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Obituary: Fidele of Bruges

04/06/2016 21:55:21 PM

Cross-breeding to eradicate Chiari syndrome

04/04/2016 18:08:40 PM

In a new study published in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists from the University of Surrey, working with an experienced breeder in the Netherlands, examined how the skull and brain of toy dogs change when a Brussels Griffon with Chiari-like ...

New Florida law protects dog rescuers

04/02/2016 21:57:24 PM

Republican Governor Rick Scott has signed House Bill 131 into law.  This law will allow people to break into locked vehicles to rescue animals or people who are “in imminent danger of suffering harm.” In Florida, children and pets have ...

Homeless youth with pets

04/02/2016 01:31:20 AM

Homeless youth can benefit from owning pets but not without a few challenges, according to a new study from the University of Guelph. Led by researchers from the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), the team found that homeless youth with pets ...

Doggy quote of the month for April

03/30/2016 22:46:42 PM

‘The dog is man’s best friend. He has a tail on one end. Up in front he has teeth. And four legs underneath.’ – Ogden Nash, American poet

A tip for changing back to Standard Time

03/30/2016 01:13:16 AM

On Saturday evening in New Zealand, we’ll be changing clocks back to Standard Time.  This is often a difficult day for dogs, because suddenly they haven’t been fed at their ‘normal’ time. An hour is a long time to wait …

Can puppies fix boredom?

03/29/2016 00:36:04 AM

SoulPancake and Puppy Chow teamed up to share the #PowerofPuppies at a preschool, retirement home, and a gym to transform an otherwise ordinary day. For every video view, Puppy Chow by Purina will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural … ...

Izzy & Lenore – book review

03/27/2016 22:46:43 PM

Over this Easter weekend, I have finished reading Izzy & Lenore, another great dog book by Jon Katz. Although Katz’s earlier books talk about his life establishing Bedlam Farm in upstate New York,  and his menagerie of animals, this book ...

Reading to dogs

03/26/2016 20:36:39 PM

Reading to dogs programs, more formally known as animal-assisted reading programs, are on the rise. In this Boston Globe article, it is reported that one volunteer organisation – Dog B.O.N.E.S. (Dog Building Opportunities for Nurturing and ...

Whizz, a remarkable Newfoundland

03/25/2016 19:02:46 PM

A black and white Newfoundland and marine rescue dog, Whizz, has been awarded the PDSA Order of Merit.  This is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross and recognises animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or wider society, ...

Crate training

03/23/2016 03:10:15 AM

I like crate training, particularly because it helps ‘future proof’ your dog. If your dog needs surgery or rest from an injury at any time, having them used to comfortably resting in a crate saves a lot of time and … Continue readin

Joey and the Pit Bull

03/20/2016 20:13:57 PM

People who have autism are often misunderstood.  So are Pit Bulls.  These two make a great pair. Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

Prepared for dew claw and nail injuries

03/19/2016 19:05:30 PM

Izzy is a greyhound, a breed that seems predisposed to a lot of dew claw injuries.  Her last one occurred in February, when running after another dog’s tennis ball at the dog park. I am now better prepared for nail … Continue reading & ...

Round up your mates for St Patrick’s Day

03/16/2016 00:57:02 AM

A very clever ad, dog-themed, for St Patrick’s Day. Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand

Functional furniture for dog owners

03/14/2016 02:26:20 AM

Here’s a design I saved from online a while back.  If you have a small apartment or house, this is a great idea.  There’s functional storage for your dog’s coats and other gear (or perhaps other things for yourself) and … Co

Odorology – the science behind training scent dogs

03/12/2016 19:29:33 PM

Odorology is a technique that uses specially-trained dogs to identify human scent. It is used in police investigations to establish that an individual has been at the scene of a crime. However, there is no international norm on how these … ...


03/09/2016 18:01:01 PM

Koko is one dog who zones out during massage.  And it doesn’t take long – like 5 seconds… Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand


03/07/2016 22:02:25 PM

I’ve been to the supermarket today and, although I don’t have human babies, I purchased something from the baby aisle: I consider this purchase a badge of honour.  Nappy bags (diaper bags for those of you who live in the … Continue

Canine compulsive disorder genetics

03/03/2016 08:03:00 AM

Research led by investigators in veterinary and human medicine has identified genetic pathways that exacerbate severity of canine compulsive disorder in Doberman Pinschers, a discovery that could lead to better therapies for obsessive compulsive ...

