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A Man Died In A Pedestrian Accident Early Thursday Morning

05/26/2020 16:23:56 PM

A Driver Dies After An Intentional Rear-End Crash

05/25/2020 16:32:30 PM

Johnson & Johnson To Halt The Sale Of Baby Powder

05/22/2020 17:00:59 PM

A Fort Stewart Soldier Died In A Monday Night Head-On Crash

05/21/2020 15:40:11 PM

Four Children Were Ejected From A Vehicle After An Accident Neat Sigman Road

05/20/2020 16:21:46 PM

A Vehicle Crashed Into Magnolia Park Apartments And Then Fled The Scene

05/19/2020 17:52:20 PM

A Driver Going Over 100 M.P.H Crashes Into A Patrol Car

05/18/2020 16:39:03 PM

A Driver Crashed Into A Police Car While Under The Influence

05/15/2020 16:44:27 PM

A Motorist Dies After Colliding With A Van

05/14/2020 16:35:35 PM

Teenagers Were Involved In A Deadly Car Accident

05/13/2020 13:34:42 PM

A Black Vehicle Killed One Person In A Hit-And-Run Accident

05/12/2020 16:48:50 PM

The NHTSA Has Released New Data About Takata Airbags

05/11/2020 16:23:35 PM

A Man Died In A Rollover Crash On Interstate 75

05/08/2020 16:46:16 PM

Little Women Star, Minnie Ross, Lost Her Life In A Car Accident

05/07/2020 16:35:21 PM

Nissan To Issue A Recall Due To Takata Airbag Dangers

05/06/2020 17:33:23 PM

An Officer Was Dragged By A Vehicle During A Hit-And-Run Incident

05/05/2020 16:30:03 PM

Tesla Updates Their Cruise Control And Automatic Steering Systems

05/04/2020 16:45:45 PM

A Driver Is Killed In A Shoot Out With Police After A High-Speed Chase

05/01/2020 17:11:06 PM

A High Speed Chase Ended In A Three-Car Crash

04/30/2020 16:20:38 PM

A Driver Fled A Crash Scene After Hitting A Police Car. The Driver Is Still At Large

04/29/2020 16:52:33 PM

A 57-Year-Old Bicyclist Was Killed In A Hit-And-Run Accident

04/28/2020 16:34:28 PM

Twin Brothers Lost Their Lives In A Hit-And-Run Accident

04/27/2020 16:41:37 PM

A Mother And Son Were Tragically Killed In An Head-On Crash

04/24/2020 14:32:59 PM

Car Crashes Causing Orthopedic Trauma Is At Record Lows

04/23/2020 17:55:58 PM

285A Police Officer Was Killed In A DUI Crash Near Interstate

04/22/2020 16:53:36 PM

The Risk For At-Home Accidents Increases Due To Shelter-In-Place Orders

04/21/2020 17:05:38 PM

Westbound Lanes of I-20 Shut Down After A Fatal Multi-Vehicle Pedestrian Crash

04/20/2020 16:31:26 PM

Speeding Tickets Are On The Rise Amid The COVID-19 Epidemic

04/17/2020 17:00:59 PM

A Motorcyclist Lost Their Life When They Rear-Ended A Truck

04/16/2020 15:35:58 PM

Andrew Hattling Wins John Foy & Associates Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship

04/16/2020 13:44:04 PM

Two People Were Killed After A Deadly Rear-End, Hit-And-Run Crash

04/15/2020 16:31:09 PM

A Serious Crash At An Intersection Left One Dead And Two Recovering From Injuries

04/14/2020 14:52:37 PM

Missing Teen Was Killed In A Pedestrian Accident On Athens Highway

04/13/2020 17:00:05 PM

A Wanted Man Takes His Own Life After Being Chased By Police

04/10/2020 16:36:55 PM

Two People Were Killed In A Wrong-Way Accident

04/09/2020 16:34:23 PM

A Pedestrian Crash Caused Two Secondary Crashes That Shut Down Interstate 20 For Hours

04/08/2020 16:02:30 PM

Failure To Yield While Turning Left Resulted In The Death Of A Motorcyclist

04/07/2020 16:34:42 PM

A Tractor-Trailer Catches On Fire In An Accident With Another Tractor-Trailer

04/06/2020 15:29:03 PM

A 55-Year-Old Woman Was Injured When A Truck’s Cargo Crashed Into A Bridge

04/02/2020 16:19:46 PM

A 15-Year-Old Boy Is Charged With Manslaughter For An Accident That Killed One And Injured Several Others

04/01/2020 17:00:11 PM

A Driver Kills A Pedestrian In A Hit-And-Run Accident. The Driver Is Still At Large

03/31/2020 17:25:12 PM

A Ladder Is Responsible For A Multi-Vehicle Collision On Interstate 85

03/30/2020 16:34:53 PM

The Driver Of A Car Has Only Non-Life-Threatening Injuries From An Accident That Split The Vehicle In Half

03/27/2020 17:00:31 PM

A Runaway Bus With Students Aboard Crashed Into Multiple Vehicles

03/26/2020 17:11:28 PM

One Person Died In A Blow-Out, Multi-Car Accident

03/25/2020 17:39:10 PM

Twins Die In A Multi-Car Accident That Sent A Vehicle Aflame

03/24/2020 16:41:01 PM

A Young Child Was Killed And His Pregnant Mother Was Injured In A Deadly Rear-End Crash

03/23/2020 16:48:47 PM

Asbestos Was Found In Some Cosmetics That Were Created Using Talc

03/20/2020 09:27:15 AM

Georgia May Be Cracking Down on Frivolous Law Suits

03/19/2020 14:28:42 PM

Leading Star Of Bat Woman And The Production Assistant Were Injured On Set

03/18/2020 15:46:40 PM

Woman Runs Off The Road And Hits A Tree. She Is Expected to Recover.

