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Neoteric Hovercraft: The ‘miracle’ needed in California #floods, #mudslides?

01/13/2018 16:13:47 PM

As of today, 462 homes have been damaged and 65 completely destroyed by the devastating flooding and mudslides that struck southern California Tuesday. Seventeen people have died and five are still missing. As the Associated Press reports, ...

Hurricane Harvey: Hovercraft built in Terre Haute at work in Texas

01/13/2018 10:16:30 AM

Terre Haute Tribune-StarSeptember 2, 2017By Howard GreningerFire chief: Hovercraft are ‘perfect tool for this kind of situation’An amphibious craft built in Terre Haute is helping to rescue flood victims of Hurricane Harvey in parts of ...

Neoteric customizes hovercraft for world's most remote private island

01/03/2018 14:39:13 PM

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Home Island is a tiny, palm-covered speck at an uninhabited coral atoll, much like “Gilligan’s Island” in 1960s television series. Home Island is the world’s most remote privately-owned land, a thousand ...

Cabin Fever? Here's the cure!

12/28/2017 18:53:47 PM

It’s that time of year in much of the world: the time when outdoor lovers have stowed away their boats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes and ATVs and are sitting inside hoping for some snowmobile weather.But that’s not the case with outdoor lovers ...

First responders: Save lives safely in ice rescue operations

12/12/2017 15:22:23 PM

In ice and water rescues, there is a universally accepted sequence: “reach, throw, row and go.” A “go” rescue is the point at which first responders physically go out on the ice to retrieve the victim – risking their own lives in the ...

Man, pregnant wife rescued from Brazos River by Neoteric Hovercraft

11/14/2017 17:30:02 PM

Nueces County Record StarMay 15, 2017By Mark WilsonA husband and his pregnant wife who became lost and exhausted while on a tubing excursion late Sunday afternoon on the Brazos River were rescued by members of the Somervell County Fire Department ...

Seguridad de Guanajuato in Mexico relies on Neoteric Hovercraft

05/15/2017 05:23:56 AM

Seguridad de Guanajuato, the state public security forces, is a branch of government in Mexico that is similar to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It's headquarters are in the city of Guanajuato, capitol of the state of Guanajuato. ...

LAST CHANCE! Don’t miss Neoteric Hovercraft #FDIC Booth 2704 Saturday

04/28/2017 20:45:17 PM

#FDIC2017 ends tomorrow - it’s your last chance to visit Booth 2704 and see why the Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft performs the absolute safest and fastest rescue operations – especially in areas other vehicles can’t access, including thin ...

Neoteric Hovercraft’s Booth 2704 Attracts Attention at #FDIC2017

04/27/2017 16:01:21 PM

Firefighters and first responders are gathering at FDIC Booth 2704 in the Indiana Convention Center. That’s because the Neoteric Hovercraft – the ONLY rescue hovercraft exhibitor at the FDIC - is also the only apparatus that can perform ...

Win a FREE Rescue Hovercraft Flight Training Course at #FDIC 2017

04/23/2017 19:22:30 PM

Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. is honored to be the only rescue hovercraft exhibitor at this year's #FDIC International. And at Booth 2704, we’re giving away something extremely important to first responders: a chance to for you to experience ...

Star attraction at Voyageur Winter Carnival: Neoteric Hovercraft rides

02/20/2017 18:27:54 PM

Canada’s Voyageur Winter Carnival at Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay is the largest winter event in Northwestern Ontario. And Fort William Historical Park is one of the largest living history attractions in North America, bringing ...

A Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft saves another life

02/12/2017 18:33:36 PM

Yesterday in Iowa the Council Bluffs Fire Department rescued a fisherman who had fallen through the ice on Lake Manawa and was submerged in icy water while clinging to the ice shelf.Captain Jim Maaske reported that their Neoteric hovercraft ...

First Responders: Don’t miss Neoteric Hovercraft at FDIC 2017 - Booth #2704

01/23/2017 14:39:55 PM

The FDIC (Fire Department Instructor Conference) is the world’s largest firefighter conference and expo, attended by more than 35,000 firefighters, chiefs and instructors from more than 53 nations.Neoteric and HovercraftTraining Centers are ...

Save lives safely with a Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft – NOW ON SALE!