Doggy quote of the month for March

02/28/2016 20:16:57 PM

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.” – W.H. Auden, poet

Sleeping patterns of dogs

02/27/2016 17:16:33 PM

This infographic, with information sources referenced at the bottom, shows some interesting facts about our dogs and their patterns of sleep.

How dogs sense the Earth’s magnetic field

02/26/2016 18:51:49 PM

The perception of the Earth’s magnetic field is used by many animal species for orientation and navigation. A magnetic sense is found in some insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals, whereas humans do not appear to be able to perceive … ...

Homeopathics, in pack order

02/23/2016 21:37:32 PM

The Telegraph has reported this week that Queen Elizabeth II feeds her dogs in ‘order of seniority’  and that the dogs consume a range of herbal and homeopathic remedies. The Queen of England couldn’t be more Establishment and yet

The benefits of stretching

02/22/2016 23:28:54 PM

I remember watching a yoga video years ago where the instructor described the act of stretching as ‘making space in the joints.’ As a canine massage therapist, I think stretching is essential.  It lengthens muscles in a controlled and ...

Inhibitory control in dogs

02/21/2016 18:42:38 PM

Inhibitory control may be an indicator of a dog’s ability to solve a problem, according to a study published February 10, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. Playing with objects may help dogs learn about their environment, similar to ...


02/20/2016 17:08:56 PM

Just a brief post and thought of the day. Getting your dog food delivered….convenient Having fun with the box afterwards….PRICELESS Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, ...

The mis-labelling of pit bulls

02/20/2016 00:14:16 AM

DNA results show that shelter workers are often mistaken when they label a dog as a pit bull, with potentially devastating consequences for the dogs, a new University of Florida study has found. “Animal shelter staff and veterinarians are ...


02/15/2016 21:07:52 PM

Some people find it hard to believe that a dog professional like myself has never raised a dog from a puppy.  That’s because my family raised me with the idea that you adopt, rather than buy, a dog.  And by … Continue reading →

Mensa dogs

02/14/2016 19:23:35 PM

Dogs have measurable IQs, like people, suggests new research from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of Edinburgh. The research, published in the journal Intelligence, looked at whether dog intelligence ...

Firefighters rescue dog from burning home

02/12/2016 16:52:09 PM

A Sacramento homeowner’s smoke alarms did their job this week by waking the family so they could evacuate and raise the alarm with fire crews. Unfortunately, it looks like their dog was left inside (dogs may run and hide during … Contin ...

Dogs – part of the coping for kids of military families

02/11/2016 21:02:36 PM

Janelle Casson says it never gets any easier when her husband deploys as a U.S. Army combat engineer. But after four tours of duty in the last 12 years—assignments ranging from a year to 15 months each in Iraq—she and … Continue reading ...

Emotions matter: a dog’s view of facial expressions

02/07/2016 20:02:45 PM

A recent study from the University of Helsinki shows that the social gazing behavior of domestic dogs resembles that of humans: dogs view facial expressions systematically, preferring eyes. In addition, the facial expression alters their viewing ...

A dog’s prayer

02/05/2016 14:37:15 PM

Dogs in history

02/03/2016 22:58:22 PM

As man’s best friend, dogs have been at our side through important moments in history.  Today, I came across this photo in a collection of photos from scrap metal drives held during World War II. America needed raw materials for … Cont ...

Brushing your dog’s teeth

02/02/2016 20:44:47 PM

I see a lot of dogs in my massage practice who have bad breath and/or other noticeable signs of dental disease.  Ask most veterinarians and they’ll tell you that they do a lot of ‘dentals’ during the course of any … Continue

Doggy quote of the month for February

01/30/2016 20:41:56 PM

Treating heart disorders in dogs

01/30/2016 02:40:25 AM

A novel therapy tested by University of Guelph scientists for treating a fatal heart disorder in dogs might ultimately help in diagnosing and treating heart disease in humans. Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) professors Glen Pyle and Lynne ...