03/17/2020 13:35:23 PM

82-Year-Old Woman Was Awarded $9 Million Dollars In Johnson & Johnson Mesothelioma Case

03/16/2020 16:43:56 PM

The Driver and All Passengers Were Killed In A Head-On Collision With A Marta Bus

03/13/2020 17:00:19 PM

A Driver Without A License Was In An Accident With A Motorcyclist

03/12/2020 16:21:52 PM

How to Prepare for a Meeting With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

03/12/2020 13:04:58 PM

A Police Officer’s Traffic Violation Caused A Multi-Car Accident

03/11/2020 16:55:40 PM

Driver Failed To Move Over For Police, Resulting In A Rear End Crash

03/10/2020 14:20:55 PM

Stolen Vehicle Apprehended After Chase Near Capitol Building

03/09/2020 17:43:41 PM

Amazon Driver Leaves The Scene After Plowing Into A Garage And Delivering The Homeowner’s Package

03/06/2020 16:28:04 PM

Two Trucks Were Involved In A Rear-End Crash On Interstate 75

03/05/2020 17:42:21 PM

4 Victims Died In An Airplane Crash

03/04/2020 13:44:26 PM

Johnson & Johnson Settles In Baby Powder Case Which Allegedly Caused Malignant Mesothelioma In A Woman

03/03/2020 15:45:47 PM

A 10-Year-Old Boy Has A Traumatic Brain Injury After A Terrifying Skateboard Accident

03/02/2020 13:19:13 PM

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Are Critical And Skeptical Of Tesla Car’s “Self-Driving” Features

02/28/2020 13:53:40 PM

Senior Technician Dies From On-The-Job Electrical Injuries

02/27/2020 15:00:51 PM

Bus-Related Accident Leaves 7 Students With Minor Injuries. The Investigation Is Still Ongoing.

02/26/2020 14:45:47 PM

Off-Duty Officer Loses Her Life In A Multi-Car Accident

02/25/2020 07:15:15 AM

Cobb County Crash Caused By Car Veering Into I-75 South

02/24/2020 15:10:30 PM

Pressure Increases For House Majority Leader To Resign After He Let A Victim Die In A Hit-And-Run Accident

02/21/2020 14:46:49 PM

Two Women Were Critically Injured By A Third Vehicle While Investigating Their Original Accident

02/20/2020 15:23:04 PM

Elderly Pedestrian Killed On Highway. Causes Multiple Crashes On GA Highway 138

02/19/2020 14:32:54 PM

Passenger Of Driver Ejected From Vehicle In DUI Crash

02/18/2020 16:12:31 PM

A Recall Search Service May Be A Game-Changer For Automobile Safety

02/17/2020 15:59:40 PM

Hit-And-Run Driver Did Not Call 911. Victim Died En Route To The Hospital.

02/14/2020 13:28:31 PM

A Young Mother Of Two Killed In A DUI Crash

02/13/2020 14:16:19 PM

Head-On Collision Results In Driver’s Death. Two Are Treated For Non-Life-Threatening Injuries.

02/12/2020 14:01:17 PM

School Bus Crash Sends 22 Students To Hospital for Minor Injuries

02/11/2020 15:04:56 PM

City Of Atlanta Employee Dies From Saw Accident

02/10/2020 14:57:27 PM

Identifying Child PTSD Symptoms Following an Automobile Accident

02/07/2020 16:35:15 PM

How to Get Over a Car Accident that Was Not Your Fault

02/07/2020 16:35:13 PM

Another Fire Due To A Hit-And-Run Crash On Interstate 85

02/06/2020 14:23:37 PM

Truck-Only Lanes Along Interstate 75

02/05/2020 14:29:48 PM

Major Truck Accident Sets Interstate 85 Aflame

02/04/2020 20:40:50 PM

Man Turns Himself In After Fatal Crash On Keith Bridge Road

02/03/2020 17:27:33 PM

Two Truckers Killed After Third Driver Crashes Off Guardrail

01/31/2020 05:46:53 AM

Five Injured In I-75 Crash Near Delk Road

01/30/2020 14:26:39 PM

Two Women Injured In Cobb County Wreck

01/29/2020 10:57:32 AM

Morehouse vs. Clark Atlanta Basketball Game

01/28/2020 18:56:20 PM

UGA Graduate Killed After Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver

01/28/2020 15:28:57 PM

Experts Call For Standardized Test For Asbestos In Talc Products

01/27/2020 09:23:42 AM

Stolen Vehicle Involved In Fatal Atlanta Crash

01/24/2020 09:09:28 AM

Report About Crash That Injured Atlanta Hawks Player Released

01/23/2020 12:05:54 PM

Falls Hurt More People Than Car Crashes

01/22/2020 15:06:32 PM

What to Do If You’ve Lost a Loved One in a Fatal Accident in Georgia?

01/21/2020 18:58:53 PM

10 Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny and Devalue Car Accident Claims

01/21/2020 13:51:09 PM

BMW Issues Second Recall Over Takata Airbags

01/21/2020 12:44:20 PM

Distracted Driver Knocks Man Into Savannah River

01/20/2020 09:54:35 AM

SUV Crashes Head-On Into Bus In Carroll County

01/17/2020 01:04:00 AM

Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Patrol Car While Making Turn In Spalding County

01/16/2020 13:00:27 PM

Science Continues To Study Links Between Talc Use And Ovarian Cancer

01/15/2020 06:03:08 AM