opinion | Face It; We Don’t Teach Out of Convenience!

06/18/2013 05:00:44 AM

I didn’t like the way my school was run and it was time for a change.

Review | Sony PRS-600 Touch eBook Reader

06/17/2013 16:17:59 PM

Still on the fence about whether or not you would enjoy reading on an eBook reader vs. dead trees? I can shed some insight.

What is Happenning in Istanbul?

06/04/2013 11:45:32 AM

Reblogged from İnsanlik Hali: To my friends who live outside of Turkey: I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources ...

Call For Book Reviewers

04/22/2013 13:03:41 PM

If you are a blogger who wants to review a chapter from a dark fantasy story, then I have a proposal for you.

Portrait Of A Douchebag

02/15/2013 18:09:39 PM

The Andrew Heenan online nutjob saga continues.

Facebook to Test Market Overriding User Privacy Preferences

12/22/2012 14:29:35 PM

All your inbox belong to Facebook.

Toshiba Canvio 3.0 External HDD

12/21/2012 19:48:33 PM

The Toshiba portable external hard drive has a small footprint that packs a wallop.

Newtown, CT | Killing In the Name Of

12/15/2012 18:55:09 PM

Americans are being programmed to blindly accept that mass shootings just happen and that the best society can do is to ban firearms. But no one is asking what causes it in the first place and what steps were taken to treat the problem.