10/28/2016 20:00:00 PM

Maritime Reporter and Marine News magazines recently published articles emphasizing the need for hovercraft to be increasingly used as a primary rescue vehicle - especially in water, mud, flood and ice rescue operations. Here’s an excerpt ...

Neoteric Hovercraft’s role in Lockheed Martin’s #Hybrid Airship technology

10/16/2016 20:31:00 PM

Lockheed Martin, the global security and aerospace company, is known for developing advanced technology, focusing on military vehicles. One of its many projects, in process for more than a decade, is the Hybrid Airship.Their first Hybrid Airship, ...

China market eagerly embraces Neoteric Hovercraft

10/05/2016 12:38:00 PM

In recent years, China’s demand for American-made products is increasing. Surveys reveal that authenticity and quality are the two main reasons for the growth of this demand. In China, western goods have long been synonymous with prestige ...

China market eagerly embraces Neoteric Hovercraft

10/05/2016 12:38:00 PM

In recent years, China’s demand for American-made products is increasing. Surveys reveal that authenticity and quality are the two main reasons for the growth of this demand. In China, western goods have long been synonymous with prestige ...

China market eagerly embraces Neoteric Hovercraft

10/05/2016 12:38:00 PM

In recent years, China’s demand for American-made products is increasing. Surveys reveal that authenticity and quality are the two main reasons for the growth of this demand. In China, western goods have long been synonymous with prestige ...

Neoteric Hovercraft transports Indiana Bicentennial Torch

09/23/2016 22:30:00 PM

The signature commemorative event of the state’s 200th birthday is the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. Patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay, Indiana’s version will pass through all 92 of the state’s counties and cover 3,200 miles ...

Neoteric Hovercraft transports Indiana Bicentennial Torch

09/23/2016 22:30:00 PM

The signature commemorative event of the state’s 200th birthday is the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. Patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay, Indiana’s version will pass through all 92 of the state’s counties and cover 3,200 miles ...

Neoteric Hovercraft transports Indiana Bicentennial Torch

09/23/2016 00:48:00 AM

The signature commemorative event of the state’s 200th birthday is the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. Patterned after the Olympic Torch Relay, Indiana’s version will pass through all 92 of the state’s counties and cover 3,200 miles ...

First Responders: Save flood victims safely – with a hovercraft

08/20/2016 16:30:00 PM


Neoteric Hovercraft helps Poland celebrate National Rescuers Day

06/29/2016 18:13:00 PM

June 29 is National Rescuers Day in Poland. What perfect timing that WOPR christened and launched their new Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in Szczecin, Poland right before National Rescuers Day. Their hovercraft was purchased from Neoteric’s dealer ...

Why should you visit Booth 2540 at the FDIC this week?

04/20/2016 18:11:00 PM

First responders, does your department still rely on ropes, boats and other apparatus for water, ice and mud rescues? Come to Booth 2540 this Thursday through Saturday at the FDIC in Indianapolis and see first-hand how a Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft ...

First responders: Don't miss Neoteric at the FDIC

03/06/2016 20:45:00 PM

The FDIC (Fire Department Instructor Conference) is the world’s largest fire training-based conference and exhibition, attended by more than 35,000 firefighters, fire chiefs, officers and instructors from more than 53 nations. It’s the fire ...

A Week of Historic Hovercraft ‘Firsts’

01/19/2016 19:37:00 PM

From Washington D.C. to Arizona, this is a week of hovercraft ‘firsts’ in the U.S.Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear its first hovercraft case in history, Sturgeon v.Masica et al. And, on a lighter side, at the Havasu Balloon Festival ...

Supreme Court to determine hovercraft use

01/12/2016 20:32:00 PM

A hovercraft can take you just about anywhere – even to the U.S. Supreme Court. There are places, however, where a hovercraft cannot take you … places such as every national park in the United States, where the National Park Service forbids ...

Russian counterfeiter – – illegally copies the Neoteric HoverTrek™

12/13/2015 18:34:00 PM

Due to their sleek design, state-of-the-art engineering, patented reverse thrust system, and more than 40 years of proven excellence, the Neoteric HoverTrek™ is an extremely popular hovercraft. Unfortunately this also makes the

Neoteric Hovercraft makes ice rescues safer

12/07/2015 19:27:00 PM

The following article about the Branch County Sheriff's Department's Neoteric rescue hovercraft was published in Michigan's Shoreline Magazine ...Branch County hovercraft can helpmake ice rescues saferby Christy Hart-HarrisSgt. Rick Holtgrave ...