Izzy’s cabin fever

01/28/2016 00:48:42 AM

For the last few days it has been raining when we normally go out for morning walks.  And Izzy doesn’t like walking when it is really raining.  She prefers to do her business and head for home. But those shorter … Continue reading  ...

Re-branding and going viral

01/25/2016 01:40:52 AM

It’s been particularly busy the last few days.  I had expected it to be busy – just not this busy. The planned part of the weekend was my company re-branding.  At long last, my business is now The Balanced Dog … Continue reading &

Bear’s best friends

01/20/2016 18:17:52 PM

A recently released study from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) details a new method using  “detection dogs,” genetic analysis, and scientific models to assess habitat suitability for bears in an area linking the Greater Yellowstone ...

Dogs in the photo booth

01/19/2016 18:46:43 PM

Rescue groups who want to increase their adoption rates may want to look at the great work being done by Guinnevere Shuster, who is social media coordinator at the Humane Society of Utah and also a professional photographer. Ms Shuster … ...

The FBI is now tracking cases of animal abuse

01/18/2016 19:21:11 PM

This year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will begin collecting data on animal cruelty crimes throughout the USA to prevent animal abuse and help flag those who might become violent offenders. This is a change in departure in how ...

It’s safe to cuddle when you’re sick

01/17/2016 19:21:11 PM

This winter, when you are home sick with the cold or flu cuddling with your dog or cat may feel like just what the doctor ordered. A Vanderbilt infectious disease expert, while stopping short of actually prescribing in-home “pet therapy” ...

Study shows dogs can recognise human emotions

01/16/2016 13:39:45 PM

Dogs can recognise emotions in humans by combining information from different senses – an ability that has never previously been observed outside of humans, a new study reveals. For the first time, researchers have shown that dogs must form ...

The Warehouse – another example of dogs in advertising

01/13/2016 20:30:35 PM

My business is a member of the BizRewards program by retailer The Warehouse/Warehouse Stationery. Today, like most weeks, a sales flyer popped up in my inbox.  To my delight, it has a dog theme: Never underestimate the appeal of a … Continue ...

David Bowie – the dog connection

01/13/2016 00:15:55 AM

Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen the groundswell of tributes to David Bowie.  Because the man had dignity, he kept his disease largely private and out of the public eye (I admire that).  We live in an age … Continue reading  ...

When Dogs Heal

01/10/2016 21:16:57 PM

When Dogs Heal is a photographic exhibition supported by the charity Fred Says, which helps people diagnosed with HIV. The photographs tell the stories of the dogs who helped their HIV-positive owners through tough times. The photographs have ...

Jimmy the Bull

01/09/2016 16:17:25 PM

On artist’s Rafael Mantesso’s thirtieth birthday, his wife left him. She took their cookware, their furniture, their photos.  But she left Rafael with Jimmy, their bull terrier who she had named after shoe designer Jimmy Choo. With only ...

What a veterinarian and a dog massage therapist have in common

01/06/2016 19:28:12 PM

I came across an article recently which was a sort of a “Vets Tell You What They Really Think” piece.  It listed 50 things that the veterinarian would love to say, but can’t, because it would be either too forward … Continue

Life after Buddy

01/04/2016 19:36:33 PM

This article (Hounded by Grief), courtesy of the WBUR, Boston’s National Public Radio station, starts with the haunting words: I am dogless.  Again. For all of us who have loved a series of dogs, including a special ‘heart dog,’ I

In praise of liver

01/02/2016 19:20:59 PM

I personally can’t stand the taste of liver, but it is a different story for Izzy and the dogs I see in my practice. Liver, an organ meat, is found in the ‘offal’ section of supermarkets.  It’s very much worth … Continu

If you are planning a trip to Italy this year…

12/31/2015 20:05:07 PM

….make sure you ask about the ferry companies working in the Gulf of Naples and don’t give your business to the company who refused to look for a puppy who fell overboard in freezing waters. In late October Noodles, a … Continue rea

Doggy quote of the month for January

12/30/2015 20:48:21 PM

‘An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language’ – Martin Buber, philosopher 1878-1965 Happy New Year to all my readers and customers (past, present and future)! Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabili

The gift of man’s best friend endures

12/29/2015 14:00:26 PM

After a devastating accident that killed his dog and left him in critical condition, Jeff Schwartz found his way back to walk and love again. This story, by Eric Moskowitz of The Boston Globe, will make you cry – but … Continue reading ...

