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Prepping Real Food and then Eating It–Slowly!

04/30/2020 22:57:56 PM

Britten’s Blunder but with a Bright Side–Choral Dances from Gloriana

04/30/2020 13:29:30 PM

A Motet by a Master

04/28/2020 18:14:48 PM

A Neglected Gilbert & Sullivan Gem and Its Complicated Finale–The Gondoliers

04/12/2020 20:00:00 PM

Just how much literary and historial wonkery can be mined from Longfellow’s poem “Jugurtha,” which forms the text for a song by Daniel Morel?

04/10/2020 13:07:47 PM

Some Modern-Day Versions of Ma

04/08/2020 16:30:35 PM

More About Ma: Caroline Ingalls and Her History

04/03/2020 16:17:43 PM

How did William Mathias attain the honor of having one of the largest audiences ever to hear the premier of a musical work?

04/02/2020 19:07:58 PM

How Not to Fall into the “Let’s Make Lots of Cookies During the Lockdown” Trap

03/31/2020 19:55:12 PM

A Great, Simplified “Use Up the Veggies” Recipe

03/26/2020 17:03:08 PM

Why Is Henry VIII Associated with the Song “Greensleeves,” and Does the Song Have Anything to Do with Sleeves on a Dress? Etc.

03/25/2020 19:07:18 PM

Homemade Salad Dressings and Croutons–plus Costco Thoughts

03/24/2020 15:37:37 PM

How Do You Measure Success These Days?

03/22/2020 14:46:07 PM

Something Funny to Brighten Your Day–and Perhaps Bring a Bit of Balance

03/20/2020 19:08:57 PM

A Book to Make You Think, “Hey, It Ain’t So Bad!”

03/18/2020 21:23:02 PM

The Roots of Aretha’s “Respect”

03/18/2020 18:16:50 PM

Food Thoughts . . .

03/16/2020 16:05:01 PM

In the Blurred Line Between Waking and Sleeping, Reflections on the Past in “The Stilly Night”

02/28/2020 17:55:47 PM

Along the “Rocky Road” to Dublin

02/22/2020 20:23:20 PM

What on earth are “cockles”? And other arcane facts about “Molly Malone.”

02/03/2020 16:11:12 PM