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What to Expect if You’re Arrested for Drug Possession

12/01/2020 18:25:59 PM

Is Mail Order Weed Legal?

11/30/2020 18:29:57 PM

 10 Examples of Police Misconduct to Refer to for Your Case 

11/17/2020 16:44:46 PM

Why Is There No Statute of Limitations for Murder in Ohio?

11/17/2020 16:40:53 PM

Can Doxing Someone Can Get You Arrested? 

11/12/2020 12:01:09 PM

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Ohio?

10/06/2020 17:46:58 PM

Am I Being Detained? 6 Questions You Should Ask During Interactions with the Police

10/05/2020 15:30:01 PM

Medical Marijuana May Be Cheaper in Michigan, But It’s a Crime to Bring the Drug Across State Lines

09/23/2020 12:16:52 PM

Arrests Made After Officer Fatally Wounded in Cleveland

09/15/2020 19:58:12 PM

5 Things to Remember If You’re up Against False Accusations in Court

09/10/2020 14:34:58 PM

Can You Shoot Someone Who Breaks Into Your House?

09/02/2020 13:32:35 PM

Police: Teen Handling Gun Shoots 2-Year-Old Nephew

08/31/2020 13:33:41 PM

How Hard is it to Pass the Ohio Bar Exam?

08/27/2020 20:49:01 PM

Columbus Police Investigating Multiple Shootings in About 5-hour Span

08/19/2020 19:34:45 PM

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder Arrested in $60 Million Bribery Case

08/12/2020 14:24:39 PM

City Leaders Address Violence in Columbus Neighborhoods; 3 Killed in Shootings Over the Weekend

07/29/2020 13:48:20 PM

Courts Get Creative to Restart Jury Trials Amid Pandemic

07/27/2020 13:45:08 PM

Columbus’s Rising Murder Rate Taking a Toll on City Teenagers

07/21/2020 15:01:00 PM

Columbus Shootings Up 340% This June Compared to Last June

07/15/2020 19:25:54 PM

1 Dead and Multiple People Taken Into Custody After West Columbus Shooting

07/02/2020 19:21:19 PM

Columbus Police to Begin Restaurant Compliance Checks

06/03/2020 16:06:59 PM

What are the penalties for the crime of Gross Sexual Imposition in Ohio?

05/26/2020 10:00:36 AM

Is Columbus, OH Safe?

05/25/2020 11:46:23 AM

Is it Illegal to Have Sex in a Car in Ohio?

04/24/2020 21:51:00 PM

Ohio Proposes New Felony Offense – Abortion Murder

04/20/2020 19:39:45 PM

Does Ohio Have a Felony Murder Rule?

04/20/2020 19:22:04 PM

What Are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

03/19/2020 19:10:08 PM

How to Deal with an Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest

03/05/2020 19:45:06 PM

Things Cops Do That Are Illegal: What a Police Officer Can and Cannot Do

03/05/2020 19:36:36 PM

What You Need to Know About DUI Classes in Ohio

03/05/2020 19:32:50 PM

What if I Don’t Show Up For Jury Duty?

01/16/2020 15:12:11 PM

What Happens If You Get an Out of State Warrant for Arrest?

01/08/2020 18:14:21 PM

What Does “Sexual Imposition” Mean in the State of Ohio?

06/27/2016 16:28:10 PM

Can a Police Officer Pat You Down During a Traffic Stop in Ohio?

05/02/2016 17:33:27 PM

What is the age of consent for sex in Ohio?

05/02/2016 16:36:44 PM