A luxury dog house from down under

12/28/2015 16:18:04 PM

Australian man, Sean Longhurst, put in hundreds of hours over two months to build his dogs a dog house. It is very much luxury accommodation with multiple stories, ramps, insulation, sensors lights and automatic-fill water bowls. When interviewed ...

New twist in tale of dogs’ origins

12/27/2015 15:21:07 PM

The origin of dogs has inspired a lingering controversy in academia. Where and when did dogs first split off from wolves? One of the top dogs in this dispute, population genetics expert Peter Savolainen of Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of ...

Dogs give friends food (prosocial behavior in dogs)

12/26/2015 22:08:50 PM

A readiness to help and a positive attitude toward others are considered foundations of human relationships and human cooperation. But not only humans cooperate and support each other, animals do so, too. A group of ethologists from the Messerli ...

Christmas house guest

12/25/2015 01:01:28 AM

It’s been a busy week and so the blog has been quieter than normal.  Then yesterday, on Christmas Eve, I got a text from another greyhound owner.  His kennel plans had fallen through and he wondered if I could take … Continue reading ...

Mr Quiggly outruns the greyhounds

12/20/2015 22:25:27 PM

This video is a few years old – but worth resurrecting.  Great advertising! Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dogs may be sloppy drinkers…but they get the job done

12/19/2015 22:24:28 PM

Researchers at the Virginia Tech College of Engineering can tell the story of dog lapping. Using photography and laboratory simulations, researchers studied how dogs raise fluids into their mouths to drink. They discovered that sloppy-looking ...

Can your dog boost your sex appeal?

12/16/2015 18:28:03 PM

Yes, according to a new study published in Anthrozoös,  a multidisciplinary journal of the interactions of people and animals. In collaboration with the pet store chain PetSmart, the researchers recruited 1,210 single pet owners through the ...

Is this really a bargain?

12/14/2015 20:10:55 PM

New Zealanders love a bargain and a current special on one of the ‘limited day deal’ sites lists “100% Natural” dog treats, 184 of them in total, for $19.99. Take a look at that photo.  I see artificial colours in … Con

Are pets in the bedroom a problem?

12/14/2015 00:12:08 AM

If you listen to most dog trainers, they will tell you never to let your dog sleep with you. In my experience, this isn’t a problem with a large number of dogs and their owners (myself included). Now, new sleep … Continue reading →

First puppies born by in vitro fertilization

12/12/2015 00:09:10 AM

Researchers from Cornell University and the Smithsonian Institution have solved the decades-long puzzle of canine in vitro fertilization (IVF), resulting in the world’s first litter of IVF puppies. The breakthrough, described in a study published ...

Keeping a greyhound cool

12/09/2015 21:54:48 PM

It’s been a hot day.  Izzy and I are both feeling the heat. I’ve kept the shades drawn today to help keep out the strong sunshine and Izzy is enjoying her fan. A bit later I will probably turn on … Continue reading →

Is your dog a Trekkie?

12/08/2015 00:59:53 AM

Trekkies are fans of anything to do with Star Trek.  And maybe, if you are a Trekkie, then so is your dog? There’s an officially licensed line of dog products with a Star Trek theme (just in case you are … Continue reading →

Izzy’s visit with Santa

12/06/2015 20:37:55 PM

I have made it a tradition that all my dogs get one official Christmas photograph.  Last year, Izzy had only been with me for about 6 weeks and was still adjusting to life as a pet.  I decided it was … Continue reading →

Kids with dogs have less anxiety

12/04/2015 14:56:39 PM

A research team at Bassett Medical Center in New York has found that kids with a dog at home experience far less clinical anxiety than do children who are dog-less. This small study adds to the growing body of knowledge … Continue reading ...

