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Eating on a New Level

10/30/2016 01:00:29 AM

Now through the new year Grab a copy of Bread for Adversity for a shockingly low price. Hear it now from the author

Fall 2016 – New and Upcoming Releases

09/21/2016 10:00:39 AM

As we finish another blistering summer, Life in Print is proud to announce our newest efforts. The Quick Reads Program in conjunction with Amazon is preparing these wonderful new E-Books to influence your faith development. From Noted Author ...

Developing Beyond Your Digital Footprint

08/17/2016 23:20:14 PM

It doesn’t take much to create a digital footprint. In fact, nowadays, it’s fairly simple to exploit your digital footprint to earn from publishing – often with little to no real expertise. A friend of a friend recommends something

Your Audience is Waiting

08/15/2016 23:25:34 PM

Ready or not, your next book needs to be making its way to reaching your audience. Before you begin writing or considering sequel or something new you need to consider a few things. Before you begin ask yourself honestly; Do I have…

2016 – Here’s to New Opportunities

01/11/2016 12:39:37 PM

We Welcome You to join us in celebrating the arrival of powerful new messages and awesome new authors. Life in Print is happy you’re taking a moment to pursue the written word. We further encourage you to take this time and…

Available Now – Author Deborah A. Toney – Embrace of Faith

12/25/2015 15:40:47 PM

Grab your Copy Today Embrace of Faith By Deborah A. Toney The truth may not always be easy to explain.  It may not always be simple to follow either, but right will guide you all the way. Leading you to…

Coming Soon – Author T.R. Lavelle – Seeds of Faith

12/25/2015 15:12:49 PM

Arriving in time for Spring… FAITH… Connecting You to the Power by T.R. Lavelle Change begins with Change – To Change Your World You Need to Change Your Thinking of the World Listen to hear, Hear to receive; Put it,…