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JSMP Case Summary The Suai District Court November 2017

01/20/2018 22:51:00 PM

JSMP - Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Dili Periódu Novembru 2017

01/14/2018 01:32:00 AM

JSMP: Application of fines in cases characterised as domestic violence should consider the requirements of Article 38 of the Law Against Domestic Violence

12/15/2017 22:11:00 PM

Speech by President Lu-Olo on the Celebration of the 42nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence

11/30/2017 13:11:00 PM

Official Opening of WAP Art Gallery (Women Art Power) in The Asia Foundation

11/29/2017 17:26:00 PM

Nearly 140 arrested for martial arts and weapons law violations

11/28/2017 16:26:00 PM

Timorese President guarantees implementation of the constitution in defence of the State's interests

11/28/2017 16:13:00 PM

Timorese changemakers look to the past to build a peaceful future

11/28/2017 12:39:00 PM

The Dili Insider: Prabowo - a Smiling Killer

11/28/2017 02:37:00 AM

Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Suai Periódu Outubru 2017

11/27/2017 16:14:00 PM

UNCAT Raises Serious Crimes, Torture, Sexual Violence and Child Abductions during Indonesian Occupation

11/26/2017 15:59:00 PM

UN Committee Against Torture - Failure to investigate allegations of torture and recorded assaults by East Timor National Police

11/26/2017 12:17:00 PM

Statement to Committee against Torture reflects serious misunderstanding of State obligations under Convention

11/26/2017 11:47:00 AM

Portuguese convicts who fled Timor-Leste arrived in Lisbon!

11/25/2017 13:42:00 PM

Delayed motion of censure of the Timorese Government

11/24/2017 14:05:00 PM

Timorese majority opposition files censure motion against Government

11/24/2017 13:35:00 PM

MEP Ana Gomes attacks East Timorese judiciary and interferes in Australian legal processes in Guerra case

11/23/2017 22:20:00 PM

Permanent Court of Arbitration Press Release on Conciliation Australia-East Timor on maritime boundary

11/23/2017 18:24:00 PM

Government may fall four months after elections

11/23/2017 09:32:00 AM

JSMP - Materials on Rights of the Child and Access to Justice Provided to Usitasase Village, Oecusse

11/23/2017 05:25:00 AM

The Guerra Case - Contempt of the East Timorese Judiciary from as far as Europe

11/20/2017 14:39:00 PM

The fate of Indonesia's hero's graves in Timor Leste

11/18/2017 20:22:00 PM

Nine political parties form a coalition with an eye on future elections in Timor-Leste

11/18/2017 12:37:00 PM

Government ensures compliance with the law in the case of Portuguese convicts in Timor

11/18/2017 11:49:00 AM

First Amendment to Law 13/2016, of December 29, approving the State Budget for 2017

11/17/2017 20:13:00 PM

JSMP: Ezbosu Lei Protesaun ba Labarik

11/16/2017 19:18:00 PM

No extradition treaty but Timor-Leste prepares arrest warrant for convicted Portuguese criminals who fled to Australia

11/15/2017 19:15:00 PM

"The Most Voted Party" - Reductio Ad Absurdum

11/14/2017 22:33:00 PM

Will East Timor recognise Australian gay marriages?

11/14/2017 19:16:00 PM

Confusion of Religious and Secular Institutions

11/14/2017 12:24:00 PM

Portuguese Institute of International Relations and Security: Xanana should go plant pumpkins

11/12/2017 19:16:00 PM

Timor-Leste, Australia and oil companies agree to share confidential information

11/12/2017 16:06:00 PM

Possible early elections in Timor-Leste will give less indecision - PM Alkatiri

11/11/2017 14:09:00 PM

Timorese Catholic leader calls for "common sense" for politicians and debates on substantive issues

11/10/2017 20:36:00 PM

La'o Hamutuk 14 November 2017 Public Meeting to Discuss Timor-Leste’s Public Debt Management and Loans Policy

11/10/2017 17:09:00 PM

Timor-Leste: World Bank Conducts Extensive Public Consultations

11/10/2017 17:02:00 PM

JSMP: High School Students provided with training on the Rights of the Child

11/10/2017 00:04:00 AM

CNRT National Conference Expected to Resume Gusmao's Leadership

11/09/2017 22:49:00 PM

Council of Ministers Meeting 08 November 2017

11/09/2017 22:25:00 PM

ETLJB Page Views by Country as at today

11/09/2017 16:08:00 PM

Calls for clarification of Prime Minister Alkatiri's Policy on Greater Sunrise

11/09/2017 16:02:00 PM

The story of 5 Australian journalists killed during the Indonesian invasion of Timor-Leste

11/08/2017 17:23:00 PM

Oil Fund balance drops to US$5.8 billion with existing oil production depleted by 2022

11/08/2017 16:13:00 PM

UN Committee against Torture to review Timor Leste

11/07/2017 16:11:00 PM

Timorese President calls leading party leaders to meeting

11/07/2017 16:04:00 PM

East Timor's Accession to ASEAN Treaty Still Resisted 15 Years After Restoration of Independence

11/05/2017 18:29:00 PM

Detained Timorese delegates to ASEAN civil society assemblies released after 12 hours

11/05/2017 17:09:00 PM

President of the National Parliament held the weekly meeting with the President of the Republic 25 October 2017