Neoteric Hovercraft: A Great Promotional Tool!

10/20/2015 11:53:00 AM

Yes, we're in business to sell hovercraft. But did you know that the Neoteric hovercraft is the most popular hovercraft out there for helping other businesses sell their products and services? During our 40 years in business, a wide variety ...

Neoteric Hovercraft to star with Rae Sremmurd on MTV

10/16/2015 00:15:00 AM

No doubt about it – a Neoteric hovercraft is the next level of cool. That’s why the media keep us so busy. What’s up next? Move over, Bubba's Hover - the Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart has been chosen to star in the pilot episode of an ...

Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft Saves the Day

10/12/2015 15:18:00 PM

The Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft owned by the White River Hazleton Volunteer Fire Department has served them well since they purchased it in 2011. The Department operates a dive boat, but needed a hovercraft to let them access areas a boat can’t ...

Hovercrafters help feed hungry children

07/22/2015 12:52:00 PM

Yes, hovercraft are fun, but they also serve the greater good – and not just in rescue operations. Organized by the Hoverclub of America, a group of hovercraft adventurers will come together on July 29 for a unique 500 mile Hover for Hunger ...

Hovercraft: The Safest Flood Rescue Vehicle

07/10/2015 18:03:00 PM

Flooding has been a serious problem in the United States this year. The current threat is focused on the central states; hopefully it won’t reach the catastrophic proportions suffered by Texas and Oklahoma a few weeks ago. In May, Texas was ...

Canadian family to make history in their Neoteric hovercraft

06/30/2015 17:59:00 PM

Colin Steadman of Calgary has been flying hovercraft since 2008. Now he and his family are ready to make “a dream come true” in their Neoteric hovercraft, with two adventure trips that are far above and beyond your average lake or river ...

VIDEO: Neoteric Hovercraft Perform Texas Flood Rescues

05/29/2015 15:32:00 PM

After being hit with catastrophic storms this month, much of Texas – including Houston, the fourth-largest city in the U.S. - has been turned into a flood disaster zone. Massive search and rescue operations are ongoing, hindered by debris ...

Drone Video: Neoteric Hovercraft Searches for Texas Flood Victims

05/20/2015 13:05:00 PM

Check out the drone video of Mansfield Fire Department’s rescue HoverTrek™ searching for victims during the recent Texas flooding. Without the extreme maneuverability of Neoteric’s reverse thrust, any other hovercraft - or any other rescue ...

Want to own the SuRi Luxury Yacht hovercraft?

05/19/2015 11:50:00 AM

This Neoteric HoverTrek™ is probably the only light hovercraft in the world that has circumnavigated the globe. As one of the huge array of toys on board the luxury yacht SuRi, the craft has hovered around exotic islands throughout the South ...

Neoteric Military Hovercraft In Use Around the World

05/15/2015 22:29:00 PM

When you think of military hovercraft, typically what comes to mind are the U.S. Navy’s 100-ton LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) and the new generation of SSCs (Ship-to-Shore Connectors). But light hovercraft, such as the Neoteric Military ...

Neoteric Hovercraft Rescues Texas Flood Victims

05/12/2015 09:54:00 AM

A rash of tornadoes and thunderstorms battered Texas and Arkansas last Sunday, leaving a path of destruction that caused five deaths and dozens of injuries.Mansfield, Texas was one of many communities where torrential rains led to widespread ...

First responders say Neoteric Hovercraft is "an awesome asset."

04/23/2015 15:46:00 PM

The Davis County, Utah Sheriff's Office has relied on a Neoteric rescue

Hovercraft video: Lake Havasu HoverFest

04/18/2015 16:47:00 PM

Neoteric customer Gary Meyers created this great video of the 2015 Lake Havasu, AZ HoverFest, a part of the Lake Havasu Boat Show, one of the premiere boat shows in the Southwest USA. As you can see, Neoteric recreational hovercraft were we ...

Event planners & venues: Now you can rent Bubba’s Hover!

04/08/2015 14:25:00 PM

Whether you’re affiliated with a golf course, a country club or other event venue, or you’re involved in planning an event, or you've been invited to an event – this blog post is for you!Remember the worldwide attention captured by the ...