Dogs evolved with climate change

12/03/2015 19:27:15 PM

World leaders are meeting right now in Paris to discuss climate change…but did you know that dogs evolved in part because of climate change? A study of North American dog fossils as old as 40 million years suggests that the … Continue r ...

Doggy quote of the month for December

12/01/2015 18:57:14 PM

“My own dog…gone commercial. I can’t stand it!” –  Charlie Brown, owner/guardian of Snoopy

Adjusting to the days and the seasons

11/27/2015 21:58:14 PM

We’ve had several very hot days this week (which my Northern Hemisphere readers may be jealous of).  For a responsible dog owner, this means being aware of the changes in temperatures and adjusting the care routine accordingly. Whereas in ...

It’s just old age…

11/25/2015 02:05:38 AM

It happened again yesterday. Someone asked me what I do for a living and I described my dog massage practice and how many of my clients are older dogs with varying degrees of arthritis and other orthopedic problems. And then … Continue reading ...

Jingle and Bell for the holidays

11/21/2015 19:54:38 PM

Jingle and Bell are plush/soft toys sold by Hallmark.  This year, Hallmark is donating the sum of $100,000 to Best Friends Animal Society to support animal adoption. When these toys are purchased from a Hallmark Gold Crown store, Hallmark will ...

The great escape – an example of dog intelligence

11/20/2015 22:17:24 PM

Any reader of my blog knows that I enjoy following research topics, and I’ve written a number of posts about dog cognition. This video, of a German Short Haired Pointer, shows that dogs are smart and can work things out. … Continue read ...

Personality match

11/19/2015 19:50:13 PM

When I heard about Paws Like Me, a site with a personality quiz for matching prospective adopters with dogs up for adoption, I had to go look. This site provides people who must re-home their dogs with a place to … Continue reading →

Grieving for a pet

11/18/2015 20:26:14 PM

Today I have been thinking a lot about pet loss and grief. It’s just been one of those weeks – a few older dogs who are clearly reaching the end of their lives and one client in particular who seems … Continue reading →

A device to help monitor guide dog health

11/18/2015 00:18:47 AM

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a device that allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, in order to keep tabs on the health and well-being of their canine companions. “Dogs primarily communicate ...

Homemade doggy ice cream

11/15/2015 22:11:54 PM

I can claim another culinary victory this week. I truly believe that good nutrition is the basis of a long life.  As I say in my dog massage classes, “Senior dog care starts before your dog is a senior.” And … Continue reading U

How our dogs react to faces (vs other objects)

11/14/2015 15:45:03 PM

Dogs have a specialized region in their brains for processing faces, a new study finds. PeerJ is publishing the research, which provides the first evidence for a face-selective region in the temporal cortex of dogs. “Our findings show that ...

Canine companions and the lure of inattentively pooping in public

11/13/2015 00:25:35 AM

The title of this post is unashamedly taken from an article in the journal Environmental Sociology. This article is a study, primarily focused on European nations, and the patterns of owners who do/do not clean up after their dog poops. … ...

Roller coaster anyone?

11/12/2015 00:41:12 AM

There’s a rather unique roller coast in Denmark, just 100 kilometres from Copenhagen in the Bon Bon Land amusement park. It’s the Dog Fart Rollercoaster (Hundeprutterutchebane)! This family-sized roller coaster is dog-themed.  In the c ...

Gabe, Best Man

11/11/2015 00:05:25 AM

When veteran Justin Lansford got married last month to long-time girlfriend, Carol, his best man was his support dog Gabe. A Golden Retriever, Gabe was matched with Lansford when he returned from Afghanistan an amputee thanks to an IED explosion ...


11/09/2015 00:05:04 AM

I’ve heard recently that prices in local op shops (opportunity shops) and secondhand stores are on the rise with a trend towards ‘shabby chic’ and ‘vintage’ clothes. Another trend is ‘re-purposing’ – ta

Dogs in the workplace – a health benefit

11/07/2015 22:04:31 PM

Think dog-friendly workplaces are only found the in the USA?  Take heart, New Zealanders, they’re moving closer to home…to our rival Australia. This is good news – because like it or not, New Zealand tends to look to Australia when

Early contact with dogs linked to lower risk of asthma

11/03/2015 20:37:44 PM

A team of Swedish scientists have used national registries encompassing more than one million Swedish children to study the association between early life contact with dogs and subsequent development of asthma. The new study found that children ...

“Dog” (an appropriately named book)

11/03/2015 01:54:40 AM

Mitra Farmand is a comic book artist.  When she was studying at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, she was given an assignment. “We had to draw a cartoon from a dream and I was dreaming … Continue reading ...

Doggy quote of the month for November

10/31/2015 02:43:14 AM

“Hounds follow those who feed them.” – Otto von Bismarck

Rescuing pups from Afghanistan

10/30/2015 01:55:05 AM

U.S. Army Specialist Combat Medic Holden Schoenig, who is 22, wants to save five puppies and their mother found in the streets of Afghanistan where they have been living under a scrap metal pile. He’s enlisted his mother’s help to …

Halloween and your dog

10/29/2015 01:58:59 AM

Halloween is only a couple of nights away.  Time to start putting your dog inside at dusk (if he/she isn’t already). Halloween can be a very scary time for dogs.  Lots of people out on the street and ringing the … Continue reading  ...

Ivermectin sensitivity in herding breed dogs

10/27/2015 21:37:55 PM

Owners of herding breed dogs should be aware of their possible sensitivity to ivermectin, an active ingredient used in worming products for livestock and also in heartworm preventative drugs.  A genetic test is available to check for this ...

The companionship of dogs helps kids undergoing cancer treatment

10/25/2015 23:30:35 PM

Although survival rates for children diagnosed with cancer have increased dramatically over the past 40 years, hard evidence of proven psychosocial benefits to improve quality of life among patients and families during treatment has remained ...

Professional athletes as spokespeople for animal welfare

10/25/2015 01:19:31 AM

Professional athletes in most competitive sports gain a lot of media attention for their achievements and rightly so.  Some also use their fame to help other causes, including animal welfare (and this makes me like them even more). Some athletes, ...

Barley is more than a pet

10/21/2015 21:35:16 PM

These are the introductory words to this video, another excellent one sponsored by the Kleenex brand. Andi is a little girl with Down’s Syndrome and Barley is her assistance dog who has been trained by Canine Companions for Independence. I ...

Chester, the therapy dog who also needed help

10/20/2015 02:36:41 AM

Chester, a nine-year old black Labrador, made a name for himself earlier this year in Colorado.  Over the course of a 16-week trial, he comforted the victims, witnesses and first responders who were giving testimony in the trial of James … ...

Corporate sponsorship

10/17/2015 22:25:20 PM

I’m regularly approached by charities for sponsorship of shows and other events.  I’ve been trading since 2007 and, eight years on, I have developed a sense of what I will and will not support. Let me explain. Sponsorship, from the  ...

Dogs capable of interspecies adoption

10/14/2015 19:26:15 PM

Interspecies relationships often make the news as human interest stories.  Dogs have developed caring relationships for a variety of species, including cats, rabbits, and lambs. What this means, essentially, is the great depth at which dogs ...

Cloning of a different kind

10/13/2015 02:49:39 AM

Love your dog and want to keep them with you forever?  Well, here’s a low-key way of cloning your dog – Cuddle Clones. This innovative company takes a photo of your dog and creates a unique plush version of your … Continue reading

To Fetch a Thief – book review

10/10/2015 00:55:27 AM

I’ve just finished reading this book, the third in the series of the Chet and Bernie murder mysteries. As with the previous two books, I loved reading about Bernie and Chet’s latest investigation, from Chet’s point of view with Chet

Izzy’s eggplant

10/07/2015 02:57:32 AM

I’ve had to leave Izzy for a few weeks; we’re back together now.  I always like to buy her new things when I travel and her squeaky eggplant, a $5 bargain from Petco, has proven to be a good choice. … Continue reading →

The Peanuts Movie

10/06/2015 13:05:09 PM

Opening next month, Snoopy is coming to the big screen! I like the look of the animations in this trailer; Snoopy and Woodstock look like the cartoons that I remember which were originally drawn by the late Charles M Schulz. … Continue reading ...