11/05/2017 16:00:00 PM

Taur Matan Ruak: Fretilin and CNRT rule like Soeharto

11/04/2017 16:56:00 PM

Government participates in the celebration of Rural Women's Day organised by PHD

11/04/2017 16:31:00 PM

Australian Opposition welcomes Timor-Leste on maritime borders

11/03/2017 15:28:00 PM

Australian PM announces agreement with Timor-Leste to offer ships

11/03/2017 15:07:00 PM

East Timor Court Challenge to Presidential Pardons

11/02/2017 17:08:00 PM

East Timor: The Constitutional Process Governing the Dismissal of the Government

11/02/2017 15:43:00 PM

Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Suai Periódu Jullu 2017

10/31/2017 18:17:00 PM

Court Proceedings Highlight Social Problem of Domestic Violence in Timor-Leste

10/31/2017 17:44:00 PM

JSMP : Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Oe-Cusse Períodu Jullu 2017

10/31/2017 17:09:00 PM

Xanana Gusmão wants to "gain experience" as opposition in East Timor

10/28/2017 12:49:00 PM

JSMP Sumáriu Tribunál Distritál Suai Periódu Setembru 2017

10/27/2017 16:49:00 PM

Timorese opposition groups refer leaders to eventual coalition decision

10/27/2017 15:54:00 PM

Australian Government Loses Majority in Parliament

10/26/2017 22:42:00 PM

JSMP Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Baucau Edisaun Setembru 2017

10/26/2017 17:55:00 PM

List of known Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Secretaries of State in the Alkatiri minority government.

10/25/2017 20:43:00 PM

Tara bandu - The adat concept of the environment

10/25/2017 20:28:00 PM

After Timor is No Longer Indonesia - An Indonesian Perspective

10/25/2017 17:10:00 PM

3,500 Portuguese request extradition of Portuguese couple convicted of embezzlement in Timor-Leste

10/25/2017 16:50:00 PM

Government ensures normality at Portuguese Embassy in Dili

10/25/2017 16:44:00 PM

LUSA Report on Appointment of Mari Alkatiri Prime Minister 14 September 2017

10/25/2017 04:44:00 AM

Meeting of the Council of Ministers of October 25, 2017

10/25/2017 04:37:00 AM

Commission for the Legislative Reform and Justice Sector presents diagnostic conclusions

10/25/2017 01:47:00 AM

PM and the 11 Ministers appointed on 15 September 2017

10/24/2017 21:58:00 PM

Inauguration of 20 members of the VII Constitutional Government on 3 October 2017

10/24/2017 21:46:00 PM

Authorities report a higher than normal move to the districts in Timor-Leste

10/24/2017 19:46:00 PM

Violence temporarily closes Portuguese embassy in Dili

10/24/2017 19:25:00 PM

CNRT, PLP & KHUNTO form Parliamentary Majority Alliance

10/24/2017 18:24:00 PM

Leaders of the National Convention of the Assemblies of God Meet with the President of the Republic

10/24/2017 18:17:00 PM

Timorese opposition expects Government to present new version of the program in 30 days

10/24/2017 03:50:00 AM

President of the Republic Appoints Members of the Council of State

10/24/2017 03:34:00 AM

10 Years Ago: Legal opinion on the appointment of the Prime Minister and the formation of the Government in Timor-Leste

10/23/2017 22:16:00 PM

10 Years Ago: The Unconstitutional, Irrational and Damaging Decision by President Jose Ramos Horta: A legal opinion on the Formation of an Unconstitutional Government in Timor-Leste

10/23/2017 22:00:00 PM

Timor-Leste still very dependent on Indonesia

10/23/2017 21:07:00 PM

Students from Nino Konis Santana Secondary School in Ermera were given training for the first time by JSMP on the Rights of the Child and Access to Formal Justice

10/23/2017 18:26:00 PM

Ministra da Justiça, Maria Ângela Guterres Viegas Carrascalão

10/22/2017 22:16:00 PM

Political Parties and List of Deputies of the 2017 East Timor National Parliament

10/22/2017 21:18:00 PM

National Parliament Debate on VII Government Program ends with approval of rejection motion

10/22/2017 21:04:00 PM

Indonesian Police capture East Timor police fugitive Frederico Loca

10/22/2017 20:39:00 PM

From the Indonesian Press - Losing Votes in Parliament, Government of Timor Leste Facing Uncertainty

10/22/2017 20:27:00 PM

VII Constitutional Government Not So Constitutional

10/22/2017 20:08:00 PM

Totally tranquil in East TImor, says PNTL Commander

10/22/2017 18:53:00 PM

Military's intervention in political situation in Timor-Leste anomalous

10/22/2017 18:12:00 PM

UN Recommended East Timor Defence Chief Lere Anan Timur be prosecuted for role in 2006 illegal weapons transfer

10/22/2017 17:30:00 PM

Timorese government reassures foreign investors and diplomatic corps

10/22/2017 06:36:00 AM

Partido Democrático (Democratic Party) of Timor-Leste

10/21/2017 23:37:00 PM

Military intervenes in political instability, calls on population to stay calm

10/21/2017 23:00:00 PM

Partidu Libertasaun Popular People's Liberation Party (East Timor)

10/21/2017 21:37:00 PM

Who is KHUNTO? Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan

10/21/2017 21:13:00 PM

Gusmao exonerated by UN in 2006 Crisis

10/21/2017 20:11:00 PM

UN Recommended prosecution of PLP Leader (former Commander F-FDTL) Taur Matan Ruak in 2006

10/21/2017 19:23:00 PM

PM Alkatiri's Role in 2006 Crisis According to Independent Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor Leste

10/21/2017 19:02:00 PM

Politicians call for calm after rejection of government program

10/21/2017 18:54:00 PM