Neoteric Hovercraft Rescues Michigan Ice Fishermen

04/02/2015 11:54:00 AM

On a recent Saturday morning, five men walked out on ice-covered Lake Muskegon in Michigan for a little ice fishing. But they faced a real catch! Around noon, they noticed changes in the ice and headed back to shore. Two of them fell through ...

VIDEO: Moncton’s Neoteric Hovercraft Prepares to Rescue Snowmobilers

03/30/2015 12:04:00 PM

The spring melt is well underway in many parts of the world, and those areas where first responders have a Neoteric hovercraft available for ice rescues are exceptionally well-prepared. Those that don’t? Well, you might want to watch this ...

VIDEO: Neoteric Hovercraft rescues 10 deer from icy ocean

03/12/2015 11:06:00 AM

On Sunday, first responders from the Onset Fire Department used their Neoteric Workhorse hovercraft to rescue 10 deer that had fallen through the ice at Long Beach Point in Wareham, Massachusetts ...Video by David G. Curran, Satellite News ...

VIDEO: Hovercraft ride on an icy river

03/08/2015 17:19:00 PM

From ice fishing to ice rescues to winter recreation, the Neoteric hovercraft is a one-of-a-kind ice vehicle. Ride along with Neoteric president Chris Fitzgerald on the icy Wabash River and see why ice is no obstacle for a

Top-rated Hovercraft at a Rock-bottom price

02/22/2015 11:39:00 AM

Have you always wanted a hovercraft for recreation, but think you can’t afford one? Are you a first responder whose department could use a hovercraft to make your water, mud and ice rescue operations faster and safer, but enough funding isn’t ...

#Throwback Thursday Hovercraft Video: Vintage Neoteric Hovercraft

02/19/2015 13:57:00 PM

Today is Throwback Thursday #TBT and it’s a meme especially suited to Neoteric. As the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer, we have decades of history to share!On this Throwback Thursday, let’s have a glimpse of Neoteric’s ...

Hovercraft: Not just a Guy Thing

02/17/2015 16:04:00 PM

You’ve already read about Michigan’s North Muskegon Fire Department featuring their Neoteric

Custom-built Hovercraft Garage

02/13/2015 11:42:00 AM

So where do you park a hovercraft? One of our customers in Sweden has the perfect answer –a custom-built hovergarage …His hovergarage is complete with ramps and front and back doors for easy fly-through. You could save some money on the ...

Here’s a great hovercraft - at an even greater price!

02/08/2015 16:17:00 PM

Have you always wanted a hovercraft, but think you can’t afford to buy one? Now you can!Our

Why do first responders prefer hovercraft to rescue boats?

02/05/2015 12:24:00 PM

With warmer weather ahead, first responders will soon be occupied with water and flood rescues. Unfortunately, too many fire departments and other rescue agencies are still relying on boats rather than hovercraft for water rescue operations.Why ...

Fire department's Neoteric hovercraft has saved more than 255 people

02/02/2015 11:17:00 AM

The North Muskegon Fire Department in Michigan, which has utilized Neoteric rescue hovercraft for three decades, hosted an inaugural statewide Ice Rescue Conference and Education Day Saturday, attended by numerous fire and rescue departments ...

Historic Hovercraft for Sale

02/01/2015 15:10:00 PM

The Neoteric Questrek™ was the forerunner of today’s HoverTrek™, and it was the model that brought international attention to Neoteric. Here’s a rare chance for you to own a fully reconditioned Questrek™ - a great recreational vehicle ...

DRONE VIDEO: Hovercraft Ice Rescue

01/20/2015 14:52:00 PM

You’ve seen the news video of last weekend’s ice rescue practice session with the Perry Clear Creek, White River and Hazleton Fire Department and their Neoteric rescue hovercraft. Now check out this eye-in-the-sky view: excellent drone footage ...

VIDEO: Neoteric hovercraft practice ice rescue operations

01/18/2015 11:52:00 AM

Yesterday Filip Przybysz, Neoteric’s Vice President of Marketing, fell through the ice on a frozen lake – on purpose! Filip took on the role of victim during an ice rescue practice Neoteric and Hovercraft Training Centers conducted Saturday ...

National Geographic TV’s “Street Genius” to feature Neoteric Hovercraft!

01/14/2015 18:02:00 PM

There's no question that hovercraft attract attention. And the media just can't get enough of the Neoteric

Hovercraft: The Essential Vehicle for Ice Rescue Operations

01/03/2015 15:19:00 PM

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland" is a popular song right now. But that walk - or ride - can quickly turn into a nightmare when you're on thin ice. Statistics show that the most frequent victims in ice rescue operations are animals, children, ...

Ripoff Report: counterfeits Neoteric Hovercraft

12/26/2014 15:20:00 PM

If the old adage “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is true, then Neoteric should be flattered, since the HoverTrek™ is the most copied hovercraft in the world. But knockoff Gucci handbags are one thing; counterfeit hovercraft ...

VIDEO: Deck the HoverTrek with Boughs of Holly!

12/24/2014 15:33:00 PM

All of us at Neoteric Hovercraft wish you a Merry Christmas! And here's a little gift for you.

Announcing the First Annual Havasu HoverFest

12/23/2014 14:27:00 PM

Hovercraft events take place all over the world, but Neoteric customer Gary Meyers is organizing one that’s sure to be a great hit. The First Annual Havasu HoverFest is coming up April 10-12, 2015 as a part of the largest boat show in the ...

Bubba Claus ‘raps’ his Christmas gift – on his Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart

12/19/2014 11:50:00 AM

Bubba Watson has released a new Christmas-themed rap video as a gift to his fans, featuring his Neoteric-manufactured hovercraft golf cart, the BW1. And, like his viral video Bubba’s Hover, it’s taking the media by storm … although to ...

Cleveland Browns: 0 … Hovercraft Halftime Show: Touchdown!

12/18/2014 13:46:00 PM

Over the weekend, Windy Knoll Golf Club’s two Neoteric HoverGolf™ Carts were the star of the show at the Cleveland Browns-Cincinnati Bengals game at FirstEnergy Stadium. Windy Knoll was the first golf course in the U.S. to own official replicas ...

Hovercraft: The novelty never ends

12/15/2014 15:06:00 PM

Here’s a familiar scenario: someone buys a vehicle for recreation – a jet ski, a boat, a snowmobile – to use it a few times, then the novelty wears off and it ends up languishing in their garage, or they sell it.This is rarely the case ...

VIDEO: Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft in use around the world

12/12/2014 12:44:00 PM

Neoteric rescue hovercraft are being utilized to save lives in nations all around the world, and here’s just one example. Early this year, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald traveled to Hanoi to deliver two new Neoteric Rescue HoverTreks ...

Neoteric in the News: Munitions Detection Using Hovercraft

11/17/2014 18:06:00 PM

From mainstream media across the world, to highly specialized publications, Neoteric hovercraft and our customers are continuously newsworthy. The following article, published in the September 2014 edition of the Environmental & Engineering ...

Hovercraft in Minnesota Mining Operations

10/31/2014 16:03:00 PM

When you think of vehicles used in mining operations, a hovercraft may not come to mind … unless you have the foresight of David Olson. Olson’s company, D & T Landscaping, Inc., is under contract to conduct a dust suppression project at ...

Neoteric Hovercraft as an Educational Tool

10/24/2014 14:31:00 PM

Keeping students engaged in the learning process is possibly a teacher’s greatest challenge. Understanding the amazing ability of hovercraft to captivate audiences of all ages, Neoteric and President Chris Fitzgerald have long been actively ...

The Increasing Importance of Hovercraft

10/18/2014 13:53:00 PM

Maritime Reporter and Marine News magazines recently published an article emphasizing the need for hovercraft to play a growing role in maritime operations, due to their singular ability to travel where no other vehicle can go. Here are a few ...

Nine inches above the Wabash

10/13/2014 12:54:00 PM

The Daily Republican Register recently published the following article about a week-long advanced flight training session conducted by Neoteric and Hovercraft Training Centers for an official from the Albuquerque Police Department. The training ...

Are Hovercraft Going to the Dogs?

09/12/2014 14:48:00 PM

When Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald boarded his HoverTrek™ to participate in the Hoverclub of America’s Wabash Cannonball Cruise, he really ‘put on the dog’ – his 3-year-old poodle mix, named Zoe! (But be forewarned: if you refer ...

Neoteric HoverGolf™ Cart stars at Southpointe Golf Club

08/24/2014 14:50:00 PM

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania’s Southpointe Golf Club, twenty minutes from Pittsburgh, is widely recognized as “the area’s finest.” So when Southpointe celebrated its 20thAnniversary this weekend, it made certain that event guests were given ...

Behind the scenes: Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s Hovercraft Race

08/10/2014 17:38:00 PM

NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. has risen to a new level of racing – on vehicles without wheels! Recently, Ricky was flown by helicopter to the headquarters of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. and Hovercraft Training Centers, LLC, where he pa ...

Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. Races Neoteric Hovercraft

08/03/2014 10:54:00 AM

Watch NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. really fly!

Watch Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. really fly!

07/26/2014 10:14:00 AM

What have Neoteric and Hovercraft Training Centers been up to lately? Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. will show you this weekend during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – your chance to see Ricky really fly!Be sure to tune in to ESPN Saturday before 2 p.m. ...

Neoteric manufactures ordnance removal hovercraft for Tetra Tech

06/12/2014 15:29:00 PM

Sometimes a commercial hovercraft is the only vehicle that can get the job done. And, as Tetra Tech discovered, often a Neoteric HoverTrek is the only hovercraft suitable for the job.Based in California, Tetra Tech is a global consulting, e ...

Neoteric to star on NatGeo TV’s “None of the Above”

05/27/2014 15:51:00 PM

No doubt about it – the Neoteric HoverTrek™ is a media magnet! As just one example, our customer Gary Meyers and his recreational hovercraft (named “Neo”) is giving Bubba Watson and Bubba’s Hover a run for the money when it comes to ...

The Peak magazine features Neoteric HoverGolf™ Cart

05/16/2014 15:08:00 PM

The Peak is one of the most popular and highest-circulating magazines in Asia, and is recognized for “defining the finer things in life for people who are on top of their game.”So it’s only fitting that the May 2014 issue of The Peak features ...

VIDEO: Neoteric featured on Indiana Outdoor Adventures

05/02/2014 14:35:00 PM

Here’s your chance to view one of the most informative hovercraft videos you’ll ever see – and to get a glimpse of the expertise behind Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. and Hovercraft Training Centers, LLC.Indiana Outdoor Adventures, a TV program ...

Neoteric hosts Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior

04/27/2014 16:58:00 PM

Although Neoteric may be hidden away in Terre Haute, Indiana, the scope of our business is thoroughly global, with clientele in more than 50 nations. Indicative of Neoteric’s international reach, a delegation of Major Generals from the Kingdom ...

Neoteric Hovercraft makes learning fun at Sarah Scott Middle School

04/23/2014 13:41:00 PM

From remote controlled hovercraft, to comedian Gallagher’s hovering billiard balls, to actual flights in a Neoteric hovercraft, the students at Sarah Scott Middle School in Terre Haute, IN have discovered that studying can be the most fun ...

Neoteric hovercraft rescues hitchhiker thrown from bridge

04/18/2014 13:37:00 PM

Neoteric hovercraft have certainly been in the news recently when it comes to mud rescues. First, the Snohomish County hovercraft were invaluable in the search and rescue operations at the Oso, Washington mudslide – and this week Wylie Fire-Rescue ...

Hovercraft: Always in the news

04/06/2014 18:20:00 PM

There’s nothing like a hovercraft to bring you publicity. (Remember Bubba’s Hover!) It doesn’t matter whether you’re a golf pro, a business, a law enforcement agency, the military, or an outdoors enthusiast who knows the best way to ...

On-the-scene report from Oso, Washington mudslide

04/01/2014 19:40:00 PM

Snohomish County Fire District 19’s two Neoteric hovercraft have been deployed in the rescue and recovery efforts at the Oso, Washington mudslide since the initial alarm and will remain active during the coming days as water levels lower and ...

Neoteric Hovercraft aid Washington mudslide search & rescue efforts

03/27/2014 14:01:00 PM

Our thoughts are with the people of Oso, Washington, and with the first responders assisting them after the massive mudslide that devastated the community on Saturday. Thankfully, Snohomish County Fire District’s two Neoteric rescue hovercraft ...

Hover like Bubba – HoverGolf Cart or not!

03/25/2014 12:35:00 PM

We’ve all seen Bubba’s Hover. But you don’t necessarily need a hovercraft golf cart per se to hover like Bubba – any Neoteric Hovercraft model will do.And every golf game, every event - in fact, every day - is more spectacular when you ...

NOW ON SALE: New and used hovercraft at discounted prices!

03/20/2014 20:09:00 PM

Have you always wanted a recreational hovercraft, but think you can’t afford one? Are you a first responder who wishes your department had a rescue hovercraft, but the funding isn’t available?

Dan Brown: “The reverse thrust buckets - no other hovercraft can do that!”

03/19/2014 18:01:00 PM

Dan Brown, an optometrist from Olney, IL, isn’t new to hovercraft. He owned the Hovertechnics craft below for 15 years, but hardly used it. “I’d had no training … and I wasn’t that confident in it. I probably flew it only 5 hours or ...

Hovercraft: new flexibility for Wilderness Place Lodge

03/18/2014 11:34:00 AM

Wilderness Place Lodge in Lake Creek, Alaska has the honor of being one of the top five salmon and trout fishing lodges in the state. But in their quest to be the best, co-owners Cory Wendt of Madison Wisconsin and Jason Rockvam of Clancy, Montana ...

U.S. Navy LCAC Craftmasters Evaluate Training on Neoteric Hovercraft

03/12/2014 08:00:00 AM

Hovercraft Training Centers, which trains exclusively on Neoteric hovercraft, is investigating the possibility of the U.S. Navy using Neoteric craft for initial pilot training for LCACs (Landing Craft Air Cushion) and the new generation of SSCs ...

Fire Rescue in Poland impressed by Neoteric Hovercraft

03/11/2014 21:23:00 PM

Our dealer in Poland, Michal Przybylski of Tecnotek Polska, is proactively demonstrating the value of the Neoteric Rescue HoverTrek™ in rescue missions to Fire Rescue departments across Poland – and the response has been overwhelmingly ...

Sneak preview: Hovertechnics Hovercraft for sale

03/08/2014 11:34:00 AM

The owner of a Hovertechnics Hoverstar Sportsman hovercraft has decided to upgrade to a new Neoteric HoverTrek™ and we will be taking his craft as a trade-in. Before the Sportsman goes up in our Trade-In Showroomwith full details, we’re ...

Neoteric Hovercraft: Fly before you buy

03/04/2014 11:31:00 AM

Because Hovercraft Training Centers conduct all their Training Coursesand Test Flights on Neoteric craft, you have the perfect way to find out if a hovercraft is right for you before you commit to buying one. Here’s a perfect example of how ...

VIDEO: Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft Training in Viet Nam

02/28/2014 12:17:00 PM

As Hovercraft Training Centers’ Senior Instructor, Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald is in Hanoi, Viet Nam this week conducting flight and maintenance training for first responders from Viet Nam’s National Department of Rescue and Relief, ...

First responders rely on hovercraft for ice rescues

02/20/2014 18:35:00 PM

Ice rescue missions may be at an all-time high this winter. It’s been so cold for so long that the Great Lakes, which hold nearly one-fifth of the surface fresh water in the world, are almost completely covered with ice for the first time ...

Hovercraft: A dog's best friend

02/19/2014 15:14:00 PM

Hovercraft not only serve a valuable role in animal rescue – they can also be a source of entertainment for man’s best friend! Enjoy a flight on Lake Havasu in Gary Meyers’ Neoteric hovercraft with his dog Joey – sporting Mutt Muffs ...

Neoteric hovercraft rescues three helpless deer

02/17/2014 13:02:00 PM

If you haven't already watched the viral video of this touching deer rescue, now's the time to do so. James and Doug Kenison, owners of MedCity Hovercraft in Rochester, Minnesota used their Neoteric Hovertrek to rescue three exhausted deer, ...

Outer Limits Hovercraft Tours: A Level Above

02/10/2014 19:29:00 PM

It’s only fitting that the most ‘above and beyond’ hovercraft adventure tours in Florida had their genesis at Neoteric Hovercraft in Terre Haute, Indiana – a city whose motto is “A Level Above.”After searching for something unique ...

How about a hovercraft joyride for Valentine’s Day?

02/09/2014 16:35:00 PM

Here’s a way to let Cupid take flight like never before: Give your significant other the gift of a joyride on a Neoteric Hovercraft – the makers of Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart! This is a chance to hover like Bubba on